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Webinar 4 - Sensor Fusion - Part 2

Our upcoming sensor fusion-themed webinar will be hosted by instructors Scott Harvey, Melody Li, and Michaela Gwynn. We will be covering these topics:

- Demonstrate how an HD Semantic Map can be fused with other sensors for a self-driving car.
- Show how using HD Semantic Map information can help with route planning and controlling the vehicle for a better experience.
- Walk through Atlas Devkit and illustrate installation.

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Webinar 4 - Sensor Fusion - Part 2

  1. 1. Getting Started with Sensor Data for Autonomous Cars: Sensor Fusion Part 2 Session Four: Sensor Fusion for Vehicle Cognition
  2. 2. Webinar Overview 1) Sensor fusion brief intro and recap 2) Atlas Devkit video 3) Questions 4) Integrating HD Semantic Map with the Autonomous Car
  3. 3. Cognition for Cars
  4. 4. Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) GPS IMU LiDAR Localization in 6 dimensions 3D Semantic Mapping Augmented Reality Maps and Context Civil Maps Products Point Cloud Civil Maps Block Diagram (1 of 2)
  5. 5. Radar Camera LiDAR Civil Maps Prior Map around vehicle (Context) Civil Maps Block Diagram Part 2 of 2 Real-time map validation and state detection Decision Engine and Actuation Detailed queries of map: “How far until the intersection?”
  6. 6. HD Semantic Map: A Sensor Using the Map in Sensor Fusion ● Output validation ● Optimize resource usage with foveation ● State detection (signal light red, yellow, green)
  7. 7. HD Semantic Map: A Map Route Planning ● Lane by lane instructions between waypoints ● Alternative routes in case of unpredicted event ● ‘Near clipping distance’ semantic map refreshed at desired frequency
  8. 8. Driveable Area and Speed Control HD Semantic Map: A Map ● Recommended drivable area from aggregated observable path ● Real time feedback on vehicle position within the drivable area (Safe->Warning->Emergency) ● Drivable path and routing direction for Steering control ● Essential Map data for Speed Control ○ Speed limit ○ Cross slope ○ Lane width ○ Distance to event trigger ○ Aggregated trip statistics
  9. 9. Questions & Comments
  10. 10. ● Webinar videos & documentation ○ YouTube Playlist ○ Slides ○ GitHub code Coming Soon:
  11. 11. After Webinar - Happy Hour San Francisco, CA 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA Today, 6/29 at 6:00 PM PST The Future of Transportation World Conference, Cologne, Germany Ensuring Safety & Building Trust in an Autonomous World Sravan Puttagunta (Co-founder) - July 5 - 6 Autonomy - The Urban Mobility Summit, Paris, France October 19 - 21 Upcoming Events:
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