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Engaging Citizens in a Digital World: What Citizens Really Want from Digital Government


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Engaging Citizens in a Digital World: What Citizens Really Want from Digital Government

  1. 1. Findings of the 2012 CivicPlus Digital Citizen Engagement Survey
  2. 2. Over the course of six weeks, CivicPlussurveyed more than 1,200 Internet-usingcitizens across the United States andCanada.CivicPlus’ Digital Citizen Survey askedcitizens about the functionality of their localgovernment website as well as the types offunctionality they would like to see offered.
  3. 3. OUTLINEI. Trends in Digital GovernmentII. What Citizens WantIII. Key Survey ObjectivesIV. Survey ResultsV. Questions
  4. 4. 82% of internet users looked for information orcompleted a transaction on a government website within the last 12 months
  5. 5. TRENDS IN DIGITAL GOVERNMENT Until now, “innovative” and “cutting-edge” were not words that were used to describe government Notorious for being behind the times, government spent the last five years playing catch up
  6. 6. WHAT CITIZENS WANT Today, government has begun revolutionizing how citizens and government interact But before this revolution can happen, government must first answer one critical question: What do citizens want?
  7. 7. What information, tools andservices do citizens want to see ongovernment websites?
  8. 8. WHAT CITIZENS WANTTo find out, we went straight to the source: CITIZENS In the 2012 Digital Citizen Engagement Survey, we asked 1,269 citizens what they want and expect from digital government
  9. 9. KEY SURVEY OBJECTIVES Assess the current state of digital interaction between citizens and governments Gauge interest and assess the likelihood of citizens to use a government website for online government transactions and interaction Translation: Find out what they want!
  10. 10. Here are just a few of the things we found out…
  11. 11. Top 3 Reasons Citizens Visit Government Websites800700600500400300200100 0 Read newsletters or announcements View community calendar Access minutes or agendas
  12. 12. 81.5% of citizens would likely fill out and submit forms71.6% of citizens would likely pay for community services
  13. 13. If made available, what items would citizens most likely use a government website to pay for? Registration Fees 61% Permits 58% Utility Bills 53% Tickets or Fines 48%Information Requests 44%
  14. 14. If made available, what social media platforms would citizens most likely use to follow government? Facebook 57.5% Google+ 16.1% Twitter 14.7%
  15. 15. What functionality would citizens most likely use, if offered on a Government website?Submit requests or concerns 47% Pay bills or fees 46% Register for events 42%Apply for licenses or permits 41% Provide input on municipal… 40% Reserve facilities 30% Pay parking tickets or fines 27% Browse business listings 26% Search for municipal jobs 23% Read blogs 22% View streaming meetings 24% View recorded meetings 23% Download mobile apps 16%
  16. 16. So, do you have what your citizens want?Go towww.digitalcommunityengagement.comand take the 6 Stages of DigitalCommunity Engagement Assessment tofind out!
  17. 17. QUESTIONS? Michael Ashford, CivicPlus Director of Marketing @AshfordCP