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Wojciech dziomdziora, orange, key projects director (pl)


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Wojciech dziomdziora, orange, key projects director (pl)

  1. 1. Wojciech DziomdzioraOrange Polska
  2. 2. Library is changing with Orange August 2009 - Orange Polska signes three years agreement on providing free internet to the public libraries with the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Administration and the Information Society Development Foundation. July 2012 - the signatories extends the program for three next years until mid- 2015. Orange Polska has provided a free Internet access to more than 3 500 libraries. Orange Polska has allocated almost 3 million euro in the years 2009-2012 for the libraries programe. 2
  3. 3. Library is changing with OrangeOrange Polska also supports and promoteseducation - social activities using ICT tools: – Digital education for seniors – Safe and wise use of modern technologies – Use of digital skills in everyday lifeThanks to ICT tools in libraries: – 37 % of librarie’s visitors have used the internet for the first time – libraries are the only points of contact with the Internet for one third of their visitorsThe program significantly contributes to theeffective elimination of the digital exclusion.3
  4. 4. Library is changing with Orange EDUCATION E-learning, preparation for EVERYDAY LIFE lessons and exams, language online applications, shopping, courses, activities for seniors, job searching, counseling, courses on security in the web, travel planning, audiobooks, wikipedia, online e-administration dictionaries HOBBY INSPIRATION development of skills,, audio and video courses, open educational internet forums, blogs, travel reports, contact with Today’s Library resources, virtual galleries and museums, artistic people of similar interests activities INFORMATION ENTERTAINMENT online news, weather Movies, games, music, forecats , quick access to photos, websites about safe specific resources and use of internet for children expertise COMMUNICATION Skype, email, social media, contact with family, relatives and friends who are abroad, strengthening of local ties4
  5. 5. Thank you for your attention