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Dorina Bralostiteanu, Chief Librarian at Public Library of Fillasi, Dolj County, Romania (RO)


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Dorina Bralostiteanu, Chief Librarian at Public Library of Fillasi, Dolj County, Romania (RO)

  1. 1. 6 nov. 2012
  2. 2. - Situated in the south west of Romania;-18 800 inhabitants;Schools:- 4 General Schools (1700 pupils);- a High School (1800 students);
  3. 3. `Biblionet`Sept. 2010-IREX Romania;-Dolj County Library;- Local CouncilFiliasi; 6 computers Scanner Printer Softwere 23822 visits (sept. 2010 – oct. 2012) 952 visits / month
  4. 4. `Banking Information`Nov. 2010-Banks (BCR , Banc Post, TransilvaniaBank, CEC Bank, BRD Groupe SocieteGenerale);- High School from Filiasi;
  5. 5. Financial debates for localstudents
  6. 6.  `Dreams come true - Computer Centre` November 2010 The project started through a partnership with Craiova Rotary Club and Rotary Club Costa Mesa in the U.S.. This matching-grant and arrangement consisted of 12 computer centers equipped with 3 computers, software licenses, dictionaries for English language books printed format in virtual format on CD ROM. RotarAct and InterAct members of Craiova organized networking activities, quizzes and presentation of events in the life of the school and local community. Nodal center is at Filiasi Library. The project aims to create a communicative environment for students where they can work on the Internet, read and learn English. Children will communicate among themselves, between different localities and schools while sharing their experiences and taking part in competitions on various topics to be launched.
  7. 7.  `Bibliobus` Aug. 2011 Rotary Club Craiova, in partnership with the Rotary Club Costa Mesa (Los Angeles, USA), Association of Children Aid and Development and five other Rotary Clubs in the U.S. (Huntington Beach, Irvine, Monarch Beach Sunrise, Tustin Santa Ana, Villa Park) conducted the "Bibliobus". It consists of a mobile library for children and community members of Filiasi. It features over 1,000 printed books, with 2 laptops, 250 CDs and interactive DVDs, Internet connectivity, a video projector and is intended to be an extension of the Filiasi Public Library
  8. 8.
  9. 9. `Play a game @ your library` Sept. 2011 - Mortenson Center (University of Illinois, USA) - ANBPR (Romanian National Association of Public Library ) - Local Council of Filiasi; - High School of Filiasi;Teenagers 300 200 100 Teenagers 0
  10. 10. `Families from my soul` Jun. 2012-General School from Filiasi- Local Council of Filiasi 35 pupils and their teachers were learning to talk with families members from other countries
  11. 11.  Dorina BRALOSTITEANU Chief Librarian; Public Library of Filiasi;