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Detlef Eckert, Director Media & Data, DG Connect (DE)


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Detlef Eckert, Director Media & Data, DG Connect (DE)

  1. 1. E-InclusionShaping developmentsDetlef EckertDirectorMedia & DataDG CONNECTEuropean Commission
  2. 2. ParticipationIntuition It is simple, isnt it
  3. 3. The worldis full ofdigital –devices,media,services
  4. 4. The Worldis full ofcars too
  5. 5. 60% regular internet user20% never used internet at all5% do not have access to broadband internetHigh speed internet is not in reach for many
  6. 6. Confident use of the Internet Power of expression and participation More ICT professionals• Key role of public libraries• Mainstreaming ICT in education
  7. 7. Sharing benefits of ICT with the wholesociety • eCommunication Directives • Digital Television • Web Accessibility • R&I
  8. 8. Technology can be challenging…but it is not the problem, it isthe solution