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Diana Edmonds presentation

  1. 1. Diana Edmonds Head of Libraries, Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), London Rebecca Gediking Library Specialist, GLL
  2. 2. Taking Digital Responsibility Public Libraries in the 21st Century – Action Required! Diana Edmonds Head of Libraries, GLL diana.edmonds@gll.org Rebecca Gediking Library Specialist, GLL Rebecca.gediking@gll.org 03 October 2013
  3. 3. GLL – A quick note • A Charitable Social Enterprise • Managing over 100 Leisure Centres • Managing 2 Library services in London – Royal Borough of Greenwich – London Borough of Wandsworth – (26 Library buildings)
  4. 4. The Areas we serve Royal Borough of Greenwich and London Borough of Wandsworth • Customer mix includes affluent and economically deprived • Even those who are affluent may be digitally deprived
  5. 5. The ICT offer - physical GLL Libraries provide: • ‘The Peoples’ Network’ – fixed PC’s with broadband access to the Internet • PLUS Printing and scanning capabilities • In Greenwich funded by £400,000 allocation from GLL profits
  6. 6. The ICT offer - physical GLL Libraries provide: • WIFI – free wireless internet access for those with laptops, smart phones and tablets …
  7. 7. The ICT offer – support for digital development • Ad hoc support plus regular classes to encourage digital confidence • Staff increasingly gaining teaching qualifications, as well as library qualifications
  8. 8. GLL Libraries are smart Libraries GLL Libraries are smart libraries with a range of technology available, including: • iPads • An iPad table • Sound Showers As well as RFID self issue terminals, wands etc … Technology rubs off on our customers
  9. 9. Our responsibility • … is to provide libraries which are technology hubs, making available a range of technology products to enable our customers to become more digitally literate – and to have fun with technology, with other people …
  10. 10. Library LAB • • • • A joint venture with our suppliers A development space A showcase Allowing relationships and products to be developed • And soon to be mobile with a Library LAB bus
  11. 11. ICT offer - virtual GLL also has a responsibility to reach out to those who may not be able to visit a physical library and to provide library services for the digital community Our current offer: • A 24/7 virtual library • Library Catalogue • A range of online resources • Online information regarding the physical libraries
  12. 12. Developing our ICT offer • Increasing our online presence via Social Media Platforms • Digital Streaming events • Virtual author visits • Online book clubs
  13. 13. ICT ensures libraries are relevant • Visits to Woolwich Library increased by 58% in one year … • Now on same days, we receive over 5,000 visitors