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  1. 1. This presentation is intended for investment professionals Learning Gateway 2011 Michael Beveridge Head of Intermediary Sales September 2011
  2. 2. The Regulatory Backdrop
  3. 3. January 2013 Onwards• Firms to ensure that their advisers obtain an annual Statement of Professional Standing (SPS) as evidence they are subscribing to the new standards• FSA will accredit certain bodies to issue the SPS• These bodies will be responsible for checking advisers’ qualifications and receiving their declarations that they have completed the required continuing professional development• A sample of adviser CPD will be checked each year 3
  4. 4. Complete Annually• Continuous professional development of at least 35 hours, of which at least 21 must be structured• All CPD should be outcome – focussed; should aim to meet the learning needs of the adviser and should be evaluated to ensure needs are met In CP10/14 we set out examples of structured CPD to include attending courses, seminars, lectures, conferences or workshops which require attendance for one hour or more, completing e-learning or other courses provided by distance learning. 4
  5. 5. Will you be ready?• What are your plans for CPD beyond 2013?• Where will you access that?• In a multiple office firm, how will you make that consistent for your statement of professional standing?• How do you develop your paraplanners’ knowledge?• What are the costs involved?• How do you access your current CPD?• How will you make it specific, measurable and auditable?• Are there aspirations to do more than 35 hours?• Who should you liaise with from a compliance or HR perspective beyond your normal contacts? 5
  6. 6. How we can help you with the challengesahead
  7. 7. Learning Gateway• Continuing Professional Development has always been important, but in the run up to RDR and beyond, iton delivering superior performance - whether they are offering Focused has become essential to all advisers independent or restricted advice• The regulatory requirement for ongoing training therefore encompasses banks, wealth managers, IFAs and stockbrokers• Our research has shown that many of our clients do not have a solution as to how they will facilitate the increased burden on their in-house training from 2013• It offers advisers free access to a comprehensive range of 136 investment, business and compliance related online courses*• All tutorials are suitable for CPD purposes with a number of leading trade bodies including the CISI, PFS, CII and CFA• We are partnering with Intuition, a leading and established provider of eLearning * See Appendix for list of launch contentWorking in partnership with our distributors 7
  8. 8. Intuition• Established in 1985, with over 25 years’ experience as a leading global learning services provider• Focused on the unique learning needs of three primary sectors (Financial Services, Life Sciences, Public Sector and Healthcare)• Over 1.5m active users of Intuition Know-How (Financial Markets eLearning)• Released first Mobile Application in March 2006. Market leader in mobile learning, with over 500,000 smart phones running our Application.• Global Presence• Dublin (HQ), London, New York, Singapore• Hong Kong, Sydney, Abu Dhabi, Dallas 8
  9. 9. Intuition Know-How eLearning• Currently used by: 90% of world’s top Investment Banks Financial Information Vendors Investment Managers Consultancies Accessed by over 1,500,000 people globally• Over 400 Wholesale Financial Markets Tutorials (450+hours) Covering products, investment strategy, risk management• Commitment to future development £1m+ investment annually Minimum 4 updates per year Based on continuous feedback from our clients & users• Award winning instructional methodology (see demo)• Mobile delivery• Multi-Lingual 9
  10. 10. Intuition Know-How: CPD• Accredited / Suitable for CPD (Continuing Professional Development) at the following Professional Bodies: Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment (CISI) The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) & The Personal Finance Society (PFS) Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) International Capital Market Association (ICMA) Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) ACI - The Financial Markets Association The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales The Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy (CIPFA)• These will be reviewed & updated once the FSA’s Retail Distribution Review (RDR) is implemented, and the various bodies gain a Statement of Professional Standing. 10
  11. 11. Learning Gateway Overview
  12. 12. Login Page• Accessed at• Introduces the Learning Gateway• Sign in & Registration buttons• Links to Intuition Support for technical queries 12
  13. 13. Registration Page Everyone must self-register Successful registration produces: 13
  14. 14. Home Page• Tabs at top link to different sections of the site• Get Started information helps new users• News & Quick Links on the right hand side• Links to Intuition Support for technical queries 14
  15. 15. Catalogue Page• Displays all available eLearning courses• Users can select courses of interest, which move to My Learning• ‘More info’ link gives a summary of each course. The level of each course & tutorial is displayed• Wide range of topics including Investment, Regulation & Business Skills 15
  16. 16. My Learning Page: Course Detail• Displays eLearning courses that the user has selected• Selecting a course takes user to further information on that course (see next page)• Completion percentage and course status are displayed 16
  17. 17. eLearning• SLI Branding• Each tutorial has 4 phases: Orientate (introduction) Communicate (teaching) Connect (case study) Evaluate (testing) 17
  18. 18. My Progress PageSummary of progress to dateArranged by tutorial, including time spent and highest test scoreCan be exported as a spreadsheet or pdf 18
  19. 19. My Profile & CPD Page• For providing evidence of CPD to a professional body or employer• Individual CPD certificates can be downloaded for completed tutorials• Profile updates (including asset class interest) also made here 19
  20. 20. Content AvailableThere are over 136 tutorials to choose from in the Catalogue, these include:• Investment focused learning: Asset classes, derivatives, VAR, socially responsible investing, securitization, portfolio theory• Business focused: Effective Team Building, Effective Time Management, Cost Management, Effective Objective Setting• Regulation: Financial crime, market abuse, UK anti-money laundering• See overleaf for full listing 20
  21. 21. Business Focused Tutorials 21
  22. 22. Sample content available at launchFixed income Risk Management Collective Investment SchemesBonds - an introduction Risk Management - an introduction CIS (UK)Bonds- Primary & Secondary Markets Risk - Measurement & Management Investment Trusts (UK)Bond Prices & Yields Interest rate risk - Identification & Measurement Unit Trusts (UK)Fixed Income - Credit Risk Interest rate risk - Management Open Ended Investment Companies (UK)Bond Futures Market Risk - Identification & Measurement Alternative AssetsZero Coupon Bonds Market Risk - Management & Regulation Alternative Assets - An introductionHigh Yield Debt Liquidity Risk - Identification & Measurement Hedge Funds - an introductionBond Hedging with Options Liquidity Risk - Management & Regulation Hedge Funds - InvestingBond Hedging with Swaps Credit Risk - Identification & Measurement Hedge Funds- StylesRelative value trading - an introduction Credit Risk - Management & Regulation Private Equity – Part IRelative value trading - strategies & risk Operational Risk - Identification & Measurement Private Equity – Part 2Equities Operational Risk - Management & Regulation Real Estate - an introductionEquities - an introduction VaR Real Estate - InvestingEstimating Volatility VAR - an introduction ETFsCorrelation & Regression Analysis VAR - Variance-Covariance approach Corporate GovernanceUK Equity Market VAR - Monte Carlo simulation Corporate Governance - An introductionUS Equity Market VAR - Historical Simulation & other Issues Corporate Social Responsibility - an introductionEuropean Equity Markets Custody Socially Responsible InvestingJapanese Equity Market Role of a Custodian SRI - an introductionHong Kong Equity Market Role of a Custodian in Trade Processing & Settlement Green InvestingDerivatives Corporate Actions - An introduction RegulationInflation Swaps Corporate Actions - Major Types Financial Crime (Europe)Credit Default Swaps Registrar & Transfer Market Abuse (Europe)Interest Rate Swaps Islamic Banking & Finance Bribery Act (UK)Futures Key principles UK Anti-Money LaunderingOptions Deposit & Financing Instruments Data ProtectionInflation Linked Instruments Introduction to Macroeconomics UK Data ProtectionInflation Linked Instruments - an introduction Gross Domestic Product Data Protection (Ireland)Inflation Linked instruments - pricing Inflation Portfolio TheorySecuritization Unemployment Performance Measurement ModelsSecuritization - an introduction Balance of Payments Passive & Active StrategiesSecuritization - mortgage backed securities Fiscal Policy Asset AllocationSecuritization - Commercial mortgage-backed securities Monetary Policy Asset Management - An introductionSecuritization - Asset Backed Securities Economic & Technical Analysis Asset Allocation - An introductionSecuritization - CDOs – an introduction Economic Indicators - an introduction Asset Classes - Part IPortfolio Theory Economic Indicators - National Accounts Asset Classes - Part II Economic Indicators - Business Cycles Strategic Asset Allocation Economic Indicators - Inflation & Employment Tactical Asset Allocation Technical Analysis - An Overview Deriving the Optimal Portfolio Technical Analysis - Charting Plus various Business Skills tutorials Technical Analysis - Tools & Techniques eg. Effective Time Management, Cost Management, Effective Objective Setting 22
  23. 23. Training 23
  24. 24. The Experience so Far…• Learning Gateway launched on 20th June• 1894 Clients registered so far• Most popular CPD modules that have been completed: 1st - Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) 2nd - Asset Management, an introduction 3rd - Bonds, an introduction 4th - Alternative Assets, an introduction 5th - Data Protection UK • Most Failed Tutorial – the Bribery Act Source: Standard Life Investments, 16 August 2011 24
  25. 25. Professional Body• There are 1894 people on Learning Gateway as at 16th of August and of these 583 have listed a professional body:• CII 40.4%• PFS 30.3%• FSA 18.5%• CISI 3.3%• IFP 2.8%• IFS 1.8%• Others 2.8% Source: Standard Life Investments, 16 August 2011 25
  26. 26. Learning Gateway - Client Segmentation Advisory Paraplanner Managing Director Generalist Compliance Platforms & Life Companies Asset Manager Admin & Clearing Discretionary/Stockbroker Employee Benefits National/Network OtherSource: Standard Life Investments, 15 August 2011 26
  27. 27. Learning Gateway Summary Focused on delivering• Helps you meet professional standards superior performance Simple and convenient online access to training 24 hours a day• Complements your professional body’s ongoing training All content is developed and maintained by our training partner Intuition, a leading provider of eLearning• Outcome focused Work towards formal learning objectives and outcomes• Specific Comprehensive structured training that is relevant and suitable for CPD purposes• Measurable Measure time spent on your training and evaluate your success through tests*• Auditable Provide evidence of your achievements with a full audit trail and printable CPD certificates• Free A free resource to help you achieve RDR status and to retain it Source: Standard Life Investments *NB: The use of tests means that the time spent learning contributes towards the required 21 hours of “Structured Learning” 27
  28. 28. Standard Life Investments’ Learning Gateway Focused on delivering superior performance• Access the Learning Gateway from our UK Adviser and UK Discretionary & Wealth Managers websites• Or access directly at: with the adviser community to help them look to the future with confidence 28
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