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RS-17-035 - Sale of Real Property


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Discussion and staff recommendation of the proposed sale of Camilla Road real property

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RS-17-035 - Sale of Real Property

  1. 1. SALE OF CAMILLA RD REAL PROPERTY Presented March 21, 2017RS-17-035
  2. 2. 0.505 Acre Lot on the corner of Camilla Road and Buckley Avenue Camilla Rd Real Property2
  3. 3. Camilla Rd Real Property  The lot is zoned R-1 and is surrounded by residential uses.  A chain link security fence surrounds the property.  An underground water pipe may have been abandoned in place, but the site is no longer needed for City purposes and is not identified on the Water/Wastewater Master Plan.  The City currently mows the property. 3
  4. 4. Timeline  1/17/17 – Council came to a consensus to proceed with competitive bidding process.  2/19/17 – Staff published notice of the proposed sale with a minimum bid of $5,000.  2/26/17 – Staff published the second legally required notice of the proposed sale.  3/2/17 – City received and opened one 4
  5. 5. Staff Recommendation  Approve the sale of the Camilla Rd. lot to the highest bidder, which will place the property back on the tax roll and relieve city of duty to maintain  Authorize the City Manager to execute a deed and any other document necessary to carry out the sale 5