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DS-17-043 - Parks Master Plan


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City of Killeen Parks Master Plan Update as of March 21, 2017

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DS-17-043 - Parks Master Plan

  1. 1. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update Mission The mission of the Community Services Department is to enhance the quality of life for our citizens by providing parks, recreation facilities, and programs. Dedicated Service – Every Day, For Everyone! 1
  2. 2. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update City of Killeen Parks Master Plan Update CITY COUNCIL PLAN OVERVIEW & PRIORITIZATION March 21, 2017 Killeen Parks Master Plan Update2
  3. 3. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update3 Agenda  Overview of Chapters 1 − 4  Public Involvement Highlights  Needs Assessment Highlights  Overview of Chapter 5, Recommendations and Actions  Overview of Chapter 6, Implementation Strategy  Prioritization Introduction
  4. 4. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update4 Scope  Killeen Parks Master Plan Update • Provide direction over 20-years with greater specificity in near- and mid-term actions • Ordinance & trail recommendations • Order of magnitude cost estimates • Incorporate concept plans  Set the stage for subsequent plan and ordinance updates  Create an action oriented roadmap for staff and elected / appointed officials In conformance with TPWD criteria for grant funding Killeen Parks Master Plan 2009 - 2019
  5. 5. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update5 Existing Parks System Council District 1 • 11 parks = 50% acreage Council District 2 • 6 parks = 3% acreage Council District 3 • 7 parks = 25% acreage Council District 4 • 2 parks = 22% acreage
  6. 6. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update Public Involvement  Kick-Off (Sept. 2015)  City Council Introduction (Oct. 2015)  Online Community & Youth Surveys (Oct. – Nov. 2015) • 1,132 Community Respondents • 464 Youth Respondents  Open House Public Workshop (Nov. 2015) • 35 Attendees  City Council Mid-Point Briefing (June 2016)  2nd Open House Public Workshop (Oct. 2016)  Online Public Prioritization Survey (Oct. – Nov. 2016) • 608 Respondents  City Council Prioritization Workshop & Survey (Tonight)  City Council Prioritization Review Workshop (April 4, 2017)  Public Hearing (April 11, 2017) 6
  7. 7. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update Public Engagement Highlights  Need for more equal park distribution  Desire for greater Citywide connectivity  Need for unprogrammed active recreational space  Desire for more shade, water-based recreation, and family recreation opportunities  Significant concerns about safety in parks and inadequate park lighting  The Family Recreation Center is well-loved and would benefit from expansion  Desire for increased senior recreation 7
  8. 8. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update8 Planning for Future Growth
  9. 9. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update9 Level of Service Assessment 2016
  10. 10. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update10 Level of Service Assessment 2026 & 2036
  11. 11. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update11 Level of Service Assessment Access-Based: Neighborhood Parks Service Area
  12. 12. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update12 Level of Service Assessment Access-Based: Neighborhood Parks Service Area with KISD Schools (existing and future)
  13. 13. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update13 Level of Service Assessment Access-Based: Community Parks Service Area
  14. 14. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update14 Level of Service Assessment Access-Based: Community Parks Service Area with Development of Potential Future Parks
  15. 15. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update15 Level of Service Assessment Access-Based: Existing Trails
  16. 16. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update16 Level of Service Assessment Access-Based: Potential Trail Corridors
  17. 17. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update17 Summary of Parkland Needs • Parkland Acreage, Development, and Distribution • Parkland acreage deficits in all categories. • Neighborhood Parks • Uneven distribution of neighborhood parks. Parkland needed south of U.S. Highway 190. • Community Parks • Development of Heritage Oaks Park and additional community parkland should be pursued by the City • Special Use Parks • Opportunities for additional special use amenities in existing parks • Regional Parks • Opportunities exist for coordination with Fort Hood to develop Westside Regional Park. • Open Space/Linear Parks • Continue to look for additional opportunities for preservation of open space and parkland dedication • Trails • Key connecting segments are missing
  18. 18. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update Recommendation Action Framework 18
  19. 19. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update Implementation Tools 19  Operational Change  Policy  Regulation  Study  Capital Investment  Non-Capital Investment  High Priority • (1-5 years)  Moderate Priority • (6-10 years)  Longer-Term Priority • (10+ years)  Reach Actions Priority Time Frames
  20. 20. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update Prioritization Process 20 1. Actions were reordered based on the level of importance indicated by public prioritization survey results 2. Actions were split into time frames based on level of need and possible feasibility 3. High and moderate priority items will ultimately be ranked by City Council 4. Longer-term actions will be reevaluated and prioritized in the next Plan update
  21. 21. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update Key Public Prioritization Results 21  Action PA.4. Maximize opportunities to protect and/or create additional green space.  Action PA.3. Coordinate with KISD to develop new neighborhood parks on unused portions of school properties in strategic locations where neighborhood parks are needed.  Action PP.4. Provide a well-maintained parks system.  Action PR.1. Ensure that all parks include adequate lighting for the safety of users.  Action PR.10. Provide at least one “all abilities playground” in the City.
  22. 22. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update Key Public Prioritization Results 22  Action PR.36. Prepare a Lions Club Park Master Plan.  Action C.6. Provide safe pedestrian and bicycle access to parks through sidewalks and crosswalks to adjacent neighborhoods.  Action C.1. Prepare a Citywide Trails Plan to increase connectivity and accessibility to parks and key destinations.  Action R.10. Provide increased passive and family-friendly recreation opportunities throughout the community.  Action P.1. Adopt a parkland dedication and development ordinance.
  23. 23. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update City Council Online Prioritization Process 23 1. Review the proposed time frame for each action in the handout. If you feel that an action should be started in a different time frame, mark the appropriate column in the survey. 2. Then, rank your top five (5) priority actions within each recommendation category, regardless of time frame.
  24. 24. Killeen Parks Master Plan Update Next Steps 24 1. City Council to complete the online survey by Monday, March 27th 2. Halff will present final prioritization results April 4th 3. Halff to compile final Public Hearing Draft 4. City Council consideration of adoption April 11th