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DS-17-030 CDBG Priorities


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City of Killeen Community Development's briefing on block grant program funding.

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DS-17-030 CDBG Priorities

  1. 1. Community Development Block Grant Program Funding Briefing Funding Cycle FY 17-18
  2. 2. ~ Grant Program Priority~ CDBG Program Activities must meet 1 of 3 National Objectives; • Benefit low and moderate income person • Assist in prevention/elimination of slum or blight • Meet community development needs having a particular urgency – Acts of God
  3. 3. ~CDAC Committee~ • To ensure citizen participation and input into consideration of funding activities, projects and services, with CDBG and HOME funding. • To address the needs of the community as stated in the 5-year Consolidated Strategic Plan adopted by city council and identified through the Community Planning Meetings.
  4. 4. Process – Application to Funding Award • Notification from HUD of funding award • Community Planning Meetings -2 meetings Receive citizen input on community need. • Request for Proposals (RFP) dates Approx 30 day time frame • Review of proposals/applications-staff & committee • CDAC Workshops/Presentations • Public Hearings, Recommendations, Approval by Council • HUD accepts Annual Action Plan • Funding award - October
  5. 5. CDBG Program Funding Briefing -Summary • Program delivers on citizen input as required by HUD regulation • Program involves committee level work for recommendations to council • Program requires compliance with goals and objectives with 5- year Consolidated Plan adopted by city council. • Comments or ?’s