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DS-17-005 2017 State Legislative Principles


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Proposed legislative principles

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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DS-17-005 2017 State Legislative Principles

  1. 1. 85th Texas Legislative Session LEGISLATIVE PRINCIPLES
  2. 2.  The Texas Legislature meets every two years and considers and passes legislation that impacts Killeen.  The 85th Legislative Session is January 10 through May 29.  The City of Killeen has engaged Schlueter Group to provide consulting and lobbying services since 2002.  A formal legislative agenda has not been adopted since 2006; guidance has been given on a per issue basis.  More than 6,000 bills were filed in the 84th Session; hundreds have already been filed prior to the start of the 85th Session. BACKGROUND
  3. 3.  Establish a formal list of principles for the City of Killeen to guide its efforts in the 85th Texas Legislative Session  Provide guidance and expectations to Schlueter Group  Provide a framework for staff in working with Schlueter Group, legislators and other lobbyists  Provide positions of support or opposition to legislation that affects our community PURPOSE
  4. 4. Support Legislation that:  Provides benefit to military communities  Provides local relief for disproportionate impacts  Provides transportation funding for local projects  Provides funding for local park, trail or public grounds projects  Is beneficial to TAMUCT, CTC or KISD Oppose Legislation that:  Removes or limits local control or preempts local authority  Is detrimental to current or future City revenue  Imposes unfunded mandates  Erodes zoning authority  Is detrimental to local economic development efforts PROPOSED LEGISLATIVE PRINCIPLES