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Tips on the evaluation

  1. 1. A Level Media Studies The Advanced Portfolio Evaluation
  2. 2. The following slides have tips onways to answer the four evaluationquestions.
  3. 3. You don’t have to write a thing!
  4. 4. Your evaluation can take theform of a Podcast orDirector’s Commentary
  5. 5. You will get extra marks forpresenting your evaluation in aninteresting and creative way. Aboring old Powerpoint (like thisone) just doesn’t cut it at A2.
  6. 6. Question One:In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?This question asks you to compare and contrast yourmusic promo project with professional work. What‘typical’ elements have you included in your musicvideo, DVD Digipak and Print Advert that can also befound in professional work.This requires some analysis of the key elements of yourmusic video, DVD Digipak and Print Advert:
  7. 7. MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSIS• Use Diane Railton stuff about music video genres (pseudo-documentary style, art music video etc.). What genre does your music video fall into? Why do you say this? Include screen grabs from your video to illustrate your point.• Use the Andrew Goodwin stuff – what Andrew Goodwin points can you apply to your music video?• Use the key theorists from the ‘Critical Responses to Music Videos’ presentation on the blog. Apply some of the theorist’s work to your video
  8. 8. Blog resources:
  9. 9. MUSIC VIDEO ANALYSIS (Cont’d)• State why you think your video is appropriate for the style of the track, the image of the artist or band and the genre of music• State how you have chosen to represent the band in the video. Why would this representation be appropriate for the genre of music and for the target audience? Include evidence of styling (hair/clothes) and youth culture bits from your youth culture mood board that illustrate the look you were after• What were you hoping to achieve with the video – what were your inspirations?
  10. 10. DVD DIGIPAK and PRINT ADVERT ANALYSIS• What are the key elements of your DVD Digipak? What have you included and why?• What inspired your DVD Digipak? Is it similar in any way to existing Digipaks?• Is there anything unique about your DVD Digipak?Ask the same questions about your Print Advert
  11. 11. Question 2:How effective is the combination of your main productand ancillary texts?For this question you need to state that the musicvideo’s main aim is to generate interest in the band. Themusic video is a piece of marketing and promotion.The aim of the music video is to increase awareness ofthe band or artist; to encourage people to downloadtheir tracks; to increase web traffic to their site; toencourage people to share and like the videos onFacebook and You Tube
  12. 12. The music video, DVD Digipak and Print Advert togethergive the band a brand identity.Is there a recognisable link between the three elementsof your music promo project?What are the similarities between the 3 elements interms of:ImageryStylingTextTone/Mood
  13. 13. How do these technical elements reinforce the image ofthe band?The DVD Digipak is specially designed to encouragepeople to buy a physical copy.What elements have you included in your DVD Digipakthat are not available online or in digital form – in otherwords – why would somebody buy your DVD Digipak?
  14. 14. Question 3:What have you learned from your audience feedback?Present results and feedback and make comments.Include:• Likes/comments on Facebook• Likes/comments on You Tube• Feedback from the artist/band• Survey Monkey responses• You can film a ‘vox-pop’ of people’s responses if you want
  15. 15. Question 4:How did you use media technologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluation stages?Participatory Cultures have been essential throughout theproject.PLANNINGYou Tube – researching professional music videos; onlinetutorialsJamendoMyspaceFacebookBlackberryAnimatic storyboards – to plan music videoInduction projects – to get used to using cameras and edit suite
  16. 16. CONSTRUCTIONAdobe Premier /After Effects/PhotoshopFinal Cut ProCreative CowVideo Co-PilotYou Tube tutorialsUploading first edits to You Tube for feedback
  17. 17. EVALUATIONYou Tube for comments/likes etcFacebook for comments/likes etc.Prezi – to present the evaluationSurvey MonkeyVideo-style presentationFINAL COMMENTSState how the blogs have helped during the project.Say if you accessed your blogs outside of class-time;Say if you accessed your blogs through a smart phoneor tablet.