Question 1B


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Question 1B

  1. 1. A Level Media Studies: Revision Day Question 1B
  2. 2. Write about your year two project
  3. 3. The 1B question will ask you to apply one of the following keymedia concepts to your year two production:GenreNarrativeRepresentationAudienceMedia Language
  4. 4. Mention Diane Railton and her Genre categoriesMention Joe Gow and his Genre categoriesMention Andrew Goodwin – music video codes and conventionsMention Steve Jones and Genre categories
  5. 5. Recycle your evaluation answer to the question:In what ways does your production use, develop or challenge formsand conventions of real media products?
  6. 6. Narrative Narrative is linked with story-telling How have you decided to tell the story of the song in your music video? What narrative structure did you follow? Your DVD Digipaks and Print Adverts have an implied narrative through choices such as mise-en-scene, camera angle and composition, body posture and facial expression of the artist or band. These technical codes are signs (Roland Barthes) that allow the audience to interpret imagery. To make meaning from what they see.
  7. 7. However Steve Archer thinks that music video narrative is different to TVand film narrative:Music videos ‘only suggest storylines and focus on fragments of the lyrics’(Steve Archer)
  8. 8. Andrew Goodwin agreed with Richard Dyer; he stated that artistsuse music videos to create a star image and star persona. Thisimage if reinforced through the music video and print basedproducts (posters, photo-shoots, DVDs etc.)
  9. 9. Henry Jenkins and Participatory Cultures;David Gauntlett and Clay Shirky:Media technologies have allowed people toproduce, share and get feedback on theircreative workThis has given birth to the ‘Prosumer’ .The audience are now Producers andConsumers of media.
  10. 10. Media Language:Camera angles, movements and compositionMise-en-scene (including lighting)Editing (including post-production effects – e.g speeding up aclip, turning a clip black and white)Sound relationship between the sound and the videoPerformance
  11. 11. Andrew Goodwin:Music videos often use a close-up of the lead artistMusic videos often have a voyeuristic treatment of womenMusic genres have their own style and iconographyIntertextual references to other films, TV shows or musicvideos.
  12. 12. The main aim of the music promo pack is to represent the artist orband in a way that is attractive and appealing to the targetaudience.Media Language allows you to create a constructed representationof the artist or band through choices:Choice of locationChoice of lightingChoice of props and mise-en-sceneChoie of editing
  13. 13. Questions?