Opening scene lost in translation


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Opening scene lost in translation

  1. 1. Mr Bob Harris: (late 50s) – jet lagged middle-aged man; fading moviestar; first time in Tokyo; finds it hard to adapt to Japanesecustoms; is in Tokyo to shoot a commercial; is on the verge ofsplitting up from his wife and familyCharlotte: (mid-twenties) in Tokyo with her boyfriend who ignoresherJohn: (mid-twenties) in Tokyo to work; doesn’t really want Charlotteto be there.Decide how you would introduce each of the characters to theaudience. What would you ‘reveal’ to the audience? What clueswould you give the audience? How would you communicate how thecharacters feel about their lives in the opening scene? DISCUSS / DECIDE / CREATEDiscuss the key character traits of each characterDecide how you would show these traits to the audienceCreate a storyboard that illustrates the way you wouldcommunicate these character traits to the audience FOCUS ON ACTION RATHER THAN RELYING ON DIALOGUE