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Maid in manhattan editing task 25th september


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Maid in manhattan editing task 25th september

  1. 1. Maid in Manhattan: Opening ScenePart One:This task is designed to get you used to using Adobe Premiere CS6. It is also designed to get youthinking about the ways in which shot choice and editing convey meaning to the cinema audience.Your task is to use the raw footage of New York city scene to create the opening scene to a new film.The footage is a mix of cityscapes which you need to edit together. There are some audio files foryou to use, but feel free to add separate audio tracks if you think they fit better.Your project must:Have titles that list the main actors and the name of the filmInclude the name of the film production companyHave music that conveys genre, mood and tone of the filmHave a selection of shots that communicate a sense of location Maid in Manhattan ManhattanPart Two:Show your work to another production groupGet feedback on your work – justify your choicesCan the group state the genre?