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GCSE Student Workbook


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GCSE Student Workbook

  2. 2. AQA GCSE Media Studies (4812) Single Award EXAM (40%) Unit 1: Investigating the Media Written Paper – 1 hour 30 mins – 60 marks – 40% of total GCSE mark; Unit 1 is a written exam; based on pre-release material and topic; The topic for 2011 exam is ‘Action Adventure Films’. The provisional exam date for Unit 1 is Monday 13th June 2011 (PM) PLUS COURSEWORK (60%) Unit 2: Understanding the Media Controlled Assessment – Practical Production Tasks – 90 marks – 60% of total GCSE mark; The Production Tasks for 2010/2011 are: Project One: Magazine Analysis and Design Project Two: Cross-Media Study: Advertising & Marketing Project Three: Music Video
  3. 3. EXAM UNIT Unit 1: Investigating the Media (40% of total GCSE) The provisional exam date for this unit is Monday 13th June 2011 (PM). The topic for Unit 1 is Action Adventure Films. You will receive a pre-release pack and production brief four weeks before the exam, which gives you time to research and plan for the exam. In preparation for the exam you will have studied a wide range of Action Adventure Films. You will need to consider aspects of: • Style • Presentation, • Values • Audience and • Representation • Codes and conventions • Impact of new technology Production skills will be expected in the exam; you may be asked to produce storyboards, scripts, print-based design sketches and drawings.
  4. 4. COURSEWORK UNIT Unit 2: Understanding the Media (60% of total GCSE) Three Practical Production Projects: 1.Magazine Analysis & Design 2.Cross-Media Study: Advertising & Marketing 3.Music Video
  5. 5. Project 1 Magazine Analysis & Design Research Analyse the front cover of a music or lifestyle magazine of your choice; key question: how does the cover appeal to the target audience? (500 words). Production & Evaluation Design the front cover for a new music or lifestyle magazine aimed at a specific audience; evaluate your magazine using technical media language. Research activities: • Apply media terminology; considering the effect of media language; • Apply analytical techniques such as denotation and connotation; • Identify how genre is established; • Discuss how narrative is suggested; • Make judgements about who the target audience might be.
  6. 6. Project 2 Cross-Media Study: Advertising & Marketing Research Compare two advertisements for the same product or service across two media platforms. Research areas: Make-up/Beauty; Fashion; Perfume/After Shave; Media Technology – phones, Wii, PS3 etc; Sports; Cars; Alcohol. Production & Evaluation For this project you complete two tasks: Task One: Print Design a mock-up for an advertisement for a magazine, newspaper or billboard Task Two: TV Devise a storyboard for a TV advertisement for the same product Both tasks require photography and/or drawing skills PTO
  7. 7. Research questions for existing ad campaign: • What is the aim of your chosen campaign? • What common codes and conventions appear in your print and TV advert? • How has the advertising been produced to appeal to a particular target audience? • What is the target audience for the product? What evidence is there within the campaign to prove this? • What images of people, groups or places are represented? Is this fair and accurate? • In your opinion how and why do the adverts appeal to the Values, Aspirations and Lifestyles of the target audience? • How has the campaign been scheduled and distributed?
  8. 8. Assignment 3 Music Video Research and Planning Analysis of existing music videos using media terminology; audience research; sketches, storyboards, filming test footage, practise edit tasks Production & Evaluation A three minute music video to accompany all or part of a particular track; group project – maximum group size is 4. 700- 800 word evaluation For music video, confidence in handling technology can be demonstrated by: • Careful framing of shots; • Editing appropriate to the nature of the production and audience; • Evidence of consideration being given to lighting, mise-en-scene and sound. Music video conventions could include: • Performance; • Narrative; • Interpretation; • Lip-synch; • Animation; • Symmetrical framing; • Shot-composition; • Cross-cutting. PTO
  9. 9. Evaluation You must produce a 700-800 word evaluation which should reflect upon: • How the aims of the production have been met; • How the music video applies appropriate codes and conventions and uses appropriate media language; • How the music video represents people, places or events; • Where and when the music video would be viewed; • What regulations and controls might be applied to your music video and how these have been taken into consideration (copyright, You Tube Terms of Service); • The strengths and weaknesses of your music video in terms of meeting the needs of the target audience.