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Presentation given to Banking and Finance students in October 2013. Live demo was used but all the links in this presentation should work.

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  • On campus, ip recognition so you don’t need to log in. Off campus there’s a separate username and password.Default screen is the company overview for Microsoft, so you’ll usually see that when you start.Example: M&A – screening & analysis (bottom of screen) > Deals & League Tables > M&ACan search with any criteria listed, but for e.g. to find deals for a particular industry try ‘quick search’:Set the date range.Click the search symbol next to the Industry search box and go to Finance and then Banks, for e.g. Add any other criteria you want, then click ‘show results’.You can print or export the information at the topOr view by clicking symbols in first columns. Example: Issuing equity - screening & analysis > Deals & League Tables > Equity Quick search << you can do this in the same way as above, just show them the screen by going through the menues to ‘Equity’. Example: how to find Broker Reports – Login to Thomson OneSearch for Google in the drop down menu at the topClick on Research in the menu on the leftClick on Company ResearchReports will loadFrom the top menu select Remove Non-Broker Research to see only Broker Reports. You can also search for other information such as Broker Name or key words. Click search. Click on the report you want to view.To view the entire report click select All Reports on the Table of Contents (you can select individual parts of the report)Click View to view the report. It comes as a pop-up so you will probably have to select ‘allow pop ups from this site’ within the brower to see it – repeat this process if it defaults back to Microsoft once you’ve done this. Ownership Views > Share Ownership > << will give you an overview, and you can drill down from there.Creating Own Peer Group (using the company option below)Try this for any company or industry you are interested in.Look up Vodafone first: Company views >> fundamentals >> comparablesTo select peers, click the little drop-down expand icon in the top right of the screen to access the Peers area and select a tab:By Criteria (the default)By CompanyTo select peers by criteria – such as if you’re looking for all companies in a particular industry, use the Industry, Location, Financial and # of Peers drop-downs.To select peers by company, click the company tab, then enter company tickers in the Ticker box, separated by commas.Click OK – Don’t click the little magnifying glass, that’s so you can search for the company ticker if you don’t know it. To format your report, click the Expand  icon to access the Display area, and use the Currency, Scale, and Template drop-downs.Note: Templates allow you to provide a more relevant comparison for non-industrial peer groups.Click OK.Select one of the following tabs to display your results:Market Data & Price Multiples (thedefault)EV (Enterprise Value) Multiples & CreditRatiosKey Financials &EffectivenessNote: All of the calculation-derived reportcolumns provide definitions. Click the Definition icon in the columnheader for a pop-up definition.
  • Log in to BankscopeLook for HSBCGo to News and Deals > Mergers and AcquisitionsClick on the Z in the results to view in Zephyr (Although this didn’t work just now ...)ZephyrCan search by companyOr use linkOrbis (biggest) and Fame – company info, show M&A as above in Bankscope, talk through menu on left
  • BIF presentation eresources 2013-14

    1. 1. Business & Financial Information Resources for Banking & International Finance Students Samantha Halford Subject Librarian, Cass Undergraduates 020 7040 4151
    2. 2. Online: most databases are available for you use at home as well as on campus. However, some can only be accessed on particular computers in the libraries. • Find the link using the library catalogue: • To identify which database to use: Other username and passwords available on Moodle or from the Library service desk. How do I access databases?
    3. 3. Key Business Information Databases Only available on specific PCs: • Bloomberg • Datastream • Eikon • Other very specialist databases at Bunhill Row: see Cass Library Services pages for details. Available online anywhere: • Fame • Orbis • Bankscope • Zephyr • PI Navigator (used to be called Perfect Filings) Thomson One Slightly different: Thomson One is available on-campus, and Thomson One Banker can be used from off- campus using a separate username and password.
    4. 4. What we’ll look at today: • General searching using CityLibrarySearch • Key general databases for business • Bloomberg • Thomson One • Datastream • Eikon • Bureau Van Dijk: Bankscope, Fame, Orbis, Zephyr • Newspapers • PI Navigator • SDC Platinum Don’t worry, we will have a break!
    5. 5. General Starting Point: CityLibrarySearch Use the search box on the Library website: look for subject words or company names. CityLibrarySearch will search across our books, articles and reports for you. Use the facets on the left-hand side to narrow your search: ‘Full Text Online’ gives you just things you can read over the internet.
    6. 6. Key General Databases Business Source Complete Use for articles, market research, company, industry and country profiles, case studies, trade magazines, peer reviewed research, Harvard Business Review, images. ProQuest New database: peer-reviewed articles, newspapers, data, reports, trade journals... All sorts of stuff, not just business-specific. Wide-ranging and useful. Science Direct Huge database focused on academic, peer-reviewed articles. Also contains There’s loads more resources available: see the Eresources section of the Banking and International Finance Subject Guide.
    7. 7. Getting Started Video Overview – videos online. News – includes company announcements. M&A Financial Information including stock prices Exporting Charts Subject Guides help for Bloomberg, including student guide. Bloomberg Excel Add-in Allows you to import data directly into Excel when you’re logged into Bloomberg. See p.16 of the Bloomberg Student Guide for more information. Bloomberg Training with Samantha Currently booked up but more sessions will be released: keep an eye on your emails. Bloomberg 7 computers in the Financial Resources Suite: more at Bunhill Row!
    8. 8. On Campus – ThomsonOne (see Moodle for on campus link) Off campus – Thomson One Banker (see Moodle for password) !!!ONLY WORKS ON INTERNET EXPLORER!!! • M&As with some criteria • Issuing equity • Broker reports • Ownership • Creating own your peer group for comparisons Thomson One
    9. 9. Datastream (Thomson Reuters) • Company Accounts • Stock prices • Snapshots • Time series • Datastream Help and Guides (Register with your email address) 2 computers in the Financial Resources Suite, more in the Thomson Reuters Room at Bunhill Row.
    10. 10. • Similar content to Datastream, but has much more in it. • Eventually Eikon will replace other Thomson Reuters products; quite new at the moment. • Thomson Reuters Eikon training • Introduction Video Eikon (Thomson Reuters) 2 PCs in Financial Resources Suite, more in Thomson Reuters Room at Bunhill Row
    11. 11. Bureau Van Dijk Products Bankscope – international, company information specifically about banks, including comparisons Zephyr – information on deals: Mergers & Acquisitions, IPOs, private equity and venture capital deals Fame – UK companies (public and private) Orbis – Worldwide companies
    12. 12. Newspapers Online Nexis – includes company and industry information as well as articles. Factiva – international newspapers, trade magazines. subscription for all students – use the special sign up link on Moodle and your email. You can download the phone and tablet apps too. will be in the library between 11:00 and 13:00 on Wednesday 16th October 2013 to demonstrate apps.
    13. 13. PI Navigator • Company Information from original documents. • International. • Annual Report and Accounts & Interims, Circulars (IPOs, M&A documents, etc.), RIS (regulatory & non-regulatory news), SEC Filings and Bond prospectuses. • Needs separate username, password and “cost code” but you can use it off-campus - see Moodle.
    14. 14. Introduction video Includes… • M&A • Corporate Governance • Global New Issues • Venture Expert (Also on Thomson One) • Securities Trading • Corporate Restructurings • Global Public Finance SDC Platinum
    15. 15. Help In Person: Library desks on the 2nd and 5th Floor, and at Cass. Contact Samantha: or 020 7040 4151. General enquiries email for Cass: Enquiries phone number: 0207 040 8191. Help Online: Library Website: Subject Guide: Any Questions? Ask now, or…