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Day 2 Workshop, Tara Chandra and Susan Allen


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Workshop: How to build an awesome social brand
Social Enterprise Festival 2019

Published in: Education
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Day 2 Workshop, Tara Chandra and Susan Allen

  1. 1. Hello, gorgeous!
  2. 2. We’re brilliantly organic femcare For cheeky + conscious Babes
  3. 3. Meet the Flo femcare family! - Combo pack: 8 Regular + 8 Super - Biodegradable tampon + packaging - GOTS certified organic cotton - FSC-certified packaging - Product of the UK - Combo pack: 8 Regular + 6 Super, w/ soft compact applicators - Biodegradable tampon + packaging - GOTS certified organic cotton - FSC-certified packaging - Product of the UK - Combo pack: 10 Day + 5 Night - Made from Oeko-Tex certified organic, biodegradable bamboo - Zero-plastic, plant-based bio-wrappers - Sustainable, eco-friendly, natural - Recyclable + biodegradable packaging The Non-Applicator Tampon Pack The Applicator Tampon Pack The bamboo pad pack The bamboo Liner pack - 24 ultra-thin bamboo pantyliners - Individually wrapped for on-the-go - Made from Oeko-Tex certified organic, biodegradable bamboo - Biodegradable, compostable, plastic-free - Zero-plastic, plant-based biowrappers
  4. 4. Healthier, Eco-friendlier • 100% organic cotton, organic bamboo + natural ingredients • Hypoallergenic • Biodegradable + compostable materials • No nasties! No chlorine, dioxins, GMOs, pesticide residue, dyes or fragrances • Clean, safe, sustainable • The protection, comfort and look of the products women grew up with – but better for their bodies + the planet
  5. 5. • 5% of profits to charity Orchid Project, to help end FGM & aid survivors • Monthly product donations to UK schools & food banks for girls & women in need, via Red Box Project + Bloody Good Period • Certified vegan & cruelty-free Affordable, Accessible, adorable • Cheeky, vibrant, empowered brand • Period positive! Encouraging newer generations of women try natural femcare & eliminate menstrual stigma • Aligned with evolving consumer demand: natural, organic, conscious, ‘green’, local & trendy Socially- impactful
  6. 6. Where we Flo!
  7. 7. The line up: tampons Product Materials Used Target market Anything else? o.b., Tampax, Lil-Lets, ‘mainstream’ brands Rayon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Non-organic Cotton, Fragrance 11 - 18 • Pesticide, insecticide & dioxin residues • Harsh bleaches • Internal fibre shedding; • Both cardboard & plastic applicators • Some combo packs available • Can be too absorbent + pH imbalancing Natracare, Organyc, organic brands Organic cotton 35 - 44 Sanitised naturally; little to no fibre loss; cardboard applicators; no combo packs; pH protective. Flo Organic cotton 18 – 36 (Millennials) Sanitised naturally; little to no fibre loss; soft, compact applicators made from 95% plant-based material, not petroleum plastic; combo packs; not overdrying; pH protective.
  8. 8. The line up: pads Product Materials Used Vegan and Cruelty-Free Certified? Target Market Biodegradable Materials + Wrapper? Social impact initiatives? Always, Kotex, Bodyform, etc. Polyolefins, polyester, wood pulp, fragrance, adhesive, rayon, absorbent foam. +90% plastic. No 11 - 18 No Some CSR: eg. P&G disaster relief effort Natracare, Organyc, etc. Organic cotton, absorbent cellulose pulp, cornstarch, plant backing layer, non- toxic glue.. Vegan certified by UK Vegetarian Society 35 - 60 Yes No Flo Oeko-Tex organic bamboo, non-GMO corn, plant PLA backing layer, SAP, absorbent plant cellulose core, non-toxic glue. +90% biodegradable. Cruelty-free & vegan certified by PETA; Vegan certified by UK Vegetarian Society 18 – 36 (Millennials) Yes Yes, profit + product donation
  9. 9. Healthier, eco-friendlier, adorabler femcare for cheeky + conscious babes
  10. 10. Okay, that’s us…now let’s go social!
  11. 11. Creating your [Social-impact] brand 1. Do your homework • Research, research, research: the market, the consumer, the competition 2. Believe in the idea and trust your instincts 3. Put Product First 4. Commit to social • At every point of development, think, ‘Is there an opportunity to make a positive impact?’ 5. Just do it • Get started! Don’t be afraid to innovate (or stumble!) in public 6. Marketing • Knowing who your audience is is crucial, but knowing what they want - other than your product - is even more important • TOMS and Change Please examples 7. Seek advice, not investment 8. Cash/Money/Growth, here are the facts to know • Raise more than you think you need, spend less than you think you need
  12. 12. Thank you! Here We Flo Ltd || @hereweflo London, United kingdom