Top 10 NYC Apartment Buildings Designed by Rosario Candela


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In honor of Rosario Candela's birthday, CityRealty today announced its list of Top 10 NYC Apartment Buildings Designed by Rosario Candela

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Top 10 NYC Apartment Buildings Designed by Rosario Candela

  1. 1. Top 10 NYC Apartment BuildingsDesigned by Rosario CandelaA Top 10 List in Honor ofRosario Candela’s Birthdayby Carter B. HorsleyMarch 2012
  2. 2. “A pre-war Rosario Candela apartment building set the standard for luxury inNew York City in terms of layouts, construction and exterior appearance.”--Carter B. Horsley, CityRealty Editor | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  3. 3. 1. 834 Fifth AvenueThis sumptuous, 16-story cooperativebuilding completed in 1931 is widelyconsidered one of Candela’s greatest luxuryapartment designs. With only 24apartments—all large and mostly two perfloor—the building’s limestone-clad façade isrusticated at its base, and it has some ArtDeco-style cartouches. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  4. 4. 2. 960 Fifth AvenuePerhaps the grandest of the pre-war luxuryapartment buildings on Fifth Avenue, thisreplaced the 121-room mansion of SenatorWilliam Clark in 1928. Candela worked withWarren & Wetmore on the building’s design.The 12-story, 19-unit cooperative buildinghas an impressive restaurant, known as TheGeorgian Suite. The building’s location, awayfrom busy cross-streets and crowdedmuseums, appeals to those who craveexclusivity and magnificence. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  5. 5. 3. 720 Park AvenueConsidered by some architectural purists asbeing incoherent due to its inconsistentdesign elements, 720 Park Avenue delightsmost New Yorkers who fancy the curious, areaccustomed to chaos, and applaud theindividual and eccentric. This 17-storybuilding, developed in 1928, has 34cooperative apartments. Candela designed itwith Cross & Cross. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  6. 6. 4. 740 Park AvenueThis elegant 19-story building with 35 co-opapartments represents muted luxury: itspolished granite entrance reeks of theprospects of satin sheets and the promise ofthe echoes of fine crystal. Its considerablearchitectural detail includes some "peacock"balcony railings on the upper floors, somecartouches and the marvelous incisedentrance columns. When it was built in 1930,most of the apartments were duplexes, butsome, such as the one designed for John D.Rockefeller Jr., were sumptuous triplexes.Candela teamed up with Arthur LouisHarmon of Shreve, Lamb & Harmon for thisbuilding’s design. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  7. 7. 5. 770 Park AvenueForming a pair of towers with Candela’s 778Park Avenue across 73rd Street, 770 ParkAvenue is a 19-story Georgian-styleconfection developed in 1930. Its H-shapedplan maximizes light and air for each of its 41apartments. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  8. 8. 6. 778 Park AvenueWith a four-story limestone base, 778 FifthAvenue has 18 stories and 18 grandcooperative apartments. When it was built in1930, it replaced an apartment house knownas Sunnyside, and reportedly at timesassumed the same name. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  9. 9. 7. One Sutton Place South Completed in 1927, One Sutton Place South has an elegant triple-arched entrance driveway that opens to a lobby that, in turn, opens to a private garden facing the East River. This exclusive, free-standing and handsome building with Italian Renaissance detailing has 14 stories and 26 co-op apartments. Cross & Cross joined Candela on its design. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  10. 10. 8. 133 East 80th StreetWith its gargoyles and battlements and fineroof-top water-tank enclosure, this is one ofLexington Avenue’s most distinguishedapartment buildings. The 14-story, brown-brick building was erected in 1930 and is acooperative with only 26 apartments. Nicewrought-iron doors and attractive walllanterns flank the canopied entrance. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  11. 11. 9. 19 East 72nd StreetThis fine building, clad entirely in limestone,has perhaps the best base in the city. It issinuous. The very graceful and subtle arcs ofthe base’s curves are superbly proportionedand soften what would otherwise be thetraditionally hard edges of the building. This17-story cooperative building was completedin 1937 and has 40 apartments. It wasdesigned by Candela and Mott B. Schmidt. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  12. 12. 10. 2 East 67th StreetThis handsome, limestone-clad apartmentbuilding was erected in 1928 and convertedto a cooperative in 1953. Designed in Italian-Renaissance-palazzo style, it has only 15apartments. It is one of the citys premieraddresses in part because it is close to manyof the citys most fashionable boutiques andrestaurants along Madison Avenue, althoughits location at an entrance to a Central Parktransverse road makes for considerable trafficand noise. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  13. 13. About Carter B. HorsleyMr. Horsley, editor of CityRealty, writes ----“Carter’s View on Manhattan Real Estate”and his popular “CityRealty’s Top 10 Buildings” lists. Prior to joining the online realestate and apartment search site, he spent 26 years writing for The New York Times asa real estate and architecture news reporter. In addition, he produced the syndicatedradio program, “The Front Page of Tomorrow’s New York Times,” which was a WQXRstandard. He later served as real estate editor and architectural critic for The New YorkPost and International Herald Tribune.About is a New York City apartment search and real estate site established in1994. CityRealty streamlines the apartment search process by matching buyers andrenters with qualified real estate agents who are screened for market knowledge,expertise, professionalism and client compatibility. Additional information aboutCityRealty is available at or by calling (212) 755-5544. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships