Top 10 apartment buildings in new yorks tribeca


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Top 10 apartment buildings in new yorks tribeca

  1. 1. Top 10 Apartment Buildingsin New York’s TriBeCaBy: Carter B. HorsleyApril 2012
  2. 2. “TriBeCa is one of the few Manhattan neighborhoods that has a fine mix ofvery attractive, older industrial buildings, most of which have now beenconverted to residential use; some very excellent, newer, contextualreplacements; and a few good modern buildings,”--Carter B. Horsley, CityRealty Editor | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  3. 3. The Hubert, 7 Hubert Street 1. The Hubert, 7 Hubert StreetDeveloped in 2003, The Hubert is one of themost attractive Post-Modern buildings in thecity. With fine materials and an excellentsense of proportion, it applied the industrialbuilding style of 1920s and 1930s in NewYork to a modern residential project. Theclean, neat and large multi-pane windowsdistinguish this 16-story building, which has33 condominium apartments.. 2. 140 Franklin StreetThis handsome six-story 1887 Romanesque-Revival-style building was designed by AlbertWagner, who also designed the famous PuckBuilding on Lafayette Street. With 12 verylarge apartments, the condo buildingfeatures lively facades that with balustradedrooflines, large arched windows on the fifthfloor, and an interesting protruding designelement on its top outside corner. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  4. 4. 101 Warren Street 3. 101 Warren Street This impressive, full block development, completed in 2007, has a 35-story tower with distinctive arcades and facades that resemble elongated checkerboards, plus an “Artrium,” a pine tree forest, and a “Bloomberg Financial Lounge.” The project has 227 condominium apartments and 132 rental units.4. River Lofts, 92 Laight Street,416 and 424 Washington Street River Lofts is one of the larger and more important TriBeCa conversion projects. It combines a six-story building developed in 1882 as a sugar refinery with a new 13-story building completed in 2004—and connects them with an attractive skylit corridor. Both red-bricked structures have arched windows, and the project contains 68 loft-style condo apartments with Hudson River views. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  5. 5. The Northmoore, 53 North Moore Street 5. Pearline Soap Factory, 414 Washington StreetNamed for a company that formerly occupiedthe site, this seven-story condominiumbuilding was designed by Joseph PellLombardi, one of the city’s best-knownpreservation specialists. Completed in 2008,the building has large, multi-paned, archedwindows and 12 spacious apartments. 6. The Northmoore, 53 North Moore StreetConverted from a 19th Century Building in2001, the handsome, eight-storyNorthmoore has a loggia with a skylit lobby,plus 49 condominium apartments with highceilings. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  6. 6. 7. The Cobblestone Lofts, 28 Laight Street Another handsome loft conversion, designed by architect Chris Smith of CMS Design and completed in 2001, this attractive building is comprised of four red brick late 19th Century warehouses. The seven-story project contains 32 condo apartments.8. The American Thread Building, 260 West Broadway Completed in 1980, this was one of TriBeCa’s first conversions of a large commercial building to luxury loft apartments. Erected in 1893 as the Wool Exchange Building, this impressive 11-story structure with 51 apartments is notable for its curved frontage and imposing staircase entrance. The American Thread Building, 260 West Broadway | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  7. 7. Mohawk Atelier, 161 Duane Street 9. The Powell Building, 105 Hudson StreetThis ornate 11-story building is one of themost impressive in TriBeCa. It was designedby Carrere & Hastings—the firm that alsodesigned the New York Public Library—andhas large arched windows and a façadeenlivened by pilasters, pediments andbandcourses. Built in 1892 for Henry Pierce,it was known as the Pierce Building untilbeing sold to Alexander Powell in 1903. Thebuilding has 16 cooperative apartments,office space, and the famous restaurant,Nobu. 10. Mohawk Atelier, 161 Duane StreetOne of the best looking buildings in TriBeCa,Mohawk Atelier was converted in 2009 fromtwo 19th Century commercial buildings: Onean 1891 Romanesque Revival style and theother built in 1845 and used for whalebonecutting. This condominium building, yetanother converted by Joseph Pell Lombardi,has 12 apartments. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships
  8. 8. About Carter B. HorsleyMr. Horsley, editor of CityRealty, writes ----“Carter’s View on Manhattan Real Estate”and his popular “CityRealty’s Top 10 Buildings” lists. Prior to joining the online realestate and apartment search site, he spent 26 years writing for The New York Times asa real estate and architecture news reporter. In addition, he produced the syndicatedradio program, “The Front Page of Tomorrow’s New York Times,” which was a WQXRstandard. He later served as real estate editor and architectural critic for The New YorkPost and International Herald Tribune.About is a New York City apartment search and real estate site established in1994. CityRealty streamlines the apartment search process by matching buyers andrenters with qualified real estate agents who are screened for marketknowledge, expertise, professionalism and client compatibility. Additional informationabout CityRealty is available at or by calling (212) 755-5544. | 212.755.5544 | Building Relationships