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Owen Sound Community Report May 2014


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Published in: Business
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Owen Sound Community Report May 2014

  1. 1. MAY 2014MAY 2014COMMUNITY REPORT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & TOURISM DEPARTMENT • CONNECT WITH US... #OWENSOUND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & TOURISM DEPARTMENT • CONNECT WITH US... #OWENSOUND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & TOURISM The City’s new economic development strategy has three themes: pride of place; business retention and expansion; and investment attraction. Pride of place is about puffing out our chest and telling the world we are a great place to live. It’s about celebrating our successes and our outstanding quality of life and attracting people, tourists and entrepreneurs. Business retention is supporting and helping your existing business grow and thrive, as most new jobs will come from business expansions. And attracting new investment is critical to ensuring a progressive economy. The investment can be public or private, but ideally it is in health care, retail and manufacturing – our largest sectors -- and aligns with our competitive strengths. Attracting new investment is best done by understanding our unique strengths and focusing on those opportunities. For example, harbour dredging would open up investment opportunities in manufacturing and agriculture. You can play your part by telling people why Owen Sound is where you want to live -- why your company does business here and why new investment should locate here. This community deserves to thrive and is thriving, thanks to the local businesses and citizens who work together to make this a great place to live. SUMMER COMPANY Do you know a student between 15 and 29 years of age who is a self starter, creative, industrious, hard working and interested in “doing their own thing?” They may be eligible to run their own business this summer and receive up to $3000 in cash awards. Contact us today at, call 519-371-3232 or apply on line at Deadline: May 23. In celebration of International Women’s Day , The Business Enterprise Centre, Owen Sound and Area partnered with The Women’s Centre and hosted over 150 participants at an inspirational luncheon and learning experience. Joan Riggs, co-founder of Catalyst Research, illustrated the community connections between our business and personal lives. Goals and achievements cross boundaries and interlink our personal and business development moving forward. Business owners make a significant difference to communities. Businesses employ people, mentor, sponsor and donate because they want to be part of a thriving and compassionate community. The “Difference You Make” offered the opportunity to see the connection to the bigger community in a different way and reinforce the important contribution made in business. Jane Phillips, Manager of the Business Enterprise Centre noted that in the past 15 years, there has been a 50 percent increase in the number of self-employed women in Canada. One million Canadian women owned a small business in 2010, according to a report released by the CIBC, “Women Entrepreneurs: Leading the Charge.” The number of women-owned businesses is growing 60 percent faster than those run by men. Another day of learning and moving the community forward. Thank you to all those involved in our International Women’s Day event. Contact THE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE CENTRE, Owen Sound & Area for any assistance and with any questions about your business. 519-371-3232 • 173 8th Street East, Owen Sound • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY: Yes We Have One, Yes It’s Working... And You Can Play Your Part Anja Pink’s business, Leaping Beaver Beverages Summer Company 2013 THE DIFFERENCE YOU MAKE NEW YOUTH P R O G R A M starter company MAY 2014COMMUNITY REPORT YMCA EMPLOYMENT SERVICES AND CITY HOST SEASONAL JOB FAIR More than 600 people attended a recent job fair for seasonal and summer employees. It was organized by Amy Norris of YMCA Employment Services, with the City providing the facility and modest advertising. Twelve employers attended, offering mostly seasonal work. The event helped link employers with young people looking for summer or full- time work. There are plans to make this an annual event with more space and more employers. The Economic Development team was pleased to partner with the YMCA Employment office to make this happen. City Council visits Bellwyck Packaging MODEL SUITES AT The latest and greatest condo project happening in downtown Owen Sound has model suites available now. Contact Bill McFarlane and Ernie Coates, brokers with RE/MAX Realty, for more information 519-370-2100. CITY PROPERTIES FOR SALE Bill McFarlane and Ernie Coates of RE/MAX will be marketing a number of City-owned properties for sale, including the former court building and jail, select industrial lands and the former Scopis lot. The City no longer has a corporate need for these properties. Selling them will allow for new development opportunities and make better use of these lands and buildings. Joan Riggs speaks to over 155 participants at the March IWD event.
  2. 2. MAY 2014COMMUNITY REPORTMAY 2014COMMUNITY REPORT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & TOURISM DEPARTMENT • CONNECT WITH US... #OWENSOUND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & TOURISM DEPARTMENT • CONNECT WITH US... #OWENSOUND CONNECT WITH US... We now have over 1,600 fans on Facebook, and have reached 1,382 followers on Twitter. Connect with us - share your experience and photos using #OWENSOUND. /OwenSoundTourismandEvents @OSTourism #OWENSOUND /OwenSoundTourism 1155 First Ave W, Owen Sound • 519-371-9833 • 1,637 Owen Sound Tourism partnered with eight local restaurants to host another successful Winterlicious event, increasing patronage at independently owned dining establishments during one of the slowest times of the year. Participating restaurants included the Sweetwater Restaurant at Cobble Beach Resort, Nathaniel’s, Shorty’s Grill, Rocky Racoon (now the Kathmandu Cafe); Norma Jean’s Bistro, Tuscany’s, Jazzmyn’s and Legacy Ridge. The campaign featured fixed-price dinner specials from February 21 to March 16 plus a draw to win one of three gift baskets brimming with locally produced food, wine and beer. Prize sponsors included the Owen Sound Farmer’s Market and many of its vendors, Kilannan Beer, Coffin Ridge Wine, Georgian Hills Wine, Hoity Toity Cellars, the 100-Mile Market, Meredith’s Ginger Syrup, the Pickle Guy and more! More than 800 people ordered Winterlicious meals and entered our draws over the 3-week campaign. The event was promoted on the radio, in the newspaper and through social media and online advertising. Posters and table toppers were also distributed throughout the City. Close to 4,900 people visited the Winterlicious website pages during the campaign. TOURISM WINTERLICIOUS WHETS APPETITE FOR LOCAL FOOD Owen Sound has a robust new events calendar at which is proving very popular! The calendar can be viewed in several formats and accessed by anyone with a computer or mobile device. At a glance, you can see what’s on this week, this month, or virtually any time several years into the future. You can searchoutspecialeventsandfestivals,and also view ongoing exhibits at our galleries and museums. The calendar is searchable by date and also subject. Interested in music, arts & culture or culinary events? You can view just those. Want to know what sports tournaments are planned for the year? Those are also searchable, along with family and youth-oriented events, outdoor events, shopping, festivals, holiday events and more. With the new calendar, a tourist or local resident enjoying a meal downtown can connect to our free WiFi on their phone and find out what’s happening on the spot. Our focus is on events in the immediate area, and we will soon be adding business-related events as well. The events calendar has received more than 4,000 page views since it launched Jan. 21st. The Tourism office also issues a weekly events bulletin, “Around the Sound,” which includes daily events, news, and ongoing exhibits. You can subscribe to it from our home page at www.owensound. ca/play. The City’s tourism staff and events coordinator recently met with about 30 local festival and event organizers to roll outthenewcalendarandrelatedofferings. Event planners now have the option of listing and viewing tentatively scheduled events as well as confirmed ones, to help avoid overlapping events. We’ve received close to 200 online event submissions since January, and have posted well over 400 listings in all. Thanks to everyone taking the trouble to ensure their event gets noticed! All listings are free of charge and many are further promoted through our Facebook and Twitter postings. CITY LAUNCHES NEW EVENTS CALENDAR NEW Visitor Guide and City Map Available Our 2014 Visitor Guide is receiving very positive reviews. The 30-page book is packed with information about downtown Owen Sound and area attractions, special events, kids activities, waterfalls, boating, swimming and fishing, our historic walking tour and self-guided fall salmon tour, Harrison Park and all accommodations in the region. It’s a handy guide for local residents hosting out-of-town visitors, and businesses wanting to welcome tourists. This year we have enlarged our City Map and Attractions guide, making it easier to read. The brochure includes special points of interest, annual events and fun facts about Owen Sound. Pick up free copies of the Visitor Guide and City Map at the Visitor Information Centre or call 519-371-9833 for bulk orders for your business. The Visitor Centre has a new summer assistant, Jacynthe Lortie, also known as Jazzy, and will be welcoming back summer assistant Laura Robinson in June. Jazzy is an aspiring teacher who is fluently bilingual and hopes to teach music and French internationally when she graduates. She enjoys working with the public, being in the know about local events and playing bass guitar with her band. She also writes novels. Laura is a returning staff member looking forward to a summer full of adventures and meeting families from all over the world. She has been involved with the City of Owen Sound for almost 10 years (at the Visitor Centre, the Billy Bishop and Marine and Rail museums, the library and Tom Thomson Art Gallery). Laura plans to become a teacher as well, and just completed her undergraduate studies at Laurentian University. Meet Laura and Jazzy at the Visitor Centre and at numerous special events over the summer, promoting Owen Sound in person and through our social media platforms. TOURISM STAFF READY FOR SUMMER! Jazzy Lortie Around the Sound weekly e-bulletin