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Quarterly Council Update - January 17, 2013


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Quarterly Council Update presentation given by City Manager, Scott Hildebrand, at the January 07, 2013 regular council meeting.

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Quarterly Council Update - January 17, 2013

  1. 1. JANUARY 2013
  2. 2. Agenda  Roadmap for Growth  Budget  People  Growth  Infrastructure
  4. 4. ROADMAP FOR GROWTHNumber of Green Projects 32 52%Number of Yellow Projects 9 15%Number of Red Projects 7 11%Number of Black Projects 14 23% 62 100%
  6. 6. 2012 BUDGET YTD2012 Full Year Forecast• As of the end of Q3 the General Revenue Fund isprojected to finish the year in a surplus position of $1M+• This is mainly driven by unplanned land sales andProvincial Grant money that was higher than expected• As of the end of Q3 the Utility Fund is projected tofinish the year in a surplus position of $350K+• All year end surpluses will be allocated to reserves tosupport our capital plan• Budget review and analysis continue to be a priorityacross every department• We are currently working on closing out 2012
  7. 7. 2013 BUDGET PROCESS• The team has been preparing for months• Committed to a solid and effective process• Our Budget proposal is now in the hands ofCouncil for deliberation in the next week• January 11-12th Council Budget Deliberation• March 4th 2013 Budget Public Hearing
  8. 8. 2013 BUDGET PROCESS• 3% Efficiency/Revenue Goal for the organization• Every department was tasked to find sustainableefficiencies and or revenue where possible• Continuous improvement is ongoing• It is a learning process and I am confident in ourprocess• Departments have accepted the challenge to“find a better way” in everything we do and will beongoing
  9. 9. PEOPLE
  10. 10. PEOPLEHuman Resources Strategy• HR Planning Process – understanding current andfuture needs of the organization• New Vacancy Management Process• New Organization Chart Process• Retirement Planning• Succession Planning• Employee Relations Strategy• Safety and Risk Management Focus• We are in good shape for 2013
  11. 11. PEOPLESafety Focus – Mission Zero Program• Safety has become the #1 agenda item at all DepartmentHead meetings• Improved awareness City wide• Our focus is starting to pay off• The City has seen a 24% decrease in lost time injuries and a 40% decrease in days lost associated with losttime injuries compared to 2011• Overall, we will see a reduction in WCB premiums• Our Mission Zero Program was recognized with an IndustryLeader award as part of NAOSH Week• Brian Kayes was recently awarded with a ProvincialEmergency Coordinator of the Year
  12. 12. PEOPLEPerformance Management• Continues to be a priority of mine• You can’t manage what you can’t measure• Success Factors software not being renewed• New “in house” tracker will be developed internally• Currently “work in progress” on a PerformanceScorecard and metrics• Currently “work in progress” on a Performance ReviewProcess
  13. 13. PEOPLENegotiations Update• Fire Negotiations took place last week on non-monetary items• Arbitration is a reality for monetary items• No further Dates have been set for negotiations• E911 Negotiations continue on non-monetary items• Arbitration is a reality for monetary items• Dates for further discussions are set for January• Police Negotiation process will commence soon in 2013
  14. 14. GROWTH
  15. 15. GROWTHWestJet Update• Nothing new to report yet!• We continue to make regular contact to stay informed• The new airline name is WestJet Encore• New CEO has been appointed based in Calgary• As previously communicated the launch will be a phasedmulti year approach• Hoping to hear something soon as the initialannouncement is to be made January 21st, 2013
  16. 16. GROWTHCasino Update• I will continue to stay close to the process• AMC has chosen to move forward near Carberry• We will wait and see what Spring 2013 brings• The current Provincial Government policy on gamingand licensing continues to be challenging• Our Brandon and TCIG partnership will continue to stayin contact and explore any opportunities that may arise
  17. 17. GROWTHCanada Games• Currently we are working closely with theProvince to address bid issues and concerns• Primary concern is the lack of an 8 lane-50meterpool• The Canada Games Council (CGC) met onDecember 6th and we hope to receive feedbackshortly
  18. 18. GROWTHHotel Tax• Implemented by the City of Brandon in July, 2012• First collection of the Hotel Tax was due October 20th• We have collected approximately $214,000 YTD• First event funding application was approved by Councilon November 19th in the amount of $25,000• Application information has been provided to five otherpotential events• A brochure promoting the hotel tax event fundingprogram as a tool for event organizers has been developed• Work will commence early in the New Year ondeveloping the evaluation metrics for the capital fundingprogram and brought back to Council
  19. 19. GROWTHCity of Brandon Logo• Soft launch of our City of Brandon Logo was mid December• Part of our Roadmap for Growth strategy• Our purpose for the change was consistency• Other than time there was no additional money orconsulting used on this project• You will continue to see this logo more and more as we rollout the implementation plan in 2013
  21. 21. INFRASTRUCTURESnow Clearing• Snow removal guidelines and priorities are posted onour website• As always, we are prepared as storms arise and willreact based on our priority plan• Encourage residents to call 204-729-2285 with issues orconcerns
  22. 22. INFRASTRUCTURE8th Street Bridge• Based on feedback from Council, Dillion Consulting is inthe final stages of preliminary design for a combinedvehicular/pedestrian bridge at the existing location• This option will eliminate the need for expropriation ofany private lands• When preliminary design is complete, Dillion willprovide an updated cost estimate to Council fordiscussion• We expect more information early in 2013
  23. 23. INFRASTRUCTUREWaste Water Treatment Plant• All seven contracts have been awarded and areunderway• It is estimated that 65%+ of the construction has beencompleted• The completion date continues to be on target forSeptember 2013• Currently, the upgrade is approximately $3M underbudget without any considerations for allowances
  24. 24. INFRASTRUCTURENorth Brandon Gateway (Black Farm)• Site analysis completed• Consultant hosting internal design session• Second public consultation is being held January 24th,2013 at Kirkcaldy School• Criteria being developed to evaluate option plans• Project area revised to include Northern Pines GolfCourse
  25. 25. INFRASTRUCTUREBrandon & Fringe Area Growth Strategy• Background report completed• Survey available on-line for input• Initial public consultation is being held January 29th atPark Community Centre• Consultant finalizing analysis maps• City completing infill assessment of matureneighbourhoods• Anticipated completion: September 2013
  26. 26. INFRASTRUCTURETransit• New Fareboxes installed on December 10, 2012• Project has gone very smooth and has been embraced by both the public and bus operators• Four new Handi Transit vehicles were received in December - replacing vehicles that have exceeded their life cycle• New Years Eve Service - 709 total passengers• Down 25% from last year, due to the extreme cold this New Years Eve.
  27. 27. INFRASTRUCTURESanitation• Lanes have been plowed• Containers in lanes continue to be an issue and will beaddressed• Second notice of non-compliance have been sent toresidents and or property owners• By-law has been following up and tickets have beenissued for third time offenders• As always, Sanitation will continue to monitor issuesand work with residents• We are currently just finalizing the RFP for the multifamily complexes waste management strategy
  28. 28. INFRASTRUCTUREBrandon Inn• The hazardous materials contract and clean up is nowcomplete and the building is secure• The tender will be out next week• Engineering will present the structure demolitiontender to Council on February 4th, 2013• Demolition is expected to take 4 weeks• Engineering is also working with Renaissance Brandonfor the removal of the Real Estate Board building• A phase 2 environmental review of the site will happenin March with a completion date of April 2013
  29. 29. QUESTIONS?