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Labour Strategy


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“On Monday, April 2nd, City Manager Scott Hildebrand provided Mayor and Council with an update on the various Labour-related initiatives and strategies underway within the organization. At that time, an update on the progress of the Roadmap for Growth Strategic Plan was also provided. The City of Brandon would like to share highlights of the presentation with citizens to ensure all are up-to-date on its efforts.”

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Labour Strategy

  1. 1. LABOUR STRATEGY City of Brandon 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Labour Strategy • Employee Relations Strategy • Performance Management • Organizational Structure • Vacancy Management • Human Resource Planning • Safety Focus Culture • Union Relationship Strategy • Communication• Roadmap for Growth - Update• Other Updates.
  3. 3. Labour Strategy • The core of our business and our budget is human resources • We are a service based organization and everything we do involves our staff • Our residents interact with us more than ever and expect increased services and value for their moneyOverview • Our residents demand information and an understanding of process and controls • Our role is to strategically balance our human resources to meet the demand, while at the same time find more effective and efficient ways to provide these services.
  4. 4. Labour Strategy • I was asked to set up a meeting to provide you with the highlights of our 2012 strategy • This strategy has been a work in progress for months and will continue to evolve going forward • Through Council, our job as administration isOverview to execute the day to day business of this organization and be accountable to its success.
  5. 5. Labour Strategy • June 2011 – we created a leadership team to build and implement an Employee Relations Strategy. • Why? correct: • Inconsistent application of collective agreements • Out-dated and non-relevant policiesEmployeeRelations Strategy • Inconsistent application of city policies(Where we are at today) • Managers without the proper education and training to effectively manage employees • Managers avoiding conflict and not being held accountable • Different Union stances sometimes require clarification.
  6. 6. Labour Strategy • The Management group have now all completed a week long course on ‘Managing Employees in a Unionized Environment’ • Improved communication through new initiatives (Communication audit of facilities) • Upcoming Education and Training - disciplineEmployee trainingRelations Strategy(accomplishments) • Upcoming policy training for our new Code of Ethics and Attendance Support Policies rollout • Monthly progress reports at Department Head meetings to provide the group with ongoing activity.
  7. 7. Labour Strategy • In my experience this is a must in any organization to set, manage and monitor goals • Ability to create a team atmosphere with a common vision • Ability to build a strong and capable team • Most importantly, an ability to hold people accountablePerformanceManagement • Success Factors is the system and tool we have decided to use for 2012 and going forward.
  8. 8. Labour Strategy • To provide a snapshot of the organization as a whole or by department • Manage employees and plan for the future • Provide a base and a control system when making decisionsOrganizational • Ability to show annual comparative data thatStructure is accurate and easily understood • We will have a process for senior management to identify future retirement candidates for succession planning puposes.
  9. 9. Labour Strategy • An important process in any growing and changing organization • Provides a control process to determine needs throughout the organization • Allows for vacancies to be discussed and reviewed to determine needs • HR Department owns and initiates theVacancyManagement process as positions become vacant • The review process includes the General Managers, HR Director and City Manager for all division managers and supervisors excluding Protective Services.
  10. 10. Labour Strategy • In Protective Services the review process involves the Chief, Deputies, Inspectors and City Manager for all officer positions • There is a paper trail of decisions and HR is always current • The City Manager will be up to speed at all times and will be required to sign off onVacancyManagement these changes.
  11. 11. Labour Strategy • Necessary for planning future growth, succession planning, and retirements • This process allows us to pin point coaching opportunities, training and development, and mentoring • It allows planning for the future and a clear outlook by departmentHuman ResourcePlanning • This will become a priority over the next few months as I expect retirements and unexpected changes to occur and we need to be prepared.
  12. 12. Labour Strategy • An important part of our business and culture and has become a priority • We are responsible to protect employees • We must reduce our current WCB rates • We need to find a way to change and improve our safety culture at every level of the organizationSafety FocusCulture • Safety is now the first agenda item at every monthly Department Head meeting.
  13. 13. Labour Strategy • Labour/Management meetings across all departments on a regular basis • Union Executive/Senior Management meetings with all unions • Recognize that sometimes only an arbitrator can make decisions that bring closure to an issue • Working with our Unions on policies andUnionRelationship procedures to ensure two way communicationStrategy during implementation • Our goal is to develop and maintain good working relationships with all unions, with each having respect for the other’s roles.
  14. 14. Labour Strategy • Council Updates • Council Briefs • The Buzz • Department Head meetings monthly • GM/HR bi-weekly meetings • One on One meetingsCommunications • Department meetings monthly • PSA/Press releases internal first • City Manager updates (New)
  15. 15. Roadmap for GrowthRoadmap
  16. 16. Roadmap for Growth Green – Progressing on Schedule Yellow – Progressing; Schedule ModifiedRoadmap Red – Project Under Review Black – Project Complete
  17. 17. Roadmap for Growth Project Project Champion Project Leader Status Details (Note, this info links to individual project tabs, you do not enter data here) Infrastructure 1 IWWTF Phase III (Q1-12) Ted Snure Patrick Pulak G Details 2 Black Farm Development (Q1-12) Ted Snure Angie Veilleux G Details 3 Cityworks (Q1-12) Rod Sage Jaime Hart / Andrew Wilson G Details 4 North Hill Sewer Servicing (Q1-12) Ian Christiansen Patrick Pulak G Details 5 Diking Upgrades (Q1-12) Ian Christiansen Steve Hayward G Details 6 Storm Water Drainage Plan (Q1-12) Ian Christiansen Steve Hayward Y Details 7 Elimination of Combined Sewers (Q1-12) Ted Snure / Ian Christiansen Patrick Pulak G Details 8 Greywater Recovery Strategy (Q1-12) Ian Christiansen Patrick Pulak G Details Communications 1 Website Upgrades (Q1-12) Scott Hildebrand Todd Burton G Details 2 Communications Strategy (Q1-12) Scott Hildebrand Allison Collins G Details 3 Branding & Logo Strategy (Q1-12) Scott Hildebrand Allison Collins G Details Rural & Community Outreach 1 Regionalization & Shared Services (Q1-12) Dean Hammond Vivianne Lockerby G Details 2 Elton / Cornwallis Annexation Strategy Director of Planning Angie Veilleux / Dan McPherson G Details 3 RM & AMM Annual Conventions (Q1-12) Mayor Shari Decter Hirst Council b Details Affordable HousingRoadmap 1 2 Define Affordable Housing (Q1-12) 350 Units of Affordable Housing (Q1-12) Sandy Trudel Sandy Trudel Sandy Trudel Sandy Trudel G G Details Details 3 Affordable Housing First Policy (Q1-12) Sandy Trudel Sandy Trudel G Details 4 Inclusionary By-law (Q1-12) Sandy Trudel Director of Planning G Details 5 Secondary Suite/Boarding House By-law (Q1-12) Sandy Trudel Director of Planning G Details 6 Developer / Government Strategy (Q1-12) Sandy Trudel Director of Planning Details 7 Derelict Building Strategy (Q1-12) Con Arvisais Heather Ewasiuk G Details 8 City Infill Opportunities (Q1-12) Angie Veilleux Community planners Details Economic Development 1 2017 Canada Games Bid (Q1-12) Dean Hammond Erin Brown G Details 2 Hotel Tax Strategy (Q1-12) Dean Hammond Sandy Trudel b Details 3 Economic Development Strategy (Q1-12) Sandy Trudel ED Team G Details 4 Airport Strategy (Q1-12) Rod Sage Tim Sanderson G Details 5 Highway 10 Lobbying (Q1-12) Mayor Shari Decter Hirst Council Y Details 6 Smart City Strategy (Q1-12) Sandy Trudel ED Team Details 7 Tourism Strategy (Q1-12) Scott Hildebrand Sandy Trudel Details Downtown Hub 1 Pedestrian Mall (Q1-12) Renaissance Brandon Braden Pilling G Details 2 Building Equivalency Standards (Q1-12) Ted Snure Director of Planning Details 3 Renaissance District Secondary Plan (Q1-12) Renaissance Brandon Board Braden Pilling b Details 4 Entertainment Complex Options (Q1-12) Ted Snure Director of Planning G Details
  18. 18. Roadmap for Growth Environment 1 Large Complex Sanitation Strategy (Q1-12) Rod Sage Ian Broome G Details 2 Greenspace Master Plan (Q1-12) Rod Sage Perry Roque R Details 3 Household Hazardous Waste Strategy (Q1-12) Rod Sage Ian Broome G Details 4 City Wide Recycling Strategy (Q1-12) Rod Sage Ian Broome G Details 5 Organics / Composting Strategy (Q1-12) Rod Sage Ian Broome G Details 6 Green Development Strategy (Q1-12) Director of Planning Angie Veilleux Details 7 Green Purchasing Strategy (Q1-12) Dean Hammond Vivianne Lockerby G Details Culture & Heritage 1 Two Culture Events (Q1-12) Rod Sage / Perry Roque Esther Bryan / Hope Roberts G Details 2 Culture (Q1-12) Rod Sage / Perry Roque Esther Bryan / Hope Roberts G Details 3 Brandon Museum Permanent Facility (Q1-12) Scott Hildebrand b Details 4 Sculptures on the Streets (Q1-12) Rod Sage / Perry Roque Esther Bryan R Details 5 Establish Brandon Arts Council (Q1-12) Rod Sage / Perry Roque Esther Bryan G Details Recreation 1 Recreation Master Plan Update (Q1-12) Rod Sage Perry Roque / Bryce Wilson R Details 2 WC Golf Course Strategy (Q1-12) Rod Sage Perry Roque / Bryce Wilson G Details 3 Veterans Way Rec Plan (Q1-12) Angie Veilleux Community planners G DetailsRoadmap 4 Establish Rec. Department (Q1-12) Rod Sage Perry Roque R Details 5 Community Center Strategy (Q1-12) Rod Sage Perry Roque / Esther Bryan G Details 6 School Facilities Use Strategy (Q1-12) Rod Sage Bryce Wilson / Perry Roque B Details 7 Relocate Skating Oval (Q1-12) Rod Sage Perry Roque / Lois MacDonald G Details 8 Close Walkway / Bike Path Loops (Q1-12) Rod Sage / Perry Roque Bryce Wilson Y Details Supporting Projects 1 Overhaul Budget Process (Q1-12) Dean Hammond Val Rochelle G Details 2 Employee Relations Strategy (Q1-12) Scott Hildebrand Vicki Fifi G Details 3 Pay Admin Review (Q1-12) Scott Hildebrand Sandra Wallace / Vicki Fifi b Details 4 Performance Management Strategy (Q1-12) Scott Hildebrand Vicki Fifi G Details 5 Organizational Sustainability (Q1-12) Scott Hildebrand Vicki Fifi G Details 6 Critical Hires (Q1-12) Scott Hildebrand Vicki Fifi b Details 7 Analysis of Royal Red Permanent Facilities (Q1-12) Council Scott Hildebrand / Dean Hammond Y Details 8 Brown Block Demolition (Q1-12) Ted Snure Senior building inspector b Details 9 Secure Brandon Inn (Q1-12) Ted Snure Renaissance Brandon b Details 10 Riverbank Corridor Long-Term Funding Ted Snure Brandon Riverbank Inc G Details
  19. 19. THANK YOU