Jean Marie Berthelot presentation ~ The Data Effect


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Jean Marie Berthelot presentation ~ The Data Effect

  1. 1. Better Information for Improved Health: A Vision for Canada Overview PresentationThe Data Effect Conference October 19, 2012 – Toronto Jean-Marie BerthelotCanadian Institute for Health Information
  2. 2. Health system use of information(or HSU) refers to the use of healthinformation to improve the health of Canadians through a better health system. Be/er  Informa4on  for  Improved  Health:  A  Vision  for  Canada   November  5,  2012   2  
  3. 3. Categories of Use Be%er  healthcare  and  improved  health  for  Canadians   Health  System  Use   Care  to  the   Clinical  Program     Health  System   Public  Health   Research   Pa?ent   Management     Management   Use  of  data  to   Use  of  data  to   Use  of  data  to   Use  of  data  to   Use  of  data  for   provide  direct   improve  front-­‐ improve  the   understand  the   health  research   care  to  the   line  health  care   effec4veness   health  of  the   pa4ent   programs  and   and  efficiency  of   public  and  for   services   the  health  care   public  health   system   ac4vi4es          Note:  Health  informa4on  is  also  used  to  support  other  uses  of  informa4on  as  permi/ed  by  law,  such  as  ensuring  food  safety  and  complying  with  regulatory  and  medical  cer4fica4on  requirements.   Be/er  Informa4on  for  Improved  Health:  A  Vision  for  Canada   November  5,  2012   3  
  4. 4. Examples of UseClinical  Program   >  Using  hospital  admission  and  discharge  data  to  improve  clinical  Management   management  and  discharge  protocols.   >  Using  drug  data  to  target  improvements  in  hospital  care  and   pa4ent  safety.  Health  System   >  Using  data  to  assist  provincial/territorial  ministries  in  the  Management   management  of  health  expenditures.   >  Using  health  human  resource  data  to  inform  planning  and  policy   development.  Public  Health   >  Using  health  and  demographic  data  to  develop  targeted   immuniza4on  campaigns.   >  Using  data  to  detect  influenza  and  poten4al  outbreaks  on  a  real-­‐ 4me  basis.  Research   >  Using  data  to  improve  pa4ents’  experience  through  the   con4nuum  of  care.   >  Using  historical  data  on  popula4on-­‐wide  pandemics  to  simulate   and  model  possible  future  pandemics.   Be/er  Informa4on  for  Improved  Health:  A  Vision  for  Canada   November  5,  2012   4  
  5. 5. The Stage is Set•  The digital age is creating new opportunities•  Information and knowledge are key for informed decision-making•  Technology allows for more and better data to be collected and transformed into knowledge Be/er  Informa4on  for  Improved  Health:  A  Vision  for  Canada   November  5,  2012   5  
  6. 6. The Value •  Improved  access   •  Higher  quality  care   Pa4ent   •  Enhanced  pa4ent  safety   Resul4ng  in   •  Be/er  clinical  outcomes   a  be%er   •  Improved  client  sa4sfac4on   Clinicians   •  Enhanced  efficiencies   performing   health   •  Be/er  health  outcomes   system   Health   •  Improved  system  efficiencies   System   •  Improved  resource  alloca4on   and  u4liza4on   Be/er  Informa4on  for  Improved  Health:  A  Vision  for  Canada   November  5,  2012   6  
  7. 7. Recognition of the Importance•  Federal and provincial governments are spending billions of dollars on health information technology•  Canada Health Infoway was created to foster and accelerate the development and adoption of electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) systems•  The Conference of Deputy Ministers of Health (CDM) have recognized the importance of using information from EHR systems to support all levels of decision-making Be/er  Informa4on  for  Improved  Health:  A  Vision  for  Canada   November  5,  2012   7  
  8. 8. A Joint EffortInfoway and CIHI are jointly working to promote,facilitate and incorporate the use of healthinformation in health system decision-making (orHSU – health system use) into on-goingtransformation and investment activities takingplace across the country Be/er  Informa4on  for  Improved  Health:  A  Vision  for  Canada   November  5,  2012   8  
  9. 9. Shared  Vision:  Be%er  Informa?on  for  Improved  Health   Use  of  health  informa4on  supports  decision-­‐making   Data  is  Collected:  Appropriate  data  is  captured  as  part  of  or   related  to  an  interac5on  with  the  health  system;  data  is   Capacity   structured  and  coded  in  a  standardized  way.     The  people,  processes  and  tools   Data  is  Available:  Data  is  accurate,  reliable,  5mely,  available,   are  in  place  to   comparable  and  accessible.  appropriately  collect   and  use  health   informa5on.   Data  is  Used:  Informa5on  is  responsibly  used  to  support  care,   to  improve  performance  and  advance  the  policy  agenda.  Infrastructure:  The  policy,  governance  and  technology  infrastructure  are  in  place  to  support  and  enable  the  collec5on  and  use  of  health  informa5on.   Be/er  Informa4on  for  Improved  Health:  A  Vision  for  Canada   November  5,  2012   9  
  10. 10. Case Studies•  Data on seniors health in Nova Scotia led to equitable allocation at the provincial level of more than $70 million in new long-term care beds•  Quality indicator reviews led to a decrease in the use of anti-anxiety and hypnotic drugs in nursing homes from 25% to 10% in 18 months (Health region in Saskatchewan)•  Quality indicator reviews led to a shift in care approaches resulting in a 20% decrease in restraint use in long- term care facilities across the Saskatoon Health Region and specifically a 40% decrease in one particular facility (Pleasant View Care Home, Saskatchewan) Be/er  Informa4on  for  Improved  Health:  A  Vision  for  Canada   November  5,  2012   10  
  11. 11. ImplicationsThe vision is not only Op/miza/on    about creating somethingnew – it is about  optimizing what is being  developed or is in place     Be/er  Informa4on  for  Improved  Health:  A  Vision  for  Canada   November  5,  2012   11  
  12. 12. Making the Vision a Reality•  Document the vision•  Undertake consultation•  Develop a roadmap Be/er  Informa4on  for  Improved  Health:  A  Vision  for  Canada   November  5,  2012   12  
  13. 13. Questions? Please contact: Jean-Marie Berthelot Vice-President, ProgramsCanadian Institute for Health Information Be/er  Informa4on  for  Improved  Health:  A  Vision  for  Canada   November  5,  2012   13