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Visiongain telecoms report catalogue sp

  1. 1. CLICK on report title to View more details• 3G Technologies Markets 2012-2017: BRIC & EmergingMarkets GrowthPublished 09 May 2012• Carrier Ethernet Report 2012-2017Published 31 January 2012• Cloud 2011: Moving into the Realm of an EssentialIT StrategyPublished 11 July 2011• Connected Homes Report 2011-2016: A Paradigm Shiftin the Way we LivePublished 10 November 2011• Consumer MVNOs Report 2011-2016: DesigningSuccessful Strategies for Monetising Smartphone& LTE GrowthPublished 09 November 2011• Femtocell Report 2011-2016: Analysing OperatorSavings and InvestmentsPublished 24 May 2011• Fixed-Broadband Infrastructure in the EmergingMarkets Report 2012-2017: The Shifting Dynamics ofConnectivityPublished 06 November 2012• Global 20 Leading LTE Infrastructure Companies 2013:Competitive Landscape AnalysisPublished 04 February 2013• Global Connected Home Market 2013-2018: SmartAppliances, DLNA & 3-Screen StrategyPublished 04 December 2012• Global Flexible Display Screens Market 2013-2018:Bendable Screens for Smartphones, Tablets, E-readers/E-Paper, TV’s and PC’sPublished 05 February 2013• Global LTE Base Station Market 2013-2018: TheNext Generation Infrastructure for 4G MobileTelecommunicationsPublished 04 January 2013• Global Mobile Roaming 2011: Operator Strategies,Opportunities and Challenges in the 3G and LTE EraPublished 30 June 2011• Global Mobile Security (mSecurity) Market 2013-2018Published 13 March 2013• Global Mobile Usage Plans 2013-2018: MNO PricingStrategies for Voice, Text and Data TariffsPublished 12 April 2013• Global Public Safety Broadband Networks Market2013-2018: First Responders, Emergency Response &Homeland SecurityPublished 14 December 2012• Global Tablet Market 2013-2018: Will Apple Remain theIncumbent?Published 15 March 2013
  2. 2. • Global Top 20 Mobile Network Operator (MNO)Companies 2013: Competitive Landscape AnalysisPublished 31 January 2013• Google in Mobile 2011: Building a SustainableCompetitive AdvantagePublished 02 June 2011• Location Based Services 2012-2017: MonetisingOpportunities and ChallengesPublished 26 October 2012• Low Cost Handsets, Feature Phones and Entry LevelSmartphone Report 2011-2016Published 15 December 2011• LTE Ecosystem Report 2012-2017Published 30 March 2012• M2M: Opportunities and Challenges with ConnectedDevices 2012-2017Published 18 April 2012• Managed Services in LTE Era Report 2011-2016Published 29 May 1900• Mobile Advertising 2011-2016: Industry Outlook ReportPublished 19 September 2011• Mobile Augmented Reality Report: Creating New MarketParadigm for Smartphones & Tablets 2011-2016Published 01 November 2011• Mobile Billing Evolution 2012-2017Published 01 May 2012• Mobile Cloud Computing Industry Outlook Report:2011-2016Published 16 December 2011• Mobile Device Management Report 2011-2016Published 10 October 2011• Mobile Device Security 2011-2016: Opportunitiesand ChallengesPublished 15 August 2011• Mobile Messaging Market Report 2011-2016Published 13 December 2011• Mobile Payment: Operator Strategies, Opportunities andChallenges Report 2011Published 10 August 2011• Mobile Social Networking 2011-2016Published 11 August 2011• Mobile User Interface 2011-2016: Designing CompellingUI in iPhone and Android EraPublished 03 May 2011• Mobile Video & TV on Smartphones: Market Drivers andChallenges Report 2011-2016Published 12 October 2011• Mobile VoIP Report 2011-2016: Opportunities andChallengesPublished 09 September 2011• Monetising NFC: Challenges and Opportunities2012-2017Published 05 March 2012
  3. 3. • Next Generation FTTX: Fibre Optics Innovations2012-2017Published 26 January 2012• Next-Generation OSS & BSS 2012-2017: A Consolidatedand Holistic FuturePublished 06 March 2012• Quad Play Report 2011-2016: Strategies for aConverged FuturePublished 06 December 2011• Small Cells Report 2011-2016: Analysing the BusinessCase of Heterogeneous NetworksPublished 11 November 2011• Smartphone Report: Gaming, Digital Music Distributionand Entertainment Opportunities 2011-2016Published 06 September 2011• Smartphones in Enterprises Report 2011-2016Published 24 May 2011• The 4G LTE Mobile Handset Market 2012-2017Published 01 June 2012• The Cloud-Based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)Market 2012-2017Published 18 September 2012• The Huawei Report 2012-2017: Securing New Marketsand Gaining Competitive Advantage in the LTE DomainPublished 25 September 2012• The Low Cost Tablets Market 2012-2017Published 24 August 2012• The Microsoft in Mobile Report 2012-2017: WindowsPhone Strategy and Prospects in the LTE EraPublished 06 August 2012• The Mobile Application Ecosystem Market 2012-2017Published 08 August 2012• The Mobile Broadband Market 2012-2017Published 24 April 2012• The Mobile Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS)Market 2012-2017: Smartphones, Tablets, Netbooks,E-readers, UltrabooksPublished 11 July 2012• The Mobile Network Backhaul Equipment Market2013-2018Published 07 November 2012• The Mobile Operating Systems Analysis 2012-2017: Whowins: Android vs. iOS vs. Windows?Published 18 July 2012• The Mobile Roaming Market 2012-2017: OperatorStrategies, Opportunities & Challenges in the 3G andLTE EraPublished 11 May 2012• The Mobile User Interface Market 2012-2017: UI in theiPhone, Android, and Windows EraPublished 21 June 2012• The Mobile VoIP Market 2012-2017Published 18 June 2012
  4. 4. • The Quad-Play Market 2012-2022: Strategies for aConverged FuturePublished 21 August 2012• The Samsung Electronics Report 2012-2017: Strategy &Prospects in the LTE EraPublished 07 September 2012• The Small Cells Market 2012-2017Published 08 October 2012• The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Market2012-2017: Prospects for Skype and Other PlayersPublished 17 July 2012• The Wireless Infrastructure Market 2013-2018: Wi-Fi,WiMax, 3G, HSPA+ and LTEPublished 28 January 2013• World Cloud Computing Market 2013-2023Published 25 April 2013• World Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) Market 2013-2018:eHealth, Telemedicine & Health informaticsPublished 29 April 2013• World Superphone Market 2013-2018 ‘Phablets’Bridging the Gap Between Smartphones & TabletsPublished 03 April 2013
  5. 5. World Cloud Computing Market 2013-2023Companies are often held back by an inflexible and complex IT infrastructure that cannot keep up with theevolving needs of business.These restraints result in slow deployment of critical applications and services, limitedresources, poor operation management, and unpredictable system integration.Yet cloud computing appears asa very lucrative and commercially interesting solution for many companies in this situation. Undeniably, cloudcomputing is already transforming the business landscape, and will continue to do so as it matures.Althoughcloud computing is not a new concept, it has emerged as a significant commercial success over the past fewyears. Cloud computing will play an increasingly important role in the business segment as future systems willfurther exploit the capabilities offered by this technology.Published 25 April 2013 Mobile Healthcare (mHealth) Market 2013-2018: eHealth,Telemedicine & Health informaticsThe recent explosion in mobile communications has been driven by increased uptake of devices such as thesmartphone and tablet. Synonymous with these devices are app stores which offer a huge array of downloadableprograms and services, many of which apply to the healthcare field.As 4G and LTE promise to transformbandwidth , we expect the usage of mobile devices to expand to encompass many fields, especially that ofhealthcare.Visiongain has determined that the value of the global mHealth market in 2013 will reach $2bn.Published 29 April 2013
  6. 6. World Superphone Market 2013-2018 ‘Phablets’ Bridging the GapBetween Smartphones & TabletsGone are the days when mobile handset manufacturers would compete over who could make the most compactdevice. Screen size has become the most compelling real-estate in mobile device marketing and manufacturersare capitalising on falling display panel costs to deliver larger, sharper images on mobile phones.As suchvisiongain has determined that superphones will represent global revenue of $46 billion in 2013. In the sameway that Apple’s iPhone jump-started the smartphone movement, Samsung’s Galaxy Note has informed newconsumer desires. Newly christened “superphones” are defined as high-performance smartphones with displaysabove 4.6”.Published 03 April 2013 Mobile Usage Plans 2013-2018: MNO Pricing Strategies for Voice,Text and Data Tariffsvisiongain’s latest report analyses current and future pricing trends for mobile pricing plans worldwide basedon Pay Monthly contracts.The report focuses on the increasingly important Pay Monthly (Post Paid or Contractplans) segment with price plans from mobile operators around the world analysed in a unique global survey.The survey includes MNO pricing plans from the five key geographical regions of Europe, North America, SouthAmerica, the Asia Pacific and the Middle East & Africa (MEA).Published 12 April 2013
  7. 7. Global Mobile Security (mSecurity) Market 2013-2018In recent years, there has been a fundamental transformation of the mobile ecosystem. Evolving technologiesare constantly presenting new opportunities for applications. Smartphones, tablets, portable gaming consoles,digital media players and cameras can pack powerful integrated computing functionalities which only desktopcomputers were capable of less than a decade ago. Consequently, the popularity of smart devices is anincreasingly attractive target for cybercriminals with regards the potential value of personal data found on adevice. Mobile threats may be a relatively new phenomenon, but their emergence is not unexpected.Published 13 March 2013 Tablet Market 2013-2018: Will Apple Remain the Incumbent?Since its release in 2010,Apple’s iPad has been a market leader in this new device category. Keen to mimicApple’s success many companies from internet search giant Google to rival OEMs such as Samsung havelaunched their own tablets, however Apple still currently hold the majority of the tablet market. Between 2011and 2012 Apples market share slipped below 50% of the first time, suggesting that fierce competition fromrivals may finally topple Apple’s dominance.Published 15 March 2013
  8. 8. Global 20 Leading LTE Infrastructure Companies 2013: CompetitiveLandscape AnalysisMobile telephony is inevitably migrating towards widespread access to fourth generation standards, promisinghigher quality voice and mobile ultra-broadband Internet access. Less than five years after 3G smartphonesrevolutionised the mobile market, consumers worldwide are clamouring for mobile broadband speeds that willsoon exceed the capacity of current networks. In a haste to deliver next-generation networks, mobile operatorsare seeking to expedite 4G spectrum acquisition and transform their infrastructure.Published 04 February 2013 Flexible Display Screens Market 2013-2018: Bendable Screens forSmartphones, Tablets, E-readers/E-Paper, TV’s and PC’sThe flexible display screens market is yet to establish itself as the first devices based upon flexible displaytechnologies will be launched in the latter part of 2013. Samsung are planning to capitalize on this newtechnology by being the first to market for a mobile device built with a flexible display screen. Flexible displayscreens are still a very new technology and they are expected to improve with time, however visiongain believesthat the industry will flourish over the next five years.Published 05 February 2013
  9. 9. The Wireless Infrastructure Market 2013-2018: Wi-Fi, WiMax, 3G, HSPA+and LTEThe wireless market accounted of over 45% of the total telecoms CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) in 2012.Thisfigure will further increase in the coming years as spending are directed away from the fixed infrastructuretowards the wireless technologies such as LTE (Long Term Evolution) that increases the data speed and reducesthe cost per mega bits of data for the service providers. Our research suggests that the overall mobile operatorsinfrastructure CAPEX increased 8% in 2012 led by Asia and North America, and will increase by 7.2% in 2013with all key regions contributing to the growth.Published 28 January 2013 Top 20 Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Companies 2013:Competitive Landscape AnalysisThis report provides a detailed overview of the 20 largest mobile network operators in the world measured bysubscribers. Company revenue, subscriber statistics and market share for each operator is provided alongsidemore qualitative analysis of strategy and a scorecard analysis providing the reader with a timely and holisticassessment of the fiercely competitive MNO’s in the LTE era. visiongain has determined that the top 20 globalMNOs will reap revenues in excess of $812 billion in 2013.Published 31 January 2013
  10. 10. Global Public Safety Broadband Networks Market 2013-2018: FirstResponders, Emergency Response & Homeland SecurityThe successful proliferation of commercial mobile broadband networks has spurred the public safety agenciesall around the globe to adopt the latest mobile broadband technologies in their networks to make themincreasingly efficient. In the past, equipment malfunction and network breakdown problems were often observedin the public safety broadband networks. However with recent developments in wireless broadband technologiesand infrastructure, the networks have become much more consistent and reliable and have also helped increasethe efficiency of public safety teams by a significant margin.Published 14 December 2012 LTE Base Station Market 2013-2018: The Next GenerationInfrastructure for 4G Mobile TelecommunicationsMobile telephony is hurtling towards widespread access to fourth generation standards, promising higherquality voice and mobile ultra-broadband internet access. Less than five years after 3G smartphonesrevolutionised the mobile market, consumers worldwide are clamouring for mobile broadband speeds that willsoon exceed the capacity of current networks. In a haste to deliver next-generation networks, mobile operatorsare seeking to expedite 4G spectrum acquisition and transform their infrastructure.Published 04 January 2013
  11. 11. The Mobile Network Backhaul Equipment Market 2013-2018There has been a huge growth of mobile data consumption over recent years, especially with the omnipresent4G deployment taking place and a number of operators looking to upgrade their networks to advancedtechnologies. Hence, one of the key issues for MNO’s has been to address this increasing data traffic demandwith sufficient capacity at high speeds and providing it at a low cost. Due to these factors the mobile backhaulequipment market is expanding as the latest equipment is required by operators to provide increased capacityand bandwidth speed to its customers.Published 07 November 2012 Connected Home Market 2013-2018: Smart Appliances, DLNA &3-Screen StrategyIn an increasingly saturated market place operators continually struggle to find new revenue streams.Theconnected home offers the potential for new revenue streams, as operators partnered with content providersand OEMs can capitalise on the unique opportunities offered by an emerging ecosystem of smart devices.visiongain’s report is for anyone requiring analysis of the connected home market.You will discover revenueforecasts, technological trends, predictions and expert opinion providing you with independent analysis derivedfrom our extensive primary and secondary research.Published 04 December 2012
  12. 12. Location Based Services 2012-2017: Monetising Opportunities andChallengesThe extraordinary success of apps such as Foursquare provides a huge subscriber base for location basedservices, but this popularity has not yet been translated into revenue streams, nor has it reached its full potential.In an LTE age the location based services (LBS) landscape is poised for explosion.This report reveals theopportunities that lie between 2012 and 2017 for all ecosystem members and new market entrants.Published 26 October 2012 Infrastructure in the Emerging Markets Report2012-2017: The Shifting Dynamics of ConnectivityFormerly treated as a luxury in developed nations, fixed-broadband access to the world wide web is quicklybecoming a global norm. Ubiquitous high-speed connectivity is being engendered by network operators andnational governments alike. visiongain has determined that fixed-broadband infrastructure revenue in theemerging markets will reach $23.25 billion in 2012.Published 06 November 2012
  13. 13. The Small Cells Market 2012-2017Following the widespread growth of smartphones and other portable connected devices in recent years, therehas been a huge expansion in mobile data consumption. One of the key issues for MNOs has been to addressthis increasing data traffic demand with sufficient capacity at high speeds. Due to limited spectrum availabilityand increasing rates of data consumption, the user experience is somewhat sacrificed. One of the solutionsto the rising wireless broadband capacity crunch is through deploying heterogeneous networks (Hetnets)comprising macro cells and a range of small cell solutions namely microcells, picocells, carrier Wi-Fiand femtocells.Published 08 October 2012 Huawei Report 2012-2017: Securing New Markets and GainingCompetitive Advantage in the LTE DomainThis report examines the telecoms infrastructure landscape, and Huawei’s position within that market. GlobalHuawei revenues will reach $35.9 billion in 2012. Further to this the report analyses Huawei’s competitors andestablishes Huawei’s strategy against its main rivals in the overall ICT market and within the rapid growth sectorof LTE. Investors, MNOs, and affiliates can position themselves favourably by reading this analytic assessment ofHuawei’s market position in 2012, and more crucially, where they are expected to be in 2017.Published 25 September 2012
  14. 14. The Cloud-Based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Market 2012-2017For enterprises, traditional desktop computing is nearly extinct. Most workers now carry laptop computers toand from their desks, and the 21st century trend towards a mobilised workforce means many workers no longerhave desks at all.Traditional desktop computing consumes excessive time and resources.Published 18 September 2012 Samsung Electronics Report 2012-2017: Strategy & Prospects in theLTE EraBetween 2010 and 2011 Samsung saw a period of rapid growth in the telecoms market with an impressivearray of mobile handsets, smartphones and tablets. Having gained majority market shares in several majorregions the key question now is whether or not the company can continue to grow and what strategies theywill employ to retain their market standing. Our research shows that in 2012 the company stands to achieverevenues of $48 billion from the sale of mobile handsets alone.Published 07 September 2012
  15. 15. The Low Cost Tablets Market 2012-2017Tablets were once considered to be high-end and luxury consumer devices, however that has changed over thelast two years as we have witnessed Apple’s dominance in the tablet market slowly being eroded by competitorbrands offering tablets with similar specifications and features at a significantly lower price point. visiongain hasclassified low cost tablets available in the market priced at or below $250. visiongain has determined that thevalue of the global low cost tablets market in 2012 will reach $3.44bn.Published 24 August 2012 Quad-Play Market 2012-2022: Strategies for a Converged FutureThe rise of broadband speeds has seen the emergence of enhanced multi play services. Multi play refers to theprovision of different telecommunication services, such as broadband internet access (data), television (video),telephone and mobile phone service (voice). Multi play usually refers to services such as triple play (voice, videoand data) or quad play (voice, video, data and wireless). visiongain’s analysis indicates that global quad-playrevenues will reach $2.02 billion in 2012, as convergence drives increased adoption of multi-play services.Published 21 August 2012
  16. 16. The Mobile Application Ecosystem Market 2012-2017Since 2007, the mobile app market has experienced massive growth, in synchrony with the boom insmartphone and tablet penetration. visiongain research shows that revenue derived from the global mobileapps market will total $24.1 billion in 2012.The 2011-2012 period marks a key point in the lifecycle of themobile apps environment.The ecosystem has gone beyond the early adoption stage and many marketsare maturing.Published 08 August 2012 Microsoft in Mobile Report 2012-2017: Windows Phone Strategyand Prospects in the LTE EraIn 2012,Apple’s iOS and Google Android form a duopoly in the smart devices market.With BlackBerry andSymbian OS market shares declining, gaps are forming in both the enterprise and commercial arenas. visiongainexpects Microsoft to exploit these gaps with the Windows 8 platform, leveraging its market-leading status in thePC world to extol the benefits of full integration. Secure, intuitive, and universal, Microsoft’s Metro UI holds astrong, viable value proposition for business and household consumers alike.Published 06 August 2012
  17. 17. The Mobile Operating Systems Analysis 2012-2017: Who wins: Androidvs. iOS vs. Windows?The commercial success of smartphones and tablets has opened up a new and untapped market in mobilecommunications.The natural evolution of a maturing market has led to better technology and lower costs,dramatically increasing the range of features and functionalities found on mobile devices. visiongain hasdetermined that the total mobile device (smartphones & tablets) operating system sales will reach 632.5 millionby the end of 2012.Published 18 July 2012 Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Market 2012-2017: Prospects forSkype and Other Playersvisiongain research indicates that in 2012 global revenues from VoIP will reach a figure of $65 billion.Webelieve that 2012 is a landmark year for VoIP services.With operator revenues from voice in decline; now is thetime for ecosystem members to implement their VoIP strategies.The deployment of LTE and 4G networks willrevolutionise VoIP services and have a transformative impact on the telecoms market.Published 17 July 2012
  18. 18. The Mobile Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) Market2012-2017: Smartphones, Tablets, Netbooks, E-readers, UltrabooksThe commercial success of smart devices is boosting the demand for content and mobile apps. Devicemanufacturers are looking for ways to differentiate their product by offering devices with new and innovativefunctionalities such as inertial sensors, digital compasses, and improved video and audio components.Theappeal of incorporating MEMS within mobile devices is largely due to the fact that they enable a moreinteractive user experience due to their technical capabilities.Published 11 July 2012 Mobile User Interface Market 2012-2017: UI in the iPhone, Android,and Windows EraThe mobile device market is driven by factors more mercurial than other segments of the telecommunicationsindustry.There is increasing pressure on equipment manufacturers to have their finger on the proverbial pulse,to find a middle ground between functionality and popular modern gadgetry. In 2012 the mobile touchscreen UImarket will represent a $12.6bn hardware industry as well as registering 632.6 million device shipments.Published 21 June 2012
  19. 19. The Mobile VoIP Market 2012-2017visiongain calculates that in 2012 the mobile VoIP market will see revenues of $2.5 billion, driven bysmartphone uptake and increasingly cash conscious and tech savvy consumers.Across the world, operatorsare beginning to embrace the technology as consumer demand for cost effective communication services rises.There has been a steady increase in the number of successful partnership between VoIP vendors and mobileoperators to deploy mobile VoIP services.This report quantifies mobile VoIP market, analyses the market driversand the key market players and their strategies.Published 18 June 2012 4G LTE Mobile Handset Market 2012-2017The mass deployment of 3G networks has accelerated the adoption of smart devices, conditioning users toaccess wireless data services on a daily basis.The growing strain on current 3G networks has driven operatorsto start deploying 4G networks in order to cope with future demand.As a result, LTE has emerged as the primecandidate for 4G networks, prompting mass commitment and adoption on a global level.Published 01 June 2012
  20. 20. The Mobile Roaming Market 2012-2017: Operator Strategies,Opportunities & Challenges in the 3G and LTE EraWith LTE services rolling out around the globe in 2012, operators and affiliates must prepare themselves forthe transformative effect this will have on the telecoms industry, particularly the roaming sector.The enterpriseroaming segment has long provided a reliable price inelastic revenue stream but this stream can be widened toinclude all subscribers and increase revenues in a saturated market. International regulatory bodies have takenaction in regards to operator tariffs for roaming services; the result has meant that operators need to alter theirstrategies in order to maintain these revenue streams.Published 11 May 2012 Technologies Markets 2012-2017: BRIC & Emerging Markets GrowthAlthough 3G has become a mature technology in many developed economies, it is currently driving the mobilebroadband uptake in many emerging markets. High technology maturity and decreasing costs for both operatorsand consumers are boosting emerging 3G markets. Led by the BRIC nations, and in particular China, 3Gtechnology is being widely supported by government in a bid to bridge the mobile divide between emerging anddeveloped countries.As a consequence, visiongain has determined that 3G service revenues in emerging marketswill reach $74.5 billion in 2012.Published 09 May 2012
  21. 21. Mobile Billing Evolution 2012-2017Operators are faced with the growing complexity and cost of networks, as well as the ongoing challenge ofmeeting 21st century customer demands.A recent shift in focus towards customer experience has also broughtabout new paradigms in the telecoms industry. Constantly looking for ways to simplify internal processes andmonetise their services more efficiently, next-generation mobile billing systems appear to address a number oftoday’s concerns. visiongain expects the global mobile billing systems market to reach revenues of $6.13 billionin 2012.Published 01 May 2012 Mobile Broadband Market 2012-2017Mobile broadband is increasingly becoming a necessity for subscribers on a global scale.With ever increasingsmartphone penetration rates and a host of new devices such as tablets, netbooks, MIDs and increasinglypowerful smartphones the need for mobile broadband is at an all time high and is set to continue in demandand popularity.The mobile broadband market is flourishing with increased attention and recognition by anever growing number of businesses, governments, emergency services (Public Safety), and consumers.With theintroduction of newer technologies such as WiMAX and LTE combined as 4G the mobile broadband industry ison the brink of significant growth.Published 24 April 2012
  22. 22. M2M: Opportunities and Challenges with Connected Devices 2012-2017Machine to machine technology (M2M) is set to transform the telecoms industry.This will allow operators toexpand their portfolio of offerings and create new value added services and revenue streams in an increasinglysaturated market place. M2M has potential applications in virtually every industry, with successful current usesdocumented in the report, in the automotive, e-health and energy sectors.This report proposes business modelsfor successful adoption of M2M by operators, app developers and other ecosystem members. visiongain analysishas concluded M2M revenues will be worth $38.1bn in 2012.Published 18 April 2012 Ecosystem Report 2012-2017The mass deployment of 3G networks has accelerated the adoption of smart devices, conditioning users toaccess wireless data services on a daily basis.The growing strain on current 3G networks due to increasedmobile traffic has driven operators to start deploying 4G networks in order to cope with future demand.As aresult, LTE has emerged as the prime candidate for 4G networks, prompting mass commitment and adoption ona global level. visiongain has calculated that $10.84bn will be spent on LTE infrastructure in 2012.Published 30 March 2012
  23. 23. Next-Generation OSS & BSS 2012-2017: A Consolidated andHolistic FutureIn a telecommunications age marked by fierce competition and high consumer intolerance for error, deliveringquality of service and strong, positive customer experience have become tantamount to operator success. OSSare the backbone of the network and the thread that ties front and back office processes together.These next-generation systems, along with business support systems (BSS), customer relationship management (CRM), andservice delivery platform (SDP), ensure that operators are remaining within their service level agreement (SLA)while simultaneously managing the company’s network, workforce and inventory.Published 06 March 2012 NFC: Challenges and Opportunities 2012-2017visiongain believes that in 2012 NFC is poised for rapid growth.The convergence of several factors has createda fertile marketplace ready to accept NFC innovations in every sector.Android currently holds the majority sharefor Smartphone operating system. In conjunction with this, Google have launched their own branded m-walletservice. New entrants to the market include android device makers such as Samsung, also a major player in theSmartphone space.Together these factors and other developments signal that NFC is set to see sharp uptake inusage. visiongain analysis has calculated that global NFC application revenue will reach $10.6bn in 2012.Published 05 March 2012
  24. 24. Carrier Ethernet Report 2012-2017Carrier ethernet is currently in the growth stage of its lifecycle and is one of the few sectors of the telecomsindustry that saw positive growth during the recession.With Next Generation Networks converging with risingsmartphone and tablet adoption rates, the strain on service providers for backhaul and content rich applicationscontinues apace. It is clear the ethernet services, products, solutions and equipment are set to see continuedgrowth between 2012 and 2017. visiongain calculates that the global carrier ethernet equipment market willreach $34.2bn in 2012.Published 31 January 2012 Generation FTTX: Fibre Optics Innovations 2012-2017The future of telecommunications is steadfastly driving towards IP convergence. Next generation networksrequire a reliable and future-proof base for the increasing demands of both fixed and wireless connectivity. Fibreoptics communication is currently the fastest and most resilient technology available and already forms the corenetwork of international submarine cables connecting the different regions of the world. In order to anticipatethe ever-growing demand for data and the resulting traffic loads, telecom operators and governments alikeare rolling-out new terrestrial fibre networks and upgrading existing copper-based ones with fibre technology.visiongain expects the number of global FTTX subscribers to reach 148 million in 2012.Published 26 January 2012
  25. 25. Mobile Cloud Computing Industry Outlook Report: 2011-2016Until recently, cloud computing has been thought of within the context of the evolution of the Web and PC.In 2011, we are seeing a paradigm shift in business models, with mobile becoming a key feature in cloudcomputing conundrum. Mobile cloud has the potential to change the life of consumers and enterprises beyondwhat can be conceived today.We believe that the size of the mobile cloud market is poised to reach over $45billion by 2016.Published 16 December 2011 Cost Handsets, Feature Phones and Entry Level Smartphone Report2011-2016visiongain believes that not only is the feature phone still relevant but in the next five years it will become evenmore essential as an essential device in handset manufacturers portfolios. Over 70% of handsets shipped in2011 were feature phones and as emerging economies come to fruition we believe the popularity of thesedevices will remain stable.We discuss the two main segments of feature phones that will come to prominence inunder developed markets, the low cost and ultra low cost handsets.Published 15 December 2011
  26. 26. Mobile Messaging Market Report 2011-2016Mobile messaging is evolving due to the increasing use of mobile broadband by users to communicate witheach other.The SMS and MMS platforms are facing intense competition from instant communication and emailon many smart devices.The accessibility of 3G networks and the technical capabilities of smart devices areenabling ever-faster access to data. visiongain expects global mobile IM users to grow from 311.2 million usersin 2010, to over 1.6 billion by 2016.Published 13 December 2011 Play Report 2011-2016: Strategies for a Converged FutureWith price wars ongoing, revenues dwindling, and an industry leaning towards fixed-mobile convergencein many markets, what can operators do to stay ahead of the curve? Multi play packages are emerging asa dominant strategy in markets across the globe, as their promises of convergence, personalisation, ease ofuse, financial savings, and unified billing prove increasingly attractive to customers in a competitive market.Quadruple play - the bundling of broadband, television, fixed-line and mobile telephony, enlisted from a singleservice provider - is the commercial zenith that telcos and cablecos are building towards.Published 06 December 2011
  27. 27. Small Cells Report 2011-2016: Analysing the Business Case ofHeterogeneous NetworksMajor vendors such as Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson, NEC and Huawei are building a strong case for small cellarchitectures to be deployed for both 3G and 4G, offering significant commercial and performance benefits.visiongain expects small cells to become fully proven and complete solutions by 2013 with surveys suggestingover 35% of operators considering deploying pico and micro cells in 3G/ 4G networks from 2012.This reportquantifies the small cells market (femto cells, pico cells, micro cells) and Wi-Fi, analyses the market drivers, thekey market players and their strategies.Published 11 November 2011 Homes Report 2011-2016: A Paradigm Shift in the Waywe LiveIn an increasingly saturated market place operators continually struggle to find new revenue streams.TheConnected Home offers the best potential for increased revenues, as operators partnered with content providersand OEMs can capitalise on the unique monestiable opportunities offered by an ecosystem of smart devices.Published 10 November 2011
  28. 28. Consumer MVNOs Report 2011-2016: Designing Successful Strategiesfor Monetising Smartphone & LTE GrowthThe misguided conception that MVNOs have passed their heyday is unfortunately linked to the high failure ratesof many ill-prepared ventures.The MVNO business model has been popular in the last two decades in maturetelecom markets, especially in Europe.This popularity has been marred by injudicious strategies and a failureto understand the key elements of sustaining an MVNO.The market potential for establishing a viable MVNOexists; the issue is how to effectively harness it.Published 09 November 2011 Augmented Reality Report: Creating New Market Paradigm forSmartphones & Tablets 2011-2016At what point will mobile phones not only affect the way consumers communicate, but also the way they lookupon the world? Mobile augmented reality (MAR) - the overlay of virtual information and images on a live, realworld view - promises to do exactly that. visiongain research concludes that MAR will expand exponentially inthe five year forecast period (2011-2016) following the widespread popularity of one or a handful of killer MARapplications, expected in late 2012 or early 2013.Published 01 November 2011
  29. 29. Mobile Device Management Report 2011-2016MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution can reduce calls to customer service by 15- 20% and lower OpExin customer care and marketing leading to higher profit margins.Are you taking advantage of the latest MDMsolutions available on the market? Do you want to capitalise on the strengths of some the best-integrated MDMsolution out there? Our report will guide you in formulating emergent strategies for device management in yourorganisation.Published 10 October 2011 Video & TV on Smartphones: Market Drivers and ChallengesReport 2011-201629% of smartphones users access mobile video services. visiongain expects that by 2016 at least 40% ofsmartphone customers will use mobile video. In addition, upcoming LTE technology will allow for significantlyhigher capacity at a lower cost per bit, leading to improved commercial viability of video services.This reportquantifies mobile TV and video market, analyses the market drivers and the key market players andtheir strategies.Published 12 October 2011
  30. 30. Mobile VoIP Report 2011-2016: Opportunities and Challengesvisiongain predicts that by 2016, mobile VoIP applications will generate annual revenues of $36 billion, drivenby more than 180 million users worldwide.Across the world, operators are beginning to embrace the technologyas consumer demand for cost effective communication services rises.There has been a steady increase in thenumber of successful partnership between VoIP vendors and mobile operators to deploy mobile VoIP services.This report quantifies mobile VoIP market, analyses the market drivers and the key market players and theirstrategies.Published 09 September 2011 Advertising 2011-2016: Industry Outlook ReportAre mobiles becoming an essential platform for advertisers? Our new report offers research into the new trendsin advertising and their increasing focus on mobiles.The industry is currently exploring different options: fromSMS marketing to branded apps, through to mobile video and augmented reality.This expanding market ispresenting a number of lucrative opportunities which are not yet being exploited to their full potential.Published 19 September 2011
  31. 31. Mobile Device Security 2011-2016: Opportunities and Challenges2011 is witnessing an explosion of new threats targeting mobile devices. Data and ID theft, SMS fraud, rogueapps and covert espionage are infecting smartphones at an unprecedented rate. Malware such as Trojans, worms,spyware and spam are spreading across mobile platforms, already highly capable of stealing data, corruptingfunctions and usurping control.Published 15 August 2011 Report: Gaming, Digital Music Distribution andEntertainment Opportunities 2011-2016Is the Smartphone capable of swallowing the market for both handheld consoles and personal music players?Our research show that with declining iPod sales and an explosion in downloads of Smartphone game apps; theanswer is yes.This report details the opportunities arising from this unique situation and also traces the futurerevenue generating potential of the Smartphone, as a one stop entertainment device.Published 06 September 2011
  32. 32. Mobile Payment: Operator Strategies, Opportunities and ChallengesReport 2011Mobile Payment market is entering into a rapid growth stage.Across the world, customers are embracing thetechnology as operators move from trials and testing phase towards commercial deployments.There has beena steady increase in the number of transactions for payment of digital and physical goods via mobiles. Ourresearch suggests that global m-payment volumes are expected to reach $556 billion by 2016.This reportquantifies mobile payments market, analyses the operator business models, key market players andtheir strategies.Published 10 August 2011 Social Networking 2011-2016The frequency of mobile social networking grew 10% between the three-month period ended January 2011and the three-month period ended April 2011. 28% of US mobile subscribers accessed a social networkingsite via mobile phone in April 2011, compared to 25% in January 2011. Such is the scale of the Mobile SocialNetworking success story that by 2016, visiongain forecasts that one in every 12 people on Earth will regularlyuse social networking services using a mobile device.Published 11 August 2011
  33. 33. Cloud 2011: Moving into the Realm of an Essential IT StrategyCloud computing has been the subject of intense debate in the past three years, with arguments vying for thetechnology and hailing it as the next phase in enterprise IT management while challengers state it is only anew name for existing computing models. More recently however, a number of catalysts such as the increasingsmartphone adoption and the current economic climate have pushed cloud computing to the forefront ofbusiness and consumer interest.Published 11 July 2011 Services in LTE Era Report 2011-2016Managed Services is having a transformative affect on the wireless value chain in general and operators inparticular.The managed services market was around $55 billion in 2010, we believe the market is poised toreach $86 billion by 2016.Global trends that are driving managed services include the explosive growth ofdata services and advent of LTE networks. Our research suggests that increasing number of operators want tocapitalise on the plethora of tangible and intangible benefits offered by managed services.This report details allthe latest developments in this sector along with the strategies that will help the operators to maximisetheir gains.Published 26 July 2011
  34. 34. Google in Mobile 2011: Building a Sustainable Competitive AdvantageGoogle has been dominating desktop internet search and advertising for almost a decade now. It has deployedan aggressive strategy which is swiftly occupying the mobile space. Google is dominating the global mobilesearch market with a market share of 97% for mobile searches worldwide. Optimising its core expertise, Googlehas managed to anticipate the mobile demand and is constantly optimising its services to anticipate futuretrends. visiongain estimates Google’s mobile search advertising revenues to reach $2.85 billion by 2016.Published 02 June 2011 Mobile Roaming 2011: Operator Strategies, Opportunities andChallenges in the 3G and LTE EraLTE is set to transform Roaming- but what impact will it have? With LTE services rolling out around the globein 2011, operators and affiliates must prepare themselves for the transformative effect this will have on thetelecoms industry, particularly the roaming sector.The enterprise roaming segment has long provided a reliableprice inelastic revenue stream but this stream can be widened to include all subscribers and increase revenues ina saturated market. International regulatory bodies are taking action in regards to roaming costs and we believethis is the right time to capitalise with smart and effective pricing strategies.Published 30 June 2011
  35. 35. Smartphones in Enterprises Report 2011-2016Are smartphones becoming an essential tool in business, or are the consumer devices not yet correctly positionedto provide all the functionality that enterprise mobility requires? This report covers the global enterprisesmartphone market with opportunities across all major geographical markets and vertical sectors.With analysisof the major players in the enterprise smartphone ecosystem, Smartphones in Enterprises Report 2011-2016 is adefinitive guide to this complex marketplace.Published 24 May 2011 Report 2011-2016: Analysing Operator Savingsand InvestmentsFemtocells have entered into the growth stage of their lifecycle in 2011.With a range of benefits for enterpriseand residential subscribers, Femtocells technology is poised to increase data ARPU for operators across theglobe. Using Femtocells, operators can also embark on the value discipline of customer intimacy therebyreducing the churn rates.Published 24 May 2011
  36. 36. Soon to be published topicsGlobal Mobile Broadband Market 2013-2018World Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) 2013-2018Converging Data Architectures: ‘Big Data’ Market Opportunities 2013-2018Mobile User Interface 2011-2016: Designing Compelling UI in iPhoneand Android EraUser experience is driving growth in the smartphone and tablet market. For this reason, UI design has becomethe crucial factor in product differentiation between market players.This means that innovation and originalconcepts in UI are conferring important competitive advantages to those players that are investing in UIdevelopment.Published 03 May 2011
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