Driving Growth and Cutting Costs in 2010 with Online Collaboration


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Companies are capitalizing on Web meetings to cut travel, gain market share and grab momentum.

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Driving Growth and Cutting Costs in 2010 with Online Collaboration

  1. 1. Driving Growth & Cutting Costs in 2010 with Online Collaboration
  2. 2. Finding Value & Cutting Costs with Online Collaboration in 2010 >> How Web Conf erencing Drives Business Success >> an IDC Perspect ive IDC Presentation for Citrix Systems Robert Mahowald Director, Worldwide Enterprise January 2010 Collaboration & Social Solutions Research Copyright 2009 IDC. Reproduction is forbidden unless authorized. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Agenda How Web Conferencing Drives Business Success What Mat t ers? Collaboration Matters Experience Matters Simplicity Matters Show + Tell The Right Meet ing Mix Why Host ed? What Mat t ers? Raising Profit abilit y and Enhancing Collaborat ion Source: IDC, 2010
  4. 4. How Conf erencing Can Change your Organizat ion How have organizat ions worked in t eams t o achieve business goals? In person meetings Teleconferences Groupware, email and IM applicat ions Depart ment al applicat ions of web conferencing, online t raining Key is ent erprise soft ware t hat profoundly changes and improves t he way workers collaborat e t o achieve business goals … wit h significant ROI for t he organizat ion Source: IDC, 2010
  5. 5. The Experience Mat t ers Product Experience - Defined by the maker/vendor • - Defined by customer/vendor - Value typically based on cost to interaction vendor of bringing the product to • - Value based on ease, intuitiveness, market and quality of the experience See Gilmore/Pine “The Experience Economy” HBR 2003 © 2010 IDC
  6. 6. Enabling Value (t he Experience) Old View “ We package t he product and def ine it s value” “ Buy t his product and we’ ll give you a good deal” New View “ Customer-centric experiences and customer-vendor int eract ion def ine t he price/ experience relat ionship” © 2010 IDC
  7. 7. Business Value Cut t ing Cost s wit h Conf erencing “By approximately what percent has your use of Web conferencing products allowed employees to cut back on attending the following types of meetings and events in person?” In-person participation at AREA and DISTANT meetings and events (5 – 200+ miles away) 100% fewer meetings 100% fewer meetings in person 5% in person 2% No change No change 75% fewer meetings 13% in person 16% 75% fewer meetings 10% 10% fewer meetings in person in person 21% 11% Distant (200+ miles) Area (5-200 miles) 10% fewer meetings 50% fewer meetings in person 50% fewer meetings in person 16% in person 25% fewer meetings 27% 28% in person 18% 25% fewer meetings in person 29% Source: 2009 Enterprise Collaboration Survey, 8/09 n=504 © 2010 IDC
  8. 8. Business Value Cut t ing Cost s wit h Conf erencing “By approximately what percent has your use of Web conferencing products allowed employees to cut back on attending the following types of meetings and events in person?” In-person participation at LOCAL and ON-SITE meetings and events (< 5 miles away) 100% fewer meetings in person 100% fewer meetings 75% fewer meetings 4% in person in person 75% fewer meetings 4% 6% in person 5% 50% fewer meetings No change 50% fewer meetings in person 43% in person No change 16% 43% Local (< 5 miles) 11% On-Site/Same 25% fewer meetings Building) in person 8% 25% fewer meetings No change in person 51% 13% 10% fewer meetings 10% fewer meetings in person in person 17% 17% Source: 2009 Enterprise Collaboration Survey, 8/09 n=504 © 2010 IDC
  9. 9. The Business Case f or Conf erencing Easy to quantify these savings and returns on the investment Lower travel costs Quicker access t o siloed dat a Fewer opport unit y cost s (not spent t raveling) Better-informed decisions Intangibles – but hugely valuable Product ivit y (#1 driver) Decreased time to market More knowledgeable workers/ bet t er collaborat ion Less commonly-cited drivers Generating revenue Rich content asset re-use Source: IDC, 2010
  10. 10. Show and Tell Web + Audio = Show&Tell Aha moments Getting Everybody on the same page Everybody has an agenda – conferencing lets you set it Do – Know -- Be! © 2010 IDC
  11. 11. Conf erencing Touches Every Part of Your Business external Customer and Employee Training • Better reach to remote employees internal • Consistent updates for customers external Sales Support • Shorter Sales Cycles internal • Higher Close Rates external Marketing Automation • More Leads at Lower Cost internal • Faster Product Launches external Product Lifecycle Management • Faster Time -to- Market • Competitive advantage internal Customer Support/Service external • Faster, Lower Cost Service • Higher Retention internal • More Follow -on- Sales Internal/external usage based on IDC’s 2009 Enterprise Collaboration Survey, 8/09 Source: IDC, 2010
  12. 12. How Can Web Conf erencing Help You Acquire and Ret ain Cust omers? Stage Prospect Qualified Customer Loyal Lead Customer • Win customer Train and certify Discover Locate experts; by efficiently customer; Activity prospect; qualify lead; engaging Support identify selling assemble multiple sales customer; Sell resources collateral and resources from deeper into other sales reps distributed customer; Renew locations lifecycle Training and Support Cycle Interested in talking Engaged in Purchase Product with a sales rep discussions © 2010 IDC
  13. 13. Key f or Adopt ion and Value: Simplicit y and Int egrat ion at Each St ep Bef ore During Af t er Organize Communicate Capture + Re-Use Assemble Content Recordings Composition, Aggregation Recording, Storage, Search, Standards for 3rd Party Libraries, Human Retrieval, Playback Integration w/ Content Management Interaction Coordinate People Administration Presence, Awareness, Locat ion System Management, Invitation, Notification, Rich-Media Control and Reporting Integration w/ e-Mail, IM, Groupware Collaboration and Interactivity Manage Sessions Integration Calendar, Schedule, Event Mgmt., Int egrat ion w/ Out look and Lot us Not es LMS, CRM, 3rd Party Apps Microsoft, IBM/Lotus, Oracle Simple to launch, easy to navigate © 2010 IDC
  14. 14. Web Conf erencing- Delivered as a Service • Quick Implementation: “Without the service provider, there would have been a lag time of more than a year when the IT department would have continued to lose money (on our existing contract)” • Decreased Downtime: “Scheduled downtime was at 26 hours per month before we out sourced t his service. Aft er, it dropped t o about 45 minut es per mont h” • Predictable Costs - “Our (hosted conferencing service) minimized the initial outlays and gets us to a predictable monthly expense.” • Lean/More Focused IT Staff - “The hassle of managing ongoing maintenance and performance issues is now t he responsibilit y of t he service provider. Now My (IT) st aff focus on t he ot her dat a cent er proj ect s which different iat e us.” • Risk Transfer - “The company transferred implementation and ongoing maintenance, upgrade, and performance risks to the service provider. This is the right way to do it.” • Cost avoidance - “ The company would have incurred considerable cost t o build and operate its own service.” Source: Ver batims from IDC’s AppSourcing survey (July 2009) and IDC’s 2009 Enterprise Collaboration Survey, August 2009 n=504 Source: IDC, 2010
  15. 15. Key Takeaways We all have the same business challenges: creating, building, selling, and supporting – but we have choices in how we approach these challenges We have moved to an “experience economy” where customers and prospects – and your own employees – expect and require good more than a product: Web conferencing can help deliver good experiences Like good experiences, good collaboration and simplicity “matter” – not only to users and customers, but adding maximum value to your businesses Show+Tell is truly different than “Set and Forget” The combination builds and reinforces the good experience to your partners, customers, and prospects Hosted conferencing services provide the quickest time to value, and the best ongoing experience Conferencing has gone mainstream, and for the full spectrum of meeting types, it is helping companies save money and add business value Source: IDC, 2010
  16. 16. Quest ions? Robert Mahowald 5 Speen Street Director, Worldwide Framingham, MA 01701 Enterprise Collaboration 1-508-988-6701 Research Program rmahowald@idc.com IDC Twitter: SaaSpro www.idc.com Source: IDC, 2010
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