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Project NestWatch, ASTC Workshop 2012


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Thanks to Jason Martin of Project NestWatch for sharing this powerpoint, presented at the July 2012 Workshop on Integrating Citizen Science into Science Center Programming.

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Project NestWatch, ASTC Workshop 2012

  1. 1. NestWatch NestWatch:Monitoring nesting birds with the power of citizen science Jason Martin Project Leader - NestWatch
  2. 2. NestWatch Presentation Overview• What is NestWatch?• Recruitment, training, & retention• How are we trying to improve?
  3. 3. NestWatch What is NestWatch?• Monitors status and trends in the biology of breeding birds across U.S. since mid-1960’s• Location, species, timing of nesting, # eggs and young produced, reproductive success• Online open-source database• Public education
  4. 4. NestWatch What is NestWatch?Since 2000:• >100,000 nests monitored• 149 species• 5,100 participants
  5. 5. NestWatch Why nesting birds?• Impacted by environmental disturbances• Abundant and widespread• Inhabit a variety of habitat types• Engaged in many ecological processes• Easily observed by amateurs (“hobby factor”)
  6. 6. NestWatchNestWatch Data in Action!Dunn, P. O. and D. W. Winkler. 1999. Proc. Royal Soc. Lond. B 266:2487-2490.
  7. 7. NestWatch Participant Recruitment• Press releases and media interviews• Cross promotion though other CLO programs and partners• Online social media• Word of mouth• Low hanging fruit
  8. 8. NestWatch Participant Training• Heavily internet based – (protocol, code of conduct, certification quiz, data entry/exploration, educational material)• Some phone and email contact
  9. 9. NestWatch Participant Retention• Mainly passive, although some email/Facebook reminders• Provide beneficial services – Data storage and access – Educational resources• Making people feel good about what they’re doing – Contributing to science – Connecting with nature
  10. 10. NestWatch Participant Retention: How are we doing? 2006-2011 Years Participants • 75% participated for 1 yearParticipating 1 2732 • 33% participated for 2 years 2 483 • 13% participated for 3 years 3 192 4 82 • 5-6% = retention sweet spot 5 62 6 83
  11. 11. NestWatchNestWatch Chapters: A more effective way? • 25 local chapters to help recruit, train, and retain participants • Chapter coordinators trained by NW staff • Win-win partnership – Chapter organizations take advantage of existing program and feed into national data collection scheme – More intimate relationship with volunteers = personal accountability, improved data quality, greater depth of experience, & increased retention
  12. 12. NestWatch