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ConsTrust (Romania)


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ConsTrust Team - Final presentation - CITIZEN ACT 2011

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ConsTrust (Romania)

  1. 1. ROMANIA Gabriel BrezoiuAlexandru Bugheanu Andrea Bonyhai Free financial advisory for NGOs and micros
  2. 2. Agenda1. Romanian market CONTEXT2. Our proposal: ConsTRUST platform3. Project development 3.1. Resources; 3.2. Implementation; 3.3. Communication; 3.4. Budget / Results;4. Benefits5. Questions and answers
  3. 3. From these ISSUES ... Bank NGOs & micros• Identifying customers • Having a lack of financial needs; management knowledge;• Offering need focused • Getting resources; products; • Communicating with other• Having targeted NGOs & micros; communication tools;
  4. 4. … our socialresponsibility• Excessive authorities involvement;• Low capacity to get EU funds;• Poor communication between banks and communities;
  5. 5. ... everybody’s Opportunity: ConsTRUST platform• Free financial advisory for NGOs and micros;• Dealing with both internal financial management and external relations;• Working at two levels: online and face-to-face advisory;
  6. 6. Resources• Internal: - 137 existing BRD financial consultants specialists; - support persons (IT, HR, COM);• External: web developer, PR agency, Financial publisher, Student NGOs;• Principle: cost effective;
  7. 7. Implementation process• Initial agreement of: BRD SG’s Departments: Comercial, Strategy&Marketing, Communication and HRMain steps (6 months before use): • Internal recruitment; • Promotion; • Platform activity
  8. 8. Communication plan • Focus: BTL techniques; • Internal & external tools; • Main tool: online communication;
  9. 9. Budget / Results• Initial investment: less than 10.000 EUR;• Return on investment: 54%;• Break even point: two years;
  10. 10. BenefitsBank NGOs & micros• ↑ the no. of customers • Getting prompt feedback (NGOs & micros); on financial problems;• 3 CSR approaches: • Getting financial - employees; resources; - risk management; • Having new partnerships; - community support;• Raising brand awareness;
  11. 11. One more thing … Let’s make the next step together!
  12. 12. If you shared our views, we would be glad to answer your questions
  13. 13. Thank you!