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Colorful Future (Russia)


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Colorful Future Team - Final presentation - CITIZEN ACT 2011

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Colorful Future (Russia)

  1. 1. RUSSIA Irkutsk
  2. 2. Microfinance Education Monitoring Volunteering Microfinance Centers Processes: Provide potential rural businessmen with Evaluate clients and business ideas microloans for business idea Assist in business plan writing development Prepare individual terms of loan distribution Research in 3 villages Elantsy Population: 4148 UR: 11% Criteria: AS: 210 UR - Unemployment rate AS - Avg. salary (€) Method: Interviews Tyret KultukPopulation: Population: 42765000 UR: 15%UR: 12,2% AS:157AS: 142 Microfinance Irkutsk Region Lake Baikal
  3. 3. Microfinance Centre Education Monitoring CSR1. Enhance Financial Literacy 2. Evaluate Entrepreneurial potential Organize seminars and trainings on Prepare tests on leadership, motivation,financial literacy decision making, riskiness Provide an individual consultations Form an evaluation criteria3. Define Individual Terms of microloans Terms Develop Individual EntrepreneurialEvaluation Report Amount of microloans Assist in Business Plan writing Cost of borrowing Education Microfinance
  4. 4. Microfinance Education Monitoring VolunteeringTerms: Processes:Progress Report Control Points:1st year – every month Individual Monitoring Program2nd year – every 2 months Define the format of the Progress Report3rd year - every 4 months Determine tools of control4th year – every 6 months Provide Individual feedback5th year – once in a year Individual Monitoring Program Control: Consult: Report Analysi Feedback Collection s Problems/opp Monitoring Checking out Plan of ortunities business improvements development identification Education Microfinance
  5. 5. Microfinance Education Monitoring Volunteering Strategy of Irkutsk Region – Sustainable Development Economic Environmental Socio-cultural Volunteer for Sustainable Development ProgramInvolve rural entrepreneurs in regional development projects Volunteering Terms: Processes: Monitoring Obligatory participation Seek partners in one project Develop projects Education Opportunity to earn Build database of rural Bonuses volunteers involvement Microfinance
  6. 6. Multifunctional Centre Volunteering Monitoring Monitoring Education Education Microfinance Microfinance Innovation in the New CSR tool Banking SectorImplementation
  7. 7. Pilot Project in Irkutsk Region Monitoring Preparation Stage Education MF VSD Citizen ACT Seminar & Training Education Education Material Microfinance MF Methodology Monitoring Monitoring SD Projects Ideas development Project I Planning Project II Promotion Online/Offline Expand Negotiations:Communication Government, NGOs, Universities, Coachers Months 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 Deadline
  8. 8. Human Resources1. Chief manager of centre2. Manager of regional centre3. Finance manager Long-term Banker’s employees4. Accountant5. Risk manager6. Project manager Students from Short-term Finance school7. Coacher8. Volunteer R – responsible W- write C - contribute
  9. 9. Financial Resources Assumed repayment rates: Optimistic = 97% Realistic = 95% Pessimistic = 91%Colorful Future
  10. 10. Communication planLocal AdministrationBank’s employees Email, Letters to stakeholders, meeting Students, Volunteers, Social network, Blog, TV/Radio Interns NGOs Advertising TV/Radio, Social network Advertising TV/Radio Clients Regional announcements
  11. 11. Partnerships Government University•Providing SD for the region•Involving volunteers amongrepresentatives of business environment •A grass-root experience of project management•Project ideas for development Irkutsk region •Interns (Coachers)•Investments •Students – volunteers for VSD, for coaching•Additional financial support NGO Bank •Interested in HR •Improving CSR policy •Resources for project implementation •Becoming a part of the regional development process •Building a positive image •Assistance volunteers projects •Collaboration projects •Employees •Resources •Investments
  12. 12. Colorful Future – small part of a big change
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention!