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Citizen Act - Next steps


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Details about wikiblogs closing and guidelines to follow to upload your final report online

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Citizen Act - Next steps

  1. 1. CITIZEN ACTWikiblogs closing & Final reports submission
  2. 2. Process 1 Wikiblogs administration tool will be closed on March 6 at 23:59. Your wikiblog will still be available online but you won’t be able to edit them. Instead of your wikiblog admin, you will then have access to a 2 form, allowing you to upload your final report You will be able to submit your final report using this form 3 until March 8 at 9:00 AM (= 9:00 in the morning)
  3. 3. Details about the final report > Your final report will not exceed 15 pages (or slides) > You are free to present it the way you want (PowerPoint, Word,…) as long as you convert it to the PDF format in the end. Your PDF file will not exceed 15 Mb (= 15 Mo) > Remeber to read the scoring details at to build your report. You should also have a look at the reports made by previous winning teams at
  4. 4. Details about the jury > The jury will select the 10 best project among the 45 remaining projects. Jury members will be CSR experts from Societe Generale Group > Each project will be evaluated by two different members of the jury > The results will be released on the official website on March 14 > The final contest will take place in Paris on April 20 & 21
  5. 5. Good luck !