El Futuro MX "Se escribe digital" | Jorge Zavala


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El Futuro MX "Se escribe digital" | Jorge Zavala

  1. 1. Exporting the SiliconValley Way of Thinkingto Companies Around the Globe
  2. 2. Part I Exporting Silicon Valleyhttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152144039810607&set=pb.754125606.-2207520000.1348490018&type=1
  3. 3. 1. How Silicon Valley Thinks: The Quest to be KING• My Connection to Silicon Valle • Knowledge• A Brief History of Silicon • Innovation Valley• Innovation Tourism • National• Thinking Like a KING• What Can You Do • Global Abroad?
  4. 4. 2. How to Think Like Silicon Valley• Without Losing Your Local Mindset• The Characteristics of Silicon Valley – Thinking big – Think collaboratively – Wealth sharing will be as important as wealth creation. – Failure is a vital learning experience. – Competition is a valuable resource. – Thinking globally – Your company is always for sale – Work hard – Technology out to those that will use it
  5. 5. How Silicon Valley Characteristics Can Translate to Any Company• Vision.• Value Chain.• Position.
  6. 6. Part IICreating the Silicon Valley Type Company
  7. 7. 3. Finding Innovation Spaces: Begin With Good Networking• Industry: Big Business and Tiny Startups in the Silicon Valley• Academia: University as Innovator• Government: Behind the Scenes• Silicon Valley Networking – Be a Skilled Networker – Before the event – At the event – After the event• Finding Your Innovational Space
  8. 8. Local Activities Linking two ecosystems Awareness Silicon Valley Innovation Bootcamp Spaces Build or Die Landing in a Local Environment new Place Communication Networks and Public Relations Pre- Knowledge Operation stage Based Acquiring Acceleration Innovative New Global Scaling Customers Enterprise Operation in the Global Market Transformation
  9. 9. 4. Fostering Local Incubation: From Idea to Business Model
  10. 10. Tools to convert ideas into a Road Map
  11. 11. 5. Landing in a New Place: Finding the Right Ecosystem• Act Locally: What Can You Learn Right Here?• Think Globally: Where Should I Go? – 1. Legal—Know the Rules – 2. Networking—Ask the Locals – 3. Sales—Cultural Norms Matter – 4. Finances—Follow the Money – 5. Support—Cover All the Bases• Map Out Your Journey
  12. 12. 6. Pre-Operation Stage: Getting Ready to Do Business• Putting Together the Right Team• Take the Time to Evaluate
  13. 13. 7. Acquiring New Customers: Getting Traction in the Market• 1. Advertising• 2. Trade Shows• 3. Telemarketing• 4. Website• 5. Blogs• 6. Social Networks• 7. Networking Events• 8. Speaking At Events• 9. Extreme Marketing: The Lean Startup Approach
  14. 14. 8. Acceleration and Scaling: Awareness, Sales and Growth
  15. 15. Part IIIWhat Makes Silicon Valley Work
  16. 16. 9. Role Models Are Not Enough: The Value of Meta Mentors• Finding the Right Person• Making Contact• What’s In It For Them?• Reciprocal Benefits• Meta Mentors—Teaching the Teachers
  17. 17. 10. Last Chapter, First Step: Believing You Can Do It
  18. 18. New Business Opportunities
  19. 19. jorge@zavala.com.mx @jzavala