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Nico Gabriel - DriveNow


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Nico Gabriel - DriveNow

  1. 1. SHARING THE ROAD Tel Aviv, 14h of October Car Sharing by
  2. 2. URBAN MOBILITY IS CHANGING. 1 Urbanization & Globalization 2 Connectivity 3 4 5 6 7 Regulation & Sustainability Convenience How do these factors shape the future? Changing attitudes Individualizatio n Demographic Changes Car Sharing by
  3. 3. URBAN AREA MOBILITY NETWORKS REQUIRE UPGRADING. An increasing numbers of urban inhabitants need to travel between locations, quickly, safely and with minimal environmental impact. Challenges:  A growing population using an aging infrastructure  Improving air quality and health of residents  Reducing CO2 emissions  Reducing parking pressure  Change of relationship from car ownership to usage  Need for integrated / intermodal transport systems  Retaining highly-mobile talented workforce Car Sharing by
  4. 4. HOW TO CLOSE THE GAP BETWEEN PRIVATELY OWNED CARS AND OTHER MODES ? Walk „I have paid my car anyway, so I use it.“ „My car allows me to go anywhere whenever I want without analysing tariffs and schedules. Walk Privately owned car „I cannot afford a car.“ Public Transport Bike Walk Car Sharing by …
  5. 5. MAKE MULTI-MODALITY MORE ATTRACTIVE BY INTEGRATING PREMIUM MOBILITY SERVICES  Available & accessible cars wherever and whenever needed Walk DriveNow Privately owned car Affordable cars. Walk MyCityWay Embark Public Transport  Info with high usability for seamless intermodal trips Bike Walk Car Sharing by …
  6. 6. London Borough Proposal, Sep 2013
  7. 7. BMW PRODUCT PORTFOLIO EXTENDED. ATTRACT NEW CUSTOMER GROUPS. Car-enabled Car-related Car-independent Mobility Services Mobility Services Mobility Services BMW and MINI Drivers 360°Electric Automobile User Mobile User Thema, Abteilung, Datum Car Sharing by
  9. 9. London Borough Proposal, Sep 2013
  10. 10. DRIVENOW HAS DEMONSTRATED THAT THE BUSINESS MODEL IS SUCCESSFUL IN EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA. Background:  Cities: Succesfully launched in Munich, Berlin, Duesseldorf, Cologne and San Fransisco  Growth: Over 160.000 members worldwide, fleet of 1,800 cars including electric vehicles, 250.000 trips per month  Flexible use: Without fixed drop-off and pick-up areas  One-way journeys and traditional round trip uses: Flexible drop-off at public parking spaces within the business area  Emmissions: Like for like CO2 emmission reduction of 45% against baseline fleet average of 160.1g/km (DfT).  Positive Effects: Customer research show decrease of car ownership (22% sold their car / did not buy new car) and increase of multi-modal usage Car Sharing by 1
  11. 11. THE CONCEPT: BECOMING A MEMBER IS EASY. IT IS SIMPLE TO FIND A CAR AND DRIVE SPONTANEOUSLY. Registration Registration (register once –– (register once no annual fee) no annual fee) Find aacar with the Find car with the app or through app or through The chip on your The chip on your drivers license is drivers license is the “car key“ the “car key“ Open the car Open the car by placing by placing your card on the your card on the windscreen reader windscreen reader Type in your Type in your pincode & varify pincode & varify no damage no damage Drive to your Drive to your destination, destination, using the in-car using the in-car navigation navigation Park the vehicle Park the vehicle anywhere legal anywhere legal within the within the business area business area End your End your reservation reservation Car Sharing by 1
  12. 12. ALL CUSTOMER INTERFACES ARE DESIGNED FOR SIMPLICITY OF USE ON SMART PHONES AND IN THE CAR. By By Phone Phone In Car In Car Damage   Scroll through the image in order to see  previously reported defects. Car Sharing by 1