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iVend eCommerce for Integrated Retailing


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iVend eCommerce is an e-commerce/ WebStore & m-commerce platform allowing customers to buy products on a web portal or mobile devices. The application offers detailed product listings, shopping cart and payment processing functionality. iVend eCommerce is integrated with the core Retail and accounting functions and offers to extend a retailers reach to its customers by taking his business online on the Internet.

iVend eCommerce offers competitive advantage to a Retailer by extending the reach of the Retailer through the Internet. iVend eCommerce is a must for the new age, ever expanding retailer. You can use iVend Web to run your e-commerce store while real benefit can be derived by retailers with online as well as physical stores. Your entire retail landscape is now available on a single integrated platform.

The Mobile Commerce Plug-in for iVend eCommerce allows online store owners to provide a full-featured mobile version of their site without having to create a new, separate site. Our integrated platform automatically detects when a mobile device is being used and renders the requested page formatted specifically for that device. If you use an iPhone, try visiting from your iPhone.

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iVend eCommerce for Integrated Retailing

  1. 1. N e w Yo r k | M e x i c o | L o n d o n | S y d n e y | N e w D e l h i | P a n a m a | S i n g a p o r e iVend eCommerce
  2. 2. Agenda • Business Architecture • Marketing & Promotions • Sales • Product Management • Site Management & Customer Service • Business to Business (B2B) • Payment and checkout • Shipping • Safety & Security • System Requirement • Design • Search Engine Optimization
  3. 3. Business Architecture (Cross-channel Retail) iVend eCommerce Loyalty Card Store Operations Store 1 Enterprise Loyalty Server iVend Store Loyalty Store iVend POS Manager Station Server Terminal LAN Internet Internet iVend Enterprise Server iVend Store Loyalty Store iVend POS Server Server Terminal iVend Store 2 Analytics LAN n Number of stores iVend Store Loyalty Store iVend POS • SAP Business One Server Terminal Server Server • SAP Retail with/ without POSDM • SAP ERP (ECC 6.0) • iVend APIs for 3rd party integrations • Loyalty APIs for 3rd party integrations
  4. 4. Marketing & Promotions• Gift Card Support • Coupon − Email, − Order Based Coupons (apply to entire order) − Physical − Product Specific Coupons (apply to only specified product) − Certificate − Coupon discounts by amount or percent• Gift Registry − Coupons can offer free shipping• Period and volume discounts − Coupons can have expiration date. − Coupons can be marked as use once per customer, use once by• E-Mail Product To A Friend only one customer, use N times, etc.• Customers can review & rate − Coupons requires minimum order amount before they are valid products − Optionally coupons can be attached to specific• Profanity checking customer(s), product(s), category(s), manufacturer(s) etc.• User Polls
  5. 5. Sales Related Products (Alternate Products) Upsell products Call to Order (Phone Orders) Product Price can be hidden until product added to cart Product X requires Product Y Recently viewed products Customers who bought X also bought Y Customer levels (Customer Group) supported Special Pricing (Similar to one we have in SAP Business One)
  6. 6. Product Management Categories/Departments/Manufacturers  Downloadable products supported with Supported. automatic e-mail to customer with download Supports cross-matrix of products mapping. instructions Paged browsing for categories and sections:  Support for simple products (e.g. a book) or Keeps page size small, and optimizes user products with variants experience.  Product Descriptions can include HTML Featured Products formatting Disable buy buttons for specific products  Support for Kits Support for 3 images sizes:  Limit orders to quantity on hand inventory, or icon, medium, large allow customers to place orders for items out of stock. Image watermarkinga  Show inventory on hand status on product Donation Products (e.g. Customer Enters page to customer (optional) Price)  Category, Department, and Manufacturer Restrict product quantities to preset values "names" can be renamed (e.g. (e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc.) "Brochures", "Products", "Car Enforce product minimum order Parts", whatever you need that is Recurring products can have varying intervals appropriate for your unique store site (days, weeks, months, years) products)
  7. 7. Site Management & Customer Service (1/2)• Configure products, prices, taxes, shipping, etc all from the administration site• Customer can view Order History• Customer one click re-order any prior order• Multiple billing/shipping addresses per customer• Order options supported• General Site Disclaimer Message (Agree Before Entering) supported• Can set minimum order product quantities before allowing checkout• Recent Products Page• Best-Seller Products Page• Phone Order Entry Module• Friendly error handling• Comprehensive administrative reports, including revenue trends & graphs, visitor trends & graphs, customer order percentages, affiliate revenue reports, tax reports, etc. You can also search for order by almost any customer record criteria to assist with customer support calls• Recurring orders• Mini-Cart
  8. 8. Site Management & Customer Service (2/2)• Shopping cart can persist over visits• Shopping cart can be told to clear in N days• Support for the most common display formats: grid, table expanded, table condensed, simple form, right variant bars, and completely customize the product pages by altering the output code HTML• Store News Items Supported• Order notes can be entered by customer with special instructions• Each cart item can also have notes entered by the customer• Shopping "cart" can be renamed (e.g. Shopping Bag).• Can require customer to agree to Terms and Conditions block (user defined) before proceeding with payment• Hide products, categories departments (publish or un-publish capability)• Integrated Product Search• Advanced Product Search Page (by category, section, manufacturer, price range, SKU, etc)• Remember me option for returning users.• Order History Pages: Customers can get their prior order histories; check order status, etc. all online.• Shopping Cart items can persist over time (even months if desired). Great for return customers, who later wanted to order a product, but forgot which one they wanted.• Customer can view all of their prior orders.• Administrators can edit customer profiles, delete customers, update their address books, billing information, etc.• Administrator can edit/enter service notes visible by customer regarding order status, special notes, etc
  9. 9. Business to Business (B2B) iVend Web StoreFront has out-of-the-box B2B feature set with enhanced features such as: • Discreet pricing by customer group • The ability to restrict visibility on product purchases • Configuring Discounts • Create Shipping tax and Coupon Rules • Re-order of Common Items • Ability to track shipments and view order history online • Purchase orders and MicroPay ease up invoicing process for Bulk buyersNotably it allows retailers to create customer levels that allows to filter product options for different user’sview, and Customize and calibrate different prices for each levelExample: "Wholesale only mode" lets you restrict sales to only approved users
  10. 10. Payment and Checkout (1/2)• Accept Credit Cards in Real Time: Cards can be • Partial Refund and Add-Hoc Charges Supported processed & verified in real-time, or you can delay • Mark Transactions As Fraud processing until a later time • Ban Fraud Users from Site• C.O.D. • Support for recurring orders/payments (auto-ship• Purchase Order products)• Request For Quote • Customer can define multiple billing/shipping• MicroPay addresses and select during checkout• Backup Gateways - never miss an order due to • Support for CV2 (credit card security code) entry and problems with your gateway! Simply set up an checking (fraud prevention) alternate gateway (separate gateway account • Address Verification codes reported to administrator required) and the site will roll over to that if the with order primary gateway fails. • Credit card numbers never displayed on site, but• Gift Cards remembered for user in an encrypted state shown as• Anonymous Checkout ****1111 on site). Storage can be disabled by both• "One Page" Checkout store admin and customers if they choose.• MANUAL Gateway (just collects order & payment • Disable storing of credit cards if desired (we information for offline processing) recommend that you dont store credit cards on your• Store can be set to authorize only, or auth-capture is almost never needed anymore) credit card mode. You can then capture payment at • Set a minimum order total threshold for proceed to shipment if desired checkout (e.g. must purchase over $100)• Void & Refund supported
  11. 11. Payment and Checkout (2/2)Multiple payment gateways supported such as:• 2checkout • Moneris eSELECT Plus (Canada) (Innovative)• • MyECheck • QuickBooks Batch Mode, Non Real• Bank Of America (via Cybersource) • NetBilling Time (Requires T-HUB Add-On from• BBS Netaxept • OGONE Gateway (tier 2) Atandra)• Chase Paymentech Salem and Orbital • OGONE Gateway (tier 3) • Sage Pay Direct (formerly Protx) (Certified) • Paymentech Salem and Orbital • Sage Payment Systems• Checkout By Amazon Certified (Now Chase Paymentech) • SecureNetV4• CyberSource • PayFuse • SkipJack• eProcesssingNetwork • PayJunction • Skrill (Moneybookers) PSP• eWay (Australia) • PayLeap • Transaction Central Gateway• eSELECT Plus (US, Moneris) • Payment Express Supported• eSELECT Plus (Canada, Moneris) • PayPal Payments: • USA ePay (certified)• Google Checkout − PayPal (Standard) • Verisign Payflo PRO (Now PayPal − PayPal Express Checkout Payflow PRO)• HSBC − PayPal PayFlowPro • WorldPay Business• iDeposit − PayPal Website Payments Pro • Integrates with your own merchant• Innovative Merchant Services • Pinnacle Payments account (QuickBooks QBMS) • PlugNPay• ITransact • ProtX (U.K. Stores Only)• JetPay • QuickBooks Merchant Services• Moneris eSELECT Plus (US)
  12. 12. Shipping• Calculate Shipping By: • Support for Download Products − Order Weight • Support for "No Shipping Required" Products (e.g. − Order Total services) − Use Fixed Prices • Allow "Free shipping over $X" for site − Specify All Orders As Free Shipping • Batch Shipping Order Printing/Tracking Integration − Fixed Percent of Order Total with UPS WorldShip and FedEx Shipping Mgr. − Fixed Item Shipping Costs (e.g. Shipping Cost By Product) • Multiple ship-to addresses per order (a customer on − Real Time Shipping Rates one order can ship some items to address A, and other items to address B) − Order Weight & Zone − Order Total & Zip Code Zone • Mark Customer Levels/Profiles as free shipping (or tax exempt)• Admin defined shipping methods (e.g. Ground, Next Day, 2nd Day, Priority, etc) • ShipWire Interface Supported• Real Time Shipping carriers can vary based on • Configurable local pickup option that can be Domestic or International shipping address. restricted by geographic region• Filter Real Time Shipping Rates You Want To Allow • Integrated with• Add Shipping & Handling Extra Fee To Orders• Shipping Methods Verified Against User Addresses During Checkout (this avoids the ground shipping to Hawaii situations!)• Shipping Tracking #s e-mailed to Customers
  13. 13. Safety & SecurityPCI compliance All Password Change Operations LoggedSupports SSL Encryption for secure ordering. Cart RegEx AppConfig control over strength ofautomatically switches into secure mode passwords required for store logins and adminappropriately. Supports any brand SSL certificate. loginsIP Address Tracking: For safety and auditing, IP Support for dynamic encryption key changes viaaddresses are logged admin siteAVS (Address Verification) reporting from Encrypted database connection strings ingateways in all orders web.config filesRequire periodic admin password changes Comprehensive 1 Year Aged Read Only SecurityPassword Salting + Hashing Log built into admin site. Viewable only by admin Super UserStore Admin can lock out any customer accountfor security/fraud reasonsAny order can be marked as fraud for laterforensicsGive individual admin operations permissions toview full credit cards or notAllow Customers to individually select if they wanttheir credit card information stored (overrides bystore admin possible)
  14. 14. System Requirement Does not require any special components on the server (Gateway COM x86 (32 bit OS support) objects may be needed) Windows 2008 Server x64 (64 bit OS support) IIS 7 SQL Server 2008
  15. 15. DesignYou Can Design Custom Skins Receipt can be fully customizedCompletely customize the layout &appearance of any category, section,manufacturer, or product page usingXmlPackages (XML/XSL rendering engine) Automatic e-mail notification to store admin of new order receivedAdd page header/footer HTML blocks tocart page, and all checkout and orderconfirmation pages, to provide specialnotes/text specific to your store or business Mobile browser support - your site will detect mobile browsers andCreate custom receipt formats & templates automatically switch to a (customizable) slimmed-down skin that allows customers to browse the site and add to the wishlist so they can purchase later.
  16. 16. Search Engine Optimization• URL rewrite rules - easily format your stores URLs the way you want them to look.• EVERY product, category, and department page can have their own custom search engine meta tags (title, keywords, description, no script blocks, etc)... Static Product & Category• Google Xml Site Maps Supported: a direct Google search Pages: Designed to allow search engine submission method sanctioned by Google engines to fully crawl and index• Google Analytics Site Metrics & E-Commerce Tracking EVERY product & category page Compatible in your store. This can have a• Yahoo! Xml Site Maps Supported: a direct Yahoo! search dramatic increase in site traffic engine submission method sanctioned by Yahoo! from search engines.• Fully Dynamic: – Page Titles – Site Map (optimized for search engines) – Search Engine Meta-Tags• Second tree-form dynamic site map (optimized for users)
  17. 17. N e w Yo r k | M e x i c o | L o n d o n | S y d n e y | N e w D e l h i | P a n a m a | S i n g a p o r e Thank You For more information: