FADE IN.<br />EXT. THE OUTSIDE OF A BUILDING, ON THE STREETS – LATE AFTERNOON<br />Medium-long shot of the exterior of a b...
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  1. 1. FADE IN.<br />EXT. THE OUTSIDE OF A BUILDING, ON THE STREETS – LATE AFTERNOON<br />Medium-long shot of the exterior of a building. Leaning against it is a young woman watching people walk past, and talking into a mobile phone.<br />Diegetic sound.<br />ROSALYN<br />(Slightly unsure)<br />And you’re sure I won’t find anything?<br />She is listening to the person on the other side of the line speak – the audience cannot hear him. Shortly she stands up straight and begins to walk to the left slowly; she is still listening to the other person.<br />JUMP CUT<br />Medium-close up of the interior of an office. We can only see the lower face and shoulders of the person talking. We can see he is also talking into a mobile. The scene is lit darker than the previous one.<br />Diegetic sound.<br />FRANCIS<br />…We want you to keep your eyes peeled, just in case. It’s the personal opinion of the Prime Minister that every suspicious venue should be examined thoroughly, and you’ve been sent to one tonight. He’s been in office for over fifty years now, and he’s not wrong to be wary. The Ravens could be in your area, but I doubt it – if they are, report the situation to me immediately and do not engage. Understood?<br />Non-diegetic sound; the scene does not change.<br />ROSALYN<br />Yes, sir.<br />FRANCIS<br />Will you be all right by yourself? It’s your first night, after all. I can send backup to you if you need.<br />JUMP CUT<br />Long shot, outside again. We can see Rosalyn walking and talking on the phone. She turns a corner.<br />ROSALYN<br />I’ll be fine, sir. You said yourself I probably won’t find anything – I can handle a simple patrol by myself.<br />Non-diegetic sound; the scene does not change.<br />FRANCIS<br />All right. Good luck, Rosalyn.<br />Rosalyn stops walking for a moment to put the phone into her pocket and straighten her blazer. She starts walking again and turns another corner. We watch from a medium-long shot as she walks into a clearing and sees a group of people.<br />RAVENS<br />(Speaking over each other, no line is said individually)<br />The revolution will persevere! Down with Greene!<br />Liam waves his hand to get attention and slowly the hubbub dies down. All the Ravens are watching Liam, who is in the centre of the group.<br />LIAM<br />All right, settle down. We’re alone for now, but we could be found at any time.<br />There is some muttering in the group and they look around furtively.<br />LIAM<br />You all know what the risks are, but you still came. I’m proud of you all. (He pauses to look over everyone) The revolution will be able to move forward!<br />RAVENS<br />Down with Greene!<br />LIAM<br />We have the fireworks, right?<br />One Raven steps forward and holds up the bomb.<br />RAVEN # 1<br />Yes, sir!<br />LIAM<br />(Businesslike)<br />Good. We’ll be headed to the Houses of Parliament. I want you all to get there by different routes, and travel alone. In two hours, that place’ll be going up with a big bang, and I want you all to be on the way back by then. Rendezvous by the church. Got that?<br />RAVENS<br />Yes, sir!<br />One or two Ravens talk in low voices to each other and the Raven from earlier carefully puts the bomb into their bag. Liam takes a gun out and checks over it; while this is happening, Rosalyn steps out from her hiding place and faces them directly. She is unarmed.<br />ROSALYN<br />I’m sorry, but I can’t let you do that.<br />RAVEN # 2<br />Who’re you?<br />ROSALYN<br />You don’t need to know. Please give yourselves up.<br />LIAM<br />I don’t think that’s going to be happening.<br />ROSALYN<br />Then you leave me no choice.<br />