Cast of characters<br />Rosalyn Carter; Nicholas Drake; Francis Strand; Liam Richardson; (PM) Thomas Greene<br />Supportin...
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Film Treatment

  1. 1. Cast of characters<br />Rosalyn Carter; Nicholas Drake; Francis Strand; Liam Richardson; (PM) Thomas Greene<br />Supporting characters<br />Other revolutionaries; citizens [of London]; secretaries/office workers; camera crew/broadcasting crew<br />Setting of story<br />London, England<br />Time of story<br />Present day; alternate reality.<br />Synopsis of story<br />It has been 50 years since Tom Greene gained absolute political power in England and assumed the role of Prime Minister with a dictator-like grip on the country. No one dares to oppose him or his personal bodyguards, who are the equivalent of a ‘secret police’. During his time in power, Greene has restricted much of how the public can behave and isolated England from its former allies.<br />Throughout the city of London, more and more of the public have become aware of the underground resistance movement known as “The Ravens” that have existed for almost 20 years. As of recently, they have taken to more over operations and terrorist attacks (such as bombing important political buildings), but are still relatively quiet and appear to pose only a low threat, while promoting the idea of a ‘free’ London.<br />One evening in late winter/early spring, a new recruit to the PM’s personal bodyguards is sent on her first mission – to patrol a section of the city that has come under suspicion for holding the revolutionaries’ HQ. While she is assured that it will be a quick job from her boss, she comes across a small gathering of armed insurgents and what appears to be their leader (Liam) preparing to embark on another bombing. Instead of reporting this scene, Rosalyn decides to draw her own weapon and confront the resistance members. They fight and she is overwhelmed, eventually knocked out and left alone as the resistance moves along to complete their plans. She wakes up a few hours later to her senior, Nick, who helps her back to HQ and explains that the group attempted to blow up […] but failed and all escaped. Their boss, Francis, joins them and explains their new mission: to find out the Ravens’ plans and locations and to stop them at any cost.<br />Over the space of 2-3 weeks, Rosa and Nick investigate as many leads as they can find or are given – all of which turn out to be fake or old, but still give valuable insight into how they plan, think and act. Coupled with this new information and the growing realization that the government appears to be weakening, Rosa begins to chance her mind on whether the people she works for are really the people she grew up believing to be all-powerful. Nick notices her changing but mentions nothing – one day when she is sent on a patrol mission he decides to check her office/desk for any hard evidence that she has “switched sides”. Finding nothing, he investigates Francis’ office and finds incriminating files. He is discovered and there is a struggle wherein Nick is knocked out – after waking up we find out it was Francis who found and fought him. They discuss the boss’s allegiance and find out that he is one of the founders/main planners of the Ravens. After being asked (and threatened with a gun) to join and declining, Nick tries to leave but is stopped by Rosa. The situation is explained to her and she decides to leave her post and join the Ravens; Nick threatens to kill her and their boss for being a turncoat before being shot by Francis. He stays to clean up the scene and body while he sends Rosa to deliver information to Liam, who acknowledges her as a new member.<br />The next day, the PM is due to broadcast a speech live around the country. The station he does so from is filled with people – only the bodyguards are armed as he is extremely insecure. Francis informs the staff of a (fake) anonymous tip, who place more security around a particular entrance. The Ravens break in through a different position and quickly take control of the building; the PM is surrounded by armed insurgents while Liam takes over the broadcast and gives a speech to Britain condemning the government and attempting to persuade more people to rise up against the oppression. The Ravens then leave, leaving the PM unharmed. The entire broadcasting studio is thrown in disarray, and Francis and Rosa escort the PM back to the offices, where they report that Nick is ‘missing’ and receive new orders to eliminate any Ravens they come across and to step up the search for the leader. With the PM out of the room, Francis explains that they will probably have to desert their posts very soon and for Rosa to be prepared for this time.<br />A week passes and Rosa is sent out on several ‘dud’ missions to please the PM, but there is no word of plans from the Ravens. One evening after working overtime, Rosa is approached by Francis and told that it is imperative that they leave that evening. They make to leave but near the exit of the building are met with several armed guards and the PM himself. Greene explains that he had cameras installed in their office because of his suspicions and the lack of progress made in their investigation – he knows they have been planning something, but had had no evidence previously. They talk until Greene becomes bored and gives the order to shoot – Francis is hit, but Rosa manages to escape. Outside the building, a car belonging to the Ravens in waiting, and she gets into it. Liam is the driver, and she explains the situation to him; this information seems to strengthen his resolve to keep fighting against the government. They promise to avenge Francis’ death and drive off into the night.<br />