Comparison Table


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Comparison Table

  1. 1. The Usual SuspectsV for VendettaFight ClubDistrict 9Reservoir DogsLéonTitlingN/AFire on black background. Otherwise N/ABlue/white animation interceded with white credits against black backgroundWhite font on black background after companies. Fade in/outBlack background, yellow font. Fade in/out; not actual creditsWhite over black background; then credits in light font over video.Camera MovementStill; zoom in; tilt shots (x2)Tracking shot; vertical tilt; crane shotZoom outZoom; crabbing shot; point-of-view shotTracking shot (camera not focused on one character)High shots from crane or helicopter; zoomFraming of shotMedium close-up; long-shot; close up (of object)Extreme long shot; medium close up; medium long shotClose up; medium close upMedium close up; extreme long shotMedium close-up; close-upExtreme long-shot; long-shot; extreme close upCamera anglesLow angleHigh angle on othersLow angle looking up at someoneStraight on from a distance. Characters from low angleEye-levelEye-levelMise-en-sceneDark; little light; two charactersVery dark; very light; no strong colour; clothing sets eraLow lighting; lots of dark; focus on the gun (object)High key lighting; washed-out colours but during day; props not focused on by cameraWashed-out colours; suits are bold; can see location but not much of itDark around people; light location; washed out colours; objects focused onEditingSlow cutting rate; matched cutsIncreased cutting rate with action; matched cuts; jump cutsMatched cuts; no reverse shots even though there is dialogueJump cuts from scene-to-scene; follows style of documentaryMatched cutsJump cut for location; reverse shots with dialogueSound techniquesBGM; dialogue; sound effectsNon-diegetic dialogue; no BGM; sound effectsLoud BGM during credits, then silent; non-diegetic dialogueNo BGM; dialogue; sound effectsNo BGM; dialogue and sound effectsBGM with titles; dialoguePositioning and MovementMovement from one man; both kept roughly in centreKept in centre of screenNot in the complete centre, but takes up most of the frameCentre of frame, only upper body and character moves lotsNo-one stays in shot for long; not lots of movement. All in centre of frameTakes up entire frame – one man moves more than the other.<br />