Real Time Situational Awareness (rtsa) Rapid Deployment Solution (rds)


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Real Time Situational Awareness (rtsa) Rapid Deployment Solution (rds)

  1. 1. REAL  TIME  SITUATIONAL  AWARENESS  (RTSA)  RAPID  DEPLOYMENT  SOLUTION  (RDS)  1  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  2. 2. Legal DisclaimerThis  presentaDon  is  not  subject  to  your  license  agreement  or  any  other  agreement  with  SAP.  SAP  has  no  obligaDon  to  pursue  any  course  of  business  outlined  in  this  presentaDon  or  to  develop  or  release  any  funcDonality  menDoned  in  this  presentaDon.  This  presentaDon  and  SAPs  strategy  and  possible  future  developments  are  subject  to  change  and  may  be  changed  by  SAP  at  any  Dme  for  any  reason  without  noDce.  This  document  is  provided  without  a  warranty  of  any  kind,  either  express  or  implied,  including  but  not  limited  to,  the  implied  warranDes  of  merchantability,  fitness  for  a  parDcular  purpose,  or  non-­‐infringement.  SAP  assumes  no  responsibility  for  errors  or  omissions  in  this  document,  except  if  such  damages  were  caused  by  SAP  intenDonally  or  grossly  negligent.  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  3. 3. Common Operating Picture (COP) For an Event andThe Activities Associated With The EventCentralized  View  of  Event  Ac4vi4es  Mobile  Opera4ons  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  4. 4. •   Improve  response  performance  –  InsDtuDonal  autonomy  of  mission  partners  and  collaboraDon  and  informaDon  exchange  to  enable  Dme  sensiDve  decision  making    •   Improve  decision  making  -­‐  New  technologies  allow  the  change  from  aVer-­‐incident  analysis  to  real  Dme  decision  making  during  an  incident  •   Full  opera5onal  availability  -­‐  No  Dme  delays  in  obtaining  vital  response  data,    SituaDonal  awareness  is  placed  in  the  palm  of  the  hands  of  public  safety  officials  •   Reduc5on  of  Incident  impact  –  Risk  and  Hazard  detecDon  at  an  early  stage  can  reduce  the  security  risk  of  public  safety  officials  and  ciDzen  •   Improve  response  performance  –  InsDtuDonal  autonomy  of  mission  partners  and  collaboraDon  and  informaDon  exchange  to  enable  Dme  sensiDve  decision  making    Benefits of Real Time Situational Awarenes (RTSA)•  Real-­‐Time  Decision  Making  -­‐  SAP  HANA  prevents  a  delay  in  disaster  informaDon  improved  emergency  response  the  outcome  •  Access  to  real  5me  analysis  -­‐  Fast  and  easy  creaDon  of  ad  hoc  views    on  new  emerging  situaDons  •  Single  COP    -­‐  One  common  picture  between  all  levels  of  an  organizaDon  and  between  all  organizaDons    •  Unlock  new  insights  –Remove  constraints  for  analyzing  large  data  volumes  -­‐  Delays  in  emergency  response  can  result  in  greater  casualDes  and  further  destrucDon  •  On  the  move  –Ability  to  sense,  predict  and  act  in  real-­‐Dme  from  anywhere  -­‐first  responders  are  safer  and  can  act  more  effecDvely  to  save  lives,  reduce  harm  and  minimize  loss  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  5. 5. RTSA Is Also A Platform for Activity Based Analysis©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved   5  
  6. 6. 1.  Ability  to  collect,  store  and  process  and  geo-­‐reference/geo-­‐code  mulD-­‐source  data  2.  Ability  to  explore  the  relaDonships  within  the  geo-­‐referenced/coded    data  allowing  an  analyst    to  idenDfy  acDviDes  and  their  associated  transacDons    3.  Ability  to  determine  the  reliability  and  lineage  of  the  data  4.  Ability  to  compile  a  complete  informaDon  base  consisDng  of    current  and  historical  data    5.  Ability  to  describe  human  analyDcal  model    by  providing  an  informaDon  base  (meta  data,  classificaDon  techniques,  quanDtaDve  methods,  etc.)  that    includes:  •  Biographical  data  that  describes  -­‐  “who  you  are”  •  AcDvity  data  that  describes  -­‐    “what  you  do”  •  Network  &  RelaDons    -­‐  “Who  do  you  know”    •  Context  –  “environmental”    informaDon  about  the  people/acDviDes/relaDonships  as  it  relates  to  the  event  being  analyzed  Key Technology Enablers for Creating Activity BasedAnalysis Processes©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved   6  
  7. 7. PLATFORM  SOLUTION  STRATEGY  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  8. 8. One Architecture for Integrated Geospatial InformationAnalytics Supporting Multiple Use-Case ScenariosPre-­‐Integrated  HANA  Search/TAOLTP/OLAP  UseCase  Schema  AnalyticsGeospatialXML  Data ServicesData  Integra5on  Data  Quality  Data  Steward  Text  Analysis  ETL  XFORM  Operational DataSourcesHTML5  Applica4on(s)  HTML  XS Enginevarious  CEP  .net,  JAVA,  JMS,  C,  MQ,  Tibco,  Socket,  email,  Excel,  flat  file  Streaming  Data  External  RDBMS  JDBC  Applica4ons  Applica4ons  Middleware  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  9. 9. Economical and Efficient Method For Creating A Portfolioof Innovative SolutionsReal TimeSituationalAwareness(RTSA)ActivityBasedIntelligence(ABI)WorkbenchSmartMobilityEnterprisePerformanceManagement(EPM)Geospatial Information Management EnvironmentArcGISSAPUI5Business  Process  Mgt,  Process  Integ.  Data/Info  Mgt,  App  FoundationPortal  &  User  ProductivityGateway  and  ESBNetweaverHTML5  Use-­‐Case  Application(s)AfariaCISCO  Wireless  Control  System©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  10. 10. NS2  RTSA  SOLUTION  STRATEGY  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  11. 11. NS2 RTSA RDS LandscapePre-­‐Integrated  External  Opera5onal  Data  Sources  HANA  NIEM  SCHEMA  AnalyticsGeospatialData ServicesData  Integra5on  IEDP  TXN   Data  Quality  HTML5  RTSA    Applica5on(s)  SAPUI5  Portal  &  User  Produc5vity  Netweaver  HTML  Afaria  CISCO  Wireless  Control  System  CISCO  posi5on  loca5on  appliance  and  access  point  Edge  Devices  XS EngineXML  NIEM  InformaDon  Exchange  Package  DocumentaDon  (IEPD)    XML  Transac5ons  HTML  Business  Objects  Pla[orm  Universe  WEBI, Explorer,MOBIESRI  ArcGIS  ESRI  Loca5on  Analy5cs  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  12. 12. Real-Time Multi-Source/Type Geospatial Based AnalyticsMulti-Function Platform, Single User Interface, Secure End-to-End©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved   12  
  13. 13. WHAT  IS  NIEM  AND  WHY  USE  IT?  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  14. 14. National Information Exchange Model(NIEM) .. Government Open Source•  U.S.  Department  of  JusDce  and  the  Department  of  Homeland  Security  partnered  to  develop  NIEM.      •  NIEM    is  designed  to  develop,  disseminate,  and  support  enterprise-­‐wide  informaDon  exchange  standards  and  processes  that  can  enable  jurisdicDons  to  effecDvely  share  criDcal  informaDon  in  emergency  situaDons,  as  well  as  support  the  day-­‐to-­‐day  operaDons  of  agencies  throughout  the  naDon  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  15. 15. Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD)©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved   15  Business  Need  Agency  Process  1  Agency  Process  2  Business  Need  NIEM IEPDIn  NIEM,  a  “data  exchange”  is  also  known  as  an  Informa;on  Exchange  Package  (IEP),  a  descrip;on  of  specific  informa;on  exchanged  between  a  sender  and  a  receiver.  The  IEP  is  usually  coupled  with  addi;onal  documenta;on,  sample  XML  instances,  business  rules,  and  more  to  compose  an  Informa;on  Exchange  Package  Documenta;on  (IEPD).  An  IEPD  is  the  final  product  of  the  NIEM  exchange  development  process,  also  known  as  the  IEPD  Lifecycle.  
  16. 16. Information Exchange Package Documentation(IEPD) .. Government Open Source©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved   16  •  A  user  builds  an  IEPD  from  business  requirements  in  order  for  the  IEPD  to  include  both  business  and  technical  arDfacts  that  define  the  informaDon  exchange  taking  place  between  mulDple  parDes.    •  For  example,  there  are  technical  schemas  that  define  the  specific  data  being  exchanged,  as  well  as  non-­‐technical  documents  that  capture  informaDon  such  as  business  rules  and  context.  
  17. 17. The NIEM Model (V2) Has Been Transformed By SAPInto a Relational Data Model Which Is Resident in HANA©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved   17  NIEM  XML  Hierarchal  InformaDon  Model  SAP  NIEM  RelaDonal  Data  Model  1000+  tables    Execute  ApplicaDon  TransacDons    (OLTP)  and  AnalyDc  TransacDons  (OLAP)  
  18. 18. DEMONSTRATION  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  19. 19. WHAT  IS  A  RAPID  DEPLOYMENT  SOLUTION  (RDS)?  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  20. 20. NS2 in conjunction with our partner ecosystem offer RapidDeployment Solutions to meet specific mission needs…•  SoVware  –  Quickly  address  the  most  urgent  business  processes    •  Content  –  NS2  and  Partner    best  pracDces,  templates  and  tools  make  soluDon  adopDon  easier  •  Enablement  –  Guides  and  educaDonal  material  speed  end  user  adopDon  •  Service  –  Fixed  scope  and  price  provides  maximum  predictability  and  lowers  risk  20  SAP  Rapid  Deployment  Solu5ons  ServiceSoftwareEnablementContent©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  21. 21. Pre-defined Services for Rapid Deployment SolutionsYour  path  to  Go-­‐Live:  fast,  efficiently  and  at  predictable  cost  •  Fixed-­‐price  ImplementaDon  Services  •  Pre-­‐defined  Project  Methodology  •  Ready-­‐to-­‐use  Accelerators  Start RunDeploy1 32  Project management  Kick-off workshop participation  Preparing technical infrastructureAccelerators / Deliverables  Consulting Delivery Guide  Project schedule  WBS  Service Delivery Model, roles andresponsibilities  Request for consultants template  Process descriptions  Process-flow-documents  Kick-off presentation  Consumption Guide  Pre-delivery requirements andchecklistNote: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution.  Solution Realization  Master Data Load  Refinement Workshop &Refinement Realization  Knowledge Transfer to Key UsersAccelerators / Deliverables  Installation guide  Solution Documentation  Solution Manager content  Best-Practices content(pre-configuration)  Configuration activities  Consulting Delivery Guide  Implementation Content  Performance Tests  End User Training  Sign off of solution  Go-Live Preparation  Go-Live  Post go-live support and activities  Improvements and road mapworkshopAccelerators / Deliverables  Test cases  Deliverable acceptance forms  Training Materials –Process-flow recordings etc.  Go-Live Checklist©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  22. 22. Configuration GuideScoping QuestionnaireKickoff WorkshopProject ScheduleSupport PortalCheck ListsImplementation methodologyStart RunDeploy1 32Note: This slide represents a typical deployment. Exact details may differ according to solution.©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  23. 23. Leverage The Existing RTSA Step-By-Step Processand Collateral … no re-invention23  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved  
  24. 24. No  part  of  this  publicaDon  may  be  reproduced  or  transmiped  in  any  form  or  for  any  purpose  without  the  express  permission  of  SAP  NaDonal  Security  Services  (NS2).  The  informaDon  contained  herein  may  be  changed  without  prior  noDce.  Some  soVware  products  marketed  by  SAP  NS2  and  its  distributors  contain  proprietary  soVware  components  of  other  soVware  vendors.  MicrosoV,  Windows,  Excel,  Outlook,  and  PowerPoint  are  registered  trademarks  of  MicrosoV  CorporaDon.    IBM,  DB2,  DB2  Universal  Database,  System  i,  System  i5,  System  p,  System  p5,  System  x,  System  z,  System  z10,  System  z9,  z10,  z9,  iSeries,  pSeries,  xSeries,  zSeries,  eServer,  z/VM,  z/OS,  i5/OS,  S/390,  OS/390,  OS/400,  AS/400,  S/390  Parallel  Enterprise  Server,  PowerVM,  Power  Architecture,  POWER6+,  POWER6,  POWER5+,  POWER5,  POWER,  OpenPower,  PowerPC,  BatchPipes,  BladeCenter,  System  Storage,  GPFS,  HACMP,  RETAIN,  DB2  Connect,  RACF,  Redbooks,  OS/2,  Parallel  Sysplex,  MVS/ESA,  AIX,  Intelligent  Miner,  WebSphere,  Nesinity,  Tivoli  and  Informix  are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  IBM  CorporaDon.  Linux  is  the  registered  trademark  of  Linus  Torvalds  in  the  U.S.  and  other  countries.  Adobe,  the  Adobe  logo,  Acrobat,  PostScript,  and  Reader  are  either  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  Adobe  Systems  Incorporated  in  the  United  States  and/or  other  countries.  Oracle  and  Java  are  registered  trademarks  of  Oracle  and/or  its  affiliates.  UNIX,  X/Open,  OSF/1,  and  MoDf  are  registered  trademarks  of  the  Open  Group.  Citrix,  ICA,  Program  Neighborhood,  MetaFrame,  WinFrame,  VideoFrame,  and  MulDWin  are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  Citrix  Systems,  Inc.  ©  2011  SAP  NS2.  All  rights  reserved.  HTML,  XML,  XHTML  and  W3C  are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  W3C®,  World  Wide  Web  ConsorDum,  Massachuseps  InsDtute  of  Technology.    SAP,  R/3,  SAP  NetWeaver,  Duet,  PartnerEdge,  ByDesign,  SAP  BusinessObjects  Explorer,  StreamWork,  and  other  SAP  products  and  services  menDoned  herein  as  well  as  their  respecDve  logos  are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  SAP  AG  in  Germany  and  other  countries.  Business  Objects  and  the  Business  Objects  logo,  BusinessObjects,  Crystal  Reports,  Crystal  Decisions,  Web  Intelligence,  Xcelsius,  and  other  Business  Objects  products  and  services  menDoned  herein  as  well  as  their  respecDve  logos  are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  Business  Objects  SoVware  Ltd.  Business  Objects  is  an  SAP  company.  Sybase  and  AdapDve  Server,  iAnywhere,  Sybase  365,  SQL  Anywhere,  and  other  Sybase  products  and  services  menDoned  herein  as  well  as  their  respecDve  logos  are  trademarks  or  registered  trademarks  of  Sybase,  Inc.  Sybase  is  an  SAP  company.  All  other  product  and  service  names  menDoned  are  the  trademarks  of  their  respecDve  companies.  Data  contained  in  this  document  serves  informaDonal  purposes  only.  NaDonal  product  specificaDons  may  vary.  The  informaDon  in  this  document  is  proprietary  to  SAP.  No  part  of  this  document  may  be  reproduced,  copied,  or  transmiped  in  any  form  or  for  any  purpose  without  the  express  prior  wripen  permission  of  SAP  NS2.  24  ©2012  SAP  NS2  all  rights  reserved