Workload Mobility for VBlock Systems


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  • As you look at this image what comes to your mind?Impending DisasterI need to get out of the areaWhat will happen to my business and data centerAny way you look at it ACTION needs to be TAKEN! And then BOOM! <click>
  • Soon you’re in this situation!The disaster is here and your datacenter is flooded and destroyed!Could this have been avoided ? What are some of the options to keep IT running ? Let’s examine some … <click>
  • VPLEX Metro and Geo work using distributed virtual volumes…Describe the workings of VPLEX…Finish by talking about split brain and the detach rule, then mention that the detatch rule does not provide continuous availability if the bias is set to the site that fails.For that we have the Cluster Witness… next slide
  • OTV allows for Ethernet LAN extension over any WAN transport by dynamically encapsulating Layer 2 “MAC in IP” and routing it across the WANConserves Bandwidth across WANOTV eliminates BPDU forwarding associated with bridged VLAN environmentsEliminates ARP and other broadcasts propagated across the WAN
  • So what exactly makes up the VCE Workload Mobility Solution for Vblock systems?Just like the Vblock system, the Workload Mobility Solution is comprised of components that are the de-facto standards in the industry. The Vblock system itself provides the foundation of the solution, and that is comprised of next-generation data center networking components from Cisco Systems, computing platforms based on technology from Intel and Cisco, storage capacity and management capabilities from EMC Corporation, and a virtualized operating environment from VMWare. Beyond the Vblock system, the Workload Mobility Solution further incorporates the VPLEX information mobility solutions from EMC to provide a single, federated image of application data, called “Access Anywhere” storage. This is extremely important because this is a key piece of enabling the Workload Mobility solution to complete movement of an application from one location to another without incurring any downtime.And to move the applications themselves, the solution relies on VMotion VMware.All of these components are tightly integrated and distilled into a validated systems architecture by VCE so that our customers have a single point of contact for the entire lifecycle of the solution from procurement and deployment all the way through support.<NEXT>
  • Workload Mobility for VBlock Systems

    1. 1. WORKLOAD MOBILITY FOR VBLOCK SYSTEMS Tom Chatham© 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved.
    2. 2. © 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved. 2
    3. 3. © 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved. 3
    4. 4. WHAT IF… Your storage volumes were available in two sites simultaneously? Your layer-2 network could span those two sites seamlessly? You could perform maintenance without downtime? Your applications could failover between sites automatically? You could balance workloads across sites non-disruptively?© 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved. 4
    5. 5. VBLOCK WITH VPLEX ACCESS ANYWHEREDistributed Virtual Volumes Hosts at both sites instantly access Distributed Virtual Volume WRITEs are protected on storage at both Site A and B READs are serviced from VPLEX cache or local storage Loss of a storage array does not require a full site failover© 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved. 5
    6. 6. SIMPLIFY DATA CENTER NETWORKINGWITH CISCO OTV© 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved. 6
    7. 7. ENSURE APPLICATIONAVAILABILITY Get the business operational again faster after an outage Increased utilization of physical resources across sites Failover of virtual machines between sites in the event of a site disaster© 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved. 7
    8. 8. MISSION CRITICAL WORKLOADPROTECTION VMware with VPLEX Metro Move applications seamlessly between sites to reduce the need for planned outages due to maintenance work on storage, fabrics, servers or sites VCE solution architecture using Cisco Overlay Transport Virtualization to reduce impact of required stretched IP subnets between sites© 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved. 8
    9. 9. LIVE DEMO TIME! VCE is demonstrating LIVE: ̶ Active workload distributed across two Vblock™ Systems ̶ Power failure disaster of one Vblock system ̶ VMware HA restart of Virtual Machines on the failed Vblock system in the EMC booth on the Vblock system in the VCE booth ̶ All VMs resume operation with one site down! Head to the EMC Booth later today to see how we recover the failed Vblock systems!© 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved. 9
    10. 10. EPO POWER DOWN! 5…4…3…2…1…© 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved. 10
    11. 11. SOLUTION COMPONENTS EMC VPLEX Family Information Mobility Solutions VMware VMotion VCE Workload Mobility Solution for Workload & Vblock systems Information Mobility Vblock™ systems© 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved. 11
    12. 12. © 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved.
    13. 13. VISIT OUR DEMO PODS Demo Pod 1: Mission Critical Business Continuity Demo Pod 2: Desktop Virtualization Demo Pod 3: Vblock Management & Orchestration Demo Pod 4: Data Protection© 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved. 13
    14. 14. GET CAUGHT AND WIN Wear your VCE button, t-shirt or laptop sticker on the show floor If our Prize Patrol finds you, YOU WIN! Prizes include: iPad 3, Bose Soundlink, Starbucks Gift Cards and MORE!© 2012 VCE Company LLC, All rights reserved. 14