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Cisco Theater presentation from Emc World 2013

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  • Title – Capitalizing on Cisco Innovation – 3 short years to #2 in U.S., #3 WW & #1 in Australia! They are going to continue gain share and drive innovation. It is in their corporate DNA. So it simply a question of which of you strategic APJC partners will capture the revenue and the service margins enabled by Cisco’s Datacenter Products
  • Speaker Notes:Cisco is built on Intel for UCS from a processor to SSDs to NICsSatinder noted Cisco invests $5.6B in R&D per year. Intel’s is $10B Capex – 2011 # - 1-2 invest in fab technology to these similar levelsInnovation: “All processors are not created equal” While we build for x86 compatibility and running even DOS on Intel the reality we do tons of innovation while holding process constant. Low Latency: 40 lanes of PCIe into CPU socket. Security is far for more important to highlightEcosystem:Little known that we are one of the Top 10 software companies in the world and we have 10K software engineers enabling open source and ISVs worldwide to run best on Intel Architecture. We do this to enable you partners in the audience to sell UCS into the market with greater ease
  • Speaker Notes:It is a little know fact that Intel and Cisco have partnered to bring innovation to market for many many years.Ask companies who anticipate market changes and drive standards we’ve worked in concert on many industry initiatives – driving 10GbE, Data Center Ethernet, bring economies of Ethernet to Fiber Channel with FCoEIntel over the decade grew x86 performance over 66 fold. This growth was not lost on Cisco. We partnered together to enable IOS to run on Intel Architecture and brought to market the Intel BiEndian Compiler The culmination of this partnership is Cisco addressing the convergence of Storage, Networking and server compute with Cisco UCS. Fabric based, wire once, service profiles to easily identify what is running on a which server supported by network and cloud management. The latest in that innovation stream is the lean branch office extension of UCS with the UCS E series module for the ISR routerWe look forward to continuing this innovation well into the coming years!
  • Speaker Notes:Intel has driven Moore’s law over 30 yearsInvestments are a mandate for us to continue to sustain datacenter growth, cloud build out without excessive power demands and sprawl
  • You heard the Cisco executives mention they history of innovation followed by standardization… We both think alike. Intel works with partners and in standards bodies to drive choice in the market. All of these OS’ run on Intel Architecture. Whether it is Windows or Linux, Android or Apple IOS
  • Now that I’ve highlighted why Cisco partners with Intel. I’d like to highlight why Cisco UCS build on Intel is worth your continued investment… considering their #1 share in Australia, maybe it warrants incremental investment from you partners instead of just continued investment!
  • Speaker Notes:Those building blocks provide definite sellup potential for Partners within UCSWith the Blade servers built on Intel Xeon E5 you can also upsell the power and performance benefits of Intel Solid State DrivesWith the C-series rackmount servers you can also sellup the Intel 10GbE Adapters as well
  • Speaker Notes:Intel has a 3 prong strategy to promote the adoption of Cloud. We drive alignment on standards and & open standards with various industry organizationsWe optimize our platforms to meet those requirements We promote the reference architectures to get them adoptedI’d like to discuss Intel’s 3 pronged strategy to help realize the Open Cloud VisionUnderstanding the requirements of IT via deep engagements with enterprises and service providers, while accelerating open industry standardsIntel is working directly with leaders in global IT for enterprise and services providers to understand their needs and is a non-voting technical advisor to the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA). The ODCA defines the highest priority usage models for cloud and next generation data centers and is laying out the requirements to address with multi-vendor, interoperable solutions that embrace standards. Intel is also engaged in a broad range of open industry initiatives focused on providing greater industry interoperability for cloud. 2) Delivering optimized products & technologies that align to user requirements on path to the Open Cloud VisionIntel responds to these usage models and others that we identify through our end user engagements to deliver products and technologies that meet the requirements of the usage models. We are delivering optimized products to provide more secure, efficient and automated platforms built on a common architecture and standard high volume building blocks. 3) Making it easier to deploy your own clouds with proven solutions available as part of Intel Cloud Builders and we aid in the selection of public cloud service providers via Intel Cloud Finder program. We have collaborated with >50 ecosystem leaders to bring solutions to market and define best practices for making these usage models deployable today and optimized for Intel Architecture. These tools and best practices from a range of industry leading systems and solutions providers that have been brought together via the Intel® Cloud Builders program. And in the near future, we will provide guidance on cloud service provider selection and matchmaking via Intel Cloud Finder program.
  • Intel slides for emc

    1. 1. EMC World 2013Martin LeslieBusiness DevelopmentCisco Innovation& Intel Partnership
    2. 2. Why Cisco Partners with IntelInvestment• $10B in CAPEX• #1 ProcessTechnology• 3 Years Ahead• Local PresenceInnovation• Xeon Technology• #1 Performance• Security withoutCompromise• Low LatencyConnectivityEcosystem• Intel Architecturex86 is Standard• Intel SoftwareSolutions Group• Open Source• Global ISV Reach
    4. 4. EtherChannel1995Gigabit EthernetInterSwitch Link2005802.11nBusiness ClassWireless SuiteRouters, Switches, SecurityAppliances, CollaborationVerified ForCentrinoData CenterEthernetFCoEWiMAX OPA& IOTUnified Computing System2012UCS ESeriesRouterModule
    5. 5. 1. Semiconductor Revenue Required to Support One Leading Edge Fab2. TSMC and UMC are foundries. Revenue thresholds are theoretical estimates. Assumptions include 40-50% gross margins. Source: IC Insights (Research Bulletin April 4, 2012). Cost today to build and equip anew leading edge fab: $9B-$12B. Trending to $15B in 2015+. Source: Intel estimate3. Intel estimate Q1‘12$- $10 $20 $30 $40 $50UMC*ElpidaNvidiaNXPFreescaleFujitsuSonyInfineonAMDBroadcomMicronHynixSTQualcommRenesasToshibaTITSMC*SamsungIntelFewer companies able to invest at thescale needed to sustain mfg leadership$ BillionsIntel2012Revenue Threshold2(to recover 300mm fab cost)Revenue Threshold2(to recover 300mm fab cost)2015+2011Est.RevenuefromSemiconductorShipmentsInvest Big to deliver Moore’s Law1Intel lead vs.. Industry3.5 yearsHigh-k Metal Gate Tri GateExtend Process LeadershipTiny transistors. Big impact>100 Million 22nm tri-gate transistors would fit on the head of a pin200745 nm200932 nm201122 nmIntel lead vs.. Industry4 years3Intel’s Increasing AdvantageDesign and manufacturing leadership that fully delivers Moore’s Law
    6. 6. Computing Evolution Fueled ByIntel ArchitectureInnovations 14M+ 6M+Developers ApplicationsAdvanced SemiconductorTechnology200932nm201122nm200745nmOther brands and names may be claimed as the property of others.Standards-basedEcosystem EnablingMulti-Platform Support
    7. 7. Intel in the DatacenterCisco UCS with Intel Xeon, SSDs & 10GbE NICs Inside
    8. 8. Intel in UCS M3 – Enterprise SolutionsServerIntel® Xeon Product FamilyE3-E5-E7Intel® TXT EnabledIntel AES NIIntel® 10GbE Ethernet AdaptersNetworkIntel® SSD 710 series (SATA)Intel® SSD 910 series (PCIe)StorageB200 M3 & B420 M3 C22, C24, C220, C240 & C420 M3
    9. 9. Intel Strategy to Realize Open Cloud VisionIT Requirements &Open StandardsDefine and PrioritizeIT Requirements &Accelerate Open IndustryStandardsOptimized PlatformsEnable proven solutions thatease cloud adoption & helpguide cloud service providerselectionIntel® Cloud Builders& Cloud FinderDeliver optimized products formoresecure, efficient, automatedplatforms built on a commonarchitecture