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Flexpod sap-applications-sb


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Flexpod sap-applications-sb

  1. 1. Solution BriefSAP Applications Built onFlexPod: Elevating the SAPLandscape to the Cloud The Challenge business requirements. Consolidation, KEY BENEFITS The trend toward virtualization and cloud virtualization, and standardization pave • Reduce risk and TCO through technologies is ubiquitous and a top the way to a shared IT infrastructure, standardization and automation priority of CIOs1. Businesses running the key to greater business agility. Auto­ • Make the transition smoothly SAP are no exception. According to mation and optimization add to the with a modular solution design SAP internal research, 70%2 of all SAP bottom line and fulfill the cloud promise. • Deploy on demand using customers consider virtualization and SAP applications are business or physical or virtual servers cloud technologies when shaping the even mission critical. Any change on • Provision SAP® systems future of their data centers. a production system is tested over within minutes and over to avoid errors or failures that The decision to virtualize SAP envi­ • Scale your infrastructure might affect business operations. The ronments and start the journey to the dynamically transformation of SAP platforms into private cloud is driven by business and • Transform your SAP organiza­ cloud-ready shared IT infrastructures IT management pressures. Business tion into a service center requires even more—a trusted cloud needs and requirements change • Accelerate your SAP lifecycle reference architecture delivering: frequently and on short notice, forcing management IT to become flexible enough to expand • Secure isolation of tenants and and contract IT and application services systems at a moment’s notice. Small applications • Seamless provisioning and might need to grow rapidly, while others deprovisioning need to scale down. Waterproof service- • Granular data protection level agreements drive IT organizations • Unlimited data mobility to provide high availability. Furthermore, • Monitoring and automation the costs to run, adjust, and maintain management SAP landscapes are growing rapidly. Therefore, companies are looking for 1. Gartner Executive Programs, “Leading in Times of Transition: The 2010 CIO Agenda,” January 2010 ways to reduce their financial burden, 2. fuer-virtualisierung-und-cloud-computing as well as measure and charge back cost based on actual usage. IT organizations need to evolve tradi­ tional SAP environments with “siloed” architectures into flexible and efficient service delivery environments to meet
  2. 2. “We turned to SAP, Accenture and NetApp to help us create a strong and flexible application platform. As a result, we were able to reduce program risk, provide infrastructure scalability, and create a lower cost operating model.” Bert Odinet Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.The Solution Virtualization encompasses applications, departments, work groups, or securitySAP Applications built on FlexPod compute, network, and storage com­ zones. Secure multi-tenancy appliesSAP Applications built on FlexPod™ ponents to achieve almost boundless very well to SAP landscapes. It allowsbrings the power of the FlexPod flexibility. Data protection is integrated you to:concept to SAP customers and enables across the entire stack to increase the availability of SAP landscapes in the • Securely isolate different businessa safe transition to the cloud. FlexPod cloud. The solution design is completely units, subsidiaries, and sensitive sys­is a unified, pretested, and validated modular, providing SAP customers with tems such as HRdata center solution built on a flexible the flexibility to transform their infra­ • Fence systems for repair, test, rollout,and secure shared IT infrastructure structures at their own pace and needs. or upgradesusing leading technology from NetApp, • Benefit from the cost efficiency ofCisco, and VMware. SAP Applications built on FlexPod shared resources across the entireThe solution integrates with SAP differs from other virtualized data center stackAdaptive Computing and combines the offerings by providing: SAP Applications built on FlexPod isNetApp® unified architecture, advanced • An infrastructure aware of SAP offering highly flexible: It allows you to begindata protection, and provisioning a variety of use cases from secure with a single tenant and add more technologies with the Cisco Unified multi-tenancy to automated and tenants over time. Or you can start rightComputing System™ (Cisco UCS™) fenced SAP system copies away with multiple tenants for your SAPserver platform and Cisco Nexus® • The ability to switch securely landscapes. Whatever your initial busi­switches and VMware® vSphere® between physical and virtual servers ness needs, the solution dynamicallyenhanced by its vendor-specific • Data mobility across the entire stack scales up and software. • A unified, pretested, and validated infrastructure, including compute, NetApp, Cisco, and VMware createdThe architecture offers secure multi- networking, and storage technologies the industry’s first secure multi-tenancytenancy capabilities that deliver the • Integrated data protection and disaster capability that includes all the server,security and efficiency of a shared IT recovery for nonstop services storage, and networking hardware andinfrastructure, enabling isolated land­ • An open design management frame­ software necessary to facilitate sharing,scapes for a variety of use cases. The work that integrates with third-party reuse, and dynamic resource allocationsolution improves business agility by infrastructure management solutions in a multi-tenant cloud environment.providing application and data mobil­ This purpose-built capability has beenity and by accelerating SAP lifecycle Secure multi-tenancy tested, integrated, and documented inmanagement. Secure multi-tenancy is highly valuable a Cisco® Validated Design.SAP Applications built on FlexPod is for a shared IT infrastructure. It allows Application and data mobilitybuilt on virtualization, standardization, you to securely partition a single system to support multiple tenants, such as Virtualization of the entire stack is theand automation to reduce risk and key to application and data mobility,lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). providing nonstop operations. It allows
  3. 3. “We chose the FlexPod architecture for two main reasons: its impressive technical design concept and its use of standard technologies, some of which we have already been using for years. For example, we’ve been using the VMware hypervisor solution for more than 10 years.” Matthias Krauss Service Architects Team Leader at BASF IT Services GmbHyou to increase higher performance SAP data availability and saving time. of purposes and provision them withinrequirements by reallocating data or It seamlessly integrates with VMware minutes, with:virtual machines (VMs) and to minimize and SAP for backup automation anddowntime when moving data, applica­ enables data replication to secondary • Fenced clones of production systemstions, or even complete tenants to new storage sites. for test and repairhardware. A unique feature of SAP • Preconfigured SAP templates for Automated SAP system copies training, development, sandbox, Applications built on FlexPod is theoption to securely shift SAP databases A NetApp Snapshot copy from any and rolloutsfrom VMs to physical servers to achieve primary or secondary storage can be used to accelerate the process of The secure multi-tenancy of the FlexPodspecific performance requirements. solution and its isolation capabilities delivering SAP system copies for QA,Provisioning of infrastructure development, or test. Refreshing an eliminate the need to change the SID.components SAP system takes just minutes, including Deploying rapid provisioning, SAPThe solution enables you to build SAP system identifier (SID) change at the Applications built on FlexPod leveragestenants and services according to your database level. SAP postprocessing can the concept of factory automation sospecific needs or to just use standardized be fully automated, releasing adminis­ you can reduce your time to marketnetworking and storage components. trative resources. and minimize risk for your productionYou can define storage volumes, add systems.a backup service, choose from Linux® SAP Applications built on FlexPod also integrates with third-party solutions, End-to-End Cloud Managementservices, or select a specific networking such as Empirius BlueClone and As a cloud reference architecture, configuration. Preconfigured templates, BlueSystemCopy, in order to automate SAP Applications built on FlexPodincluding server OS, SAP host agents, SAP system copies, including post- provides an end-to-end open designand data protection, enable the provi­ processing. While SAP Applications built management framework that integratessioning of an SAP service-ready image. on FlexPod can automate system copies with existing third-party infrastructureTo speed up delivery times, you can for all configurations up to the database management solutions. Open APIsautomate the process through rapid layer, integrating with BlueSystemCopy facilitate integration with managementcloning of the templates, including all automates SAP postprocessing of applications such as Cloupia Unifiedof their tenant-specific attributes. configurations beyond the database Infrastructure Controller, BMC CloudIntegrated data protection layer into the application layer. Automat­ Lifecycle Management, and VMwareFlexPod integrates data protection at ing these SAP workflows relieves IT vCenter™ Orchestrator. These partnersthe storage level, releasing the server resources from routine tasks in order to offer a variety of capabilities such aslayer from the backup load. NetApp focus on more strategic requirements. automation and orchestration, monitor­Snapshot™ technology delivers granular, ing and analytics, and much more. Theyincremental data protection; is highly Provisioning of fenced SAP systems make it possible to deploy IT services inspace efficient; and provides backup You can nearly instantaneously copy minutes instead of weeks by reducingand restore within minutes, boosting SAP systems or landscapes for a variety complex, multiadministrator processes
  4. 4. into repeatable workflows that can be automated operating system provision­ Standardization and automation reduceeasily adapted. ing, and system migration. In addition, the risk of running SAP landscapes in a LVM leverages NetApp Storage Service cloud and contribute to an overall lowerCloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller Connector (SSC), which provides rapid TCO. The shared IT infrastructure at theis part of the FlexPod Validated and efficient SAP system copies using core of FlexPod helps you to maximizeManagement Solutions Program. This storage-based cloning with NetApp efficiency and decrease costs throughmeans it has been validated in NetApp FlexClone technology and creation of optimized asset utilization.and Cisco labs against a broad set of SAP system copies across storagefunctional and design requirements. As Rapid resolution to minimize systems using SnapMirror® replication. disruptiona result, it delivers a unified, turnkey SSC leverages physical and virtual experience with the FlexPod platform. Our cooperative support model pro­ storage controllers, such as vFiler®Testing continues for other partners that vides a more streamlined response units, and can communicate directlyoffer management solutions as well. from Cisco, NetApp, and VMware to with the storage systems or use identify and rapidly resolve issues.VMware vCenter Orchestrator provides Operations Manager as a proxy for Global 24x7 support provides expertout-of-the-box workflows that can executing commands. Overall, the technical support when administrators automate existing integration with LVM and SSC auto­manual tasks within the SAP Applica­ mates routine administration tasks; Proven partnershiptions built on FlexPod solution. VMware reduces costs, hardware resources, As industry leaders in storage, network,vCenter Orchestrator can also be used and power; and simplifies IT landscape and server virtualization, respectively,to execute workflows that are built into management. NetApp, Cisco, and VMware have athe SAP Applications built on FlexPod powerful global presence and have Accelerate Time to Value in SAPsolution, such as fenced clones of an been working together on a shared EnvironmentsSAP Repair System and provisioning virtualized data center vision. Our col­ SAP Applications built on FlexPod laboration has resulted in more efficientof a virtual machine and the related helps midsize and enterprise customers virtualization and cloud computingstorage for a new SAP system. Along as well as service providers accelerate solutions and numerous jointly validatedwith NetApp Snapshot and FlexClone® their SAP lifecycle management. You reference architectures. Together we’vetechnologies, it enables a more efficient can provision complete landscapes helped thousands of mutual customerssolution to logical errors with no to and systems in a fraction of the time improve agility and lower costs.little impact to the production system, traditional copy processes take. Andno data loss, and no inconsistencies Open delivery ecosystem you can deprovision systems literally bywithin the SAP landscape. This allows a mouse click and without any risk. For You can choose from a broad networkadministrators to begin the installation example, the rollout of new applications of world-class solution-delivery partnersof a new SAP system immediately fol­ or a software redesign can be done in a to implement FlexPod. These partnerslowing completion of this workflow. shorter time and add to a faster return understand your business requirements In addition to integrating with third- on investment. and are certified and trained on NetApp,party infrastructure management Cisco, and VMware as well as comple­ Through its unified, pretested, and mentary technologies to deliver asolutions, SAP Applications built on validated design, FlexPod shortens pur­ complete cloud solution that fits yourFlexPod also integrates with SAP chase and sales cycles and simplifies business needs.NetWeaver Landscape Virtualization deployment. Its future-proof Ethernet-Managment (LVM) to provide end-to- based network fits right into your current end SAP lifecycle management for infrastructure, eliminating the cost of About NetAppvirtualized and cloud frameworks. replacing your existing technology NetApp creates innovative storageThis integration enables automation and protecting your investments. The and data management solutions thatof system clone without SID change, modular solution design allows flexible deliver outstanding cost efficiency andsystem clone with SID change and starting points. You can start small with accelerate business breakthroughs.SAP post-processing, and system a single tenant and add or grow tenants Discover our passion for helpingrefresh with SID change and SAP post- over time. The solution is designed to companies around the world goprocessing. LVM also integrates with scale securely to any size. And it paves further, faster at vSphere, which is the server the way to transform your SAP orga­virtualization layer of SAP Applications nization into a service center for your Go further, faster ®built on FlexPod, to provide monitoring, company. © 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. 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