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Cisco Intercloud Software Architecture for Hybrid Cloud


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IT is increasingly transitioning towards an IT service broker role, taking advantage of multiple sourcing options to become an intermediary of cloud services offered to the business constituents. The role of IT as a broker of cloud services enables them to add value on behalf of its users by dynamically aggregating, integrating, and customizing the delivery of multi-cloud services (whether public, private or a combination of both) to best meet the needs of the business.
Our breakthrough hybrid cloud solution, Cisco InterCloud, which lowers total cost of ownership for organizations and paves the way for interoperable and highly secure public, private and hybrid clouds. The addition of InterCloud to our Cloud portfolio also broadens Cisco's commitment to openness and shows the unique value our partner-led model.

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Cisco Intercloud Software Architecture for Hybrid Cloud

  1. 1. Provider Clouds Many Clouds. Unlimited Choices. Does this sound familiar? It’s peak season. Your data center has reached its limit. You’re out of capacity and low on cost-effective options. At the same time, you need to test and develop your internal applications, but it’s an expensive proposition and time is running short. And to meet the continuous pressures of innovation, a business entity has created a shadow IT environment in the cloud and bypassed your IT organization. You’re losing control… Application B Application A Shadow IT Entity 3overlapping situations. 3pressure points. What do you do? What if you could... Expand your data center whenever you want, for as long as you want, with consistent network and security policies? Deploy your application into a public cloud and have it flow seamlessly back to your data center? Have maximum flexibility with increased transparency, control, and minimal exposure to risk? Hybrid clouds deliver the choices and capacity you need.72% of the attendees plan to pursue a hybrid cloud computing strategy by 2015 Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Business Enterprise Private Cloud Provider Clouds IT Entity TCO Risk Agility Your Best Choice © 2014 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Learn more Open and Highly Secure Workload Migration Hypervisor A Hypervisor B Infrastructure A Infrastructure B Application A Application B Hypervisor A Infrastructure A Hypervisor B Infrastructure B Regain Control Tapping the Power of Choice Hybrid Cloud Enterprise Private Cloud Cisco Partner A Cisco Cloud Cisco Certified Partner A Cisco Certified Partner B Cloud Provider A Cloud Provider B Gartner Data Center Conference, Hybrid Clouds and Hybrid IT: The Next Frontier, Tom Bittman, dated December 2013. Cisco Partner A Cloud Provider B Expand your business capacity and flexibility. Place your workloads wherever you want, whenever you need to. Choose the cloud providers that best suit your needs. Avoid getting locked in and limited. Reduce your exposure to risk. Help ensure security across multiple cloud environments. Automate workload migration. Deploy your application to a public cloud and have it return secure and intact, depending on your policies and business needs. Manage disaster recovery. Minimize disruptions and maintain business continuity. Enhance the cost-effectiveness of your applications. Become more agile and work without barriers. 3 2 6 1 4 5 3 2 6 1 4 5 Your Best Choice Cisco Certified Partner A Partner A Cloud Service Partner B Cloud Service Partner A Cloud Service Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Business Cisco Cloud