Cisco & Hitachi enabling the virtualized data center


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Cisco & Hitachi enabling the virtualized data center theater presentation from VMworld 2013.

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Cisco & Hitachi enabling the virtualized data center

  1. 1. © Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2012. All Rights Reserved. CISCO + HITACHI ENABLING THE VIRTUALIZED DATA CENTER DAVID SAVOIE
  2. 2. HDS + CISCO PARTNERSHIP  HDS and Cisco are both strategic Technology Partners with VMware  HDS + Cisco = successful partnership for more than a decade ‒ Shared vision for the data center ‒ Complementary strengths ‒ Mutual go-to-market channel partners  Mutually investing in resources to enhance our value to our customers, and the marketplace
  3. 3. SOLUTION BENEFITS UNIFIED COMPUTE PLATFORM SELECT WITH CISCO UCS High Performance Flexibility Resilience Leverage Intelligent Hardware Reduce Complexity Eliminate Single Points of Failure
  4. 4. ARCHITECTURE COMPONENTS  Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform ‒ Up to 2,521TB internal disk capacity, up to 255PB with virtualized external storage ‒ 192GB/sec aggregate internal bandwidth, 1TB directly addressable cache ‒ 192 FC, 96 FCoE interfaces, 1,024 virtual ports per physical port  Cisco Nexus and MDS Fabric ‒ Low latency, lossless 10 Gbit/sec Ethernet network ‒ Unified LAN/SAN access ‒ Modular, distributed, scalable  Cisco UCS B-Series Servers ‒ Up to 160 servers in 1 blade chassis ‒ FCoE wire once ‒ Cisco Virtual Interface card ‒ 256 PCIe devices ‒ Dual 4x10Gb bandwidth to single slot B-series blade server ‒ Uses 4x10 FC, HW 40Gb capable Hitachi Data Systems and TrueNorth™ Partner Confidential Cisco Validated Design
  5. 5. USE CASES
  6. 6. COLLABORATIVE SUPPORT MODEL  Efficient, scalable support for Hitachi and Cisco UCP Select solutions  How it works ‒ Customer contacts either vendor for support ‒ Support team perform initial triage and assist in routing to other vendor’s support org if needed ‒ Where appropriate, both support teams remain engaged throughout process  Benefits ‒ Clear ownership of support issues ‒ Improved cross-vendor collaboration ‒ Faster issue resolution UCP SELECT FOR VMWARE VSPHERE WITH CISCO® UCS SUPPORT
  7. 7. UCP SELECT WITH CISCO UCS SOLUTIONS AND CISCO VALIDATE DESIGN (CVD) ROADMAP Q3CY13 Q1CY14Q4CY13 VMware vSphere Refresh Oracle Linux + Oracle 11G RAC w/VSP Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar HDS HUS-150 Cisco UCS B-200 M3 VMware ESXi vSphere 5.5 Nexus 1000v & 5500 HDS VSP Cisco UCS B-200 M3 Oracle Linux + Oracle 11G RAC Nexus 1000v & 5500 HDS HUS-VM Cisco UCS B-200 M3 VMware ESXi vSphere 5.5 Nexus 1000v & 5500 HNAS 4060 Cluster Cisco UCS B-200 M3 VMware ESXi vSphere 5.5 Nexus 1000v & 5500 Cisco UCS Director (Cloupia) Integration with HDS Storage VSP, HUS-VM, HUS and HNAS
  8. 8. SUMMARY Support all standard services, installation resources, and sparing requirements Joint framework built on shipping products which are customizable All components are fully qualified by Hitachi Data Systems + Cisco
  9. 9. THANK YOU