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Borderless Network and Video Boost Productivityin Petrochemicals CompanySahara Petrochemicals improved efficiency, saved m...
Borderless Network and Video BoostProductivity in Petrochemicals CompanyContinued                                         ...
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Sahara Petrochemicals- Cisco


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Customer Name: Sahara Petrochemicals
Industry: Energy
Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Number of Employees: 1000
Business Impact
• One network provided single view of business
• Collaboration solutions enhanced productivity
• Rich media integration enhanced efficiency
• IP surveillance and digital signage improved
safety and awareness

Published in: Technology, Business
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Sahara Petrochemicals- Cisco

  1. 1. Borderless Network and Video Boost Productivityin Petrochemicals CompanySahara Petrochemicals improved efficiency, saved money, andenhanced safety using Borderless Networks architecture.Customer Name: Sahara Petrochemicals Business Impact Company • One network provided single view of businessIndustry: Energy • Collaboration solutions enhanced productivityLocation: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia • Rich media integration enhanced efficiencyNumber of Employees: 1000 • IP surveillance and digital signage improved safety and awareness Case StudyBusiness Challenge the backbone was essential to deliver the necessary Solution and ResultsSahara Petrochemicals was founded in 2004 to drive the high‑speed performance across the campus. Further driving Sahara Petrochemicals chosedevelopment of the petrochemical and chemical industries in the need for fast throughput were plans to introduce IP video an infrastructure based on thethe Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by setting up companies in surveillance, IPTV, and collaboration solutions such as video Cisco® Borderless NetworksJubail Industrial City to produce and market a range of conferencing, in addition to an ongoing requirement to receive architecture, which is designed to create a platform forproducts. One of those companies is Al Waha, a downstream and process high-definition image files from the company’s communicating securely and effectively with anyone,facility for the production of polypropylene, which is a upstream operations, and other areas as required. anywhere, on any device, at any time. Cisco routing andlightweight plastic used in textile fibers, household goods, Sahara Petrochemicals intended to adopt several rich media switching solutions provided a fast and reliable networkautomotive parts, and other products. collaboration solutions as a way of enhancing employee foundation with end-to-end security, including management productivity through improved interactions. The new and monitoring. The company selected the Cisco IronPort®Building the Al Waha complex on a greenfield site gave Sahara infrastructure, therefore, needed to support a high level of Email Security Appliances to provide protection againstPetrochemicals an opportunity to create a showcase for how integration between data, voice, and video. Such integration threats such as spam and malware, while still receiving andbest to use IT in the industry. The company had a broad visionof what it wanted to achieve. “Our goal was to use the latest was also essential for safety on the campus, with plans toand best technologies in the most effective ways,” says Mr. implement digital signage and to use the IP network for publicSulaiman A. Al-Manai, Sahara’s IT Manager. “We wanted to announcements, so that information was always made “Using integrated media, particularly IP-based available in a timely manner and could easily be updated tocreate a secure, state-of-the-art environment in which video, has made a real difference to how we reflect changing circumstances.productivity can flourish.” showcase our achievements, boosting theOne important objective was to combine all technologies and The company was committed to helping ensure that the way we work, collaborate, share knowledge, experience of using the communications infrastructure wasservices on a single infrastructure, avoiding any isolated areas manage time and improve productivity.”that would prevent users from having a single view of all positive for employees, contractors, and visitors alike. Mobilityinformation throughout the company. Because Sahara was thus a critical focus area: Sahara Petrochemicals wanted Sulaiman A. Al-ManaiPetrochemicals planned to incorporate data, voice, and video to offer cohesive connectivity from a variety of devices over IT Manager, Sahara Petrochemicals and its affiliateson the same infrastructure, support for 10 Gigabit Ethernet in wired and wireless links, all over the campus.
  2. 2. Borderless Network and Video BoostProductivity in Petrochemicals CompanyContinued Case Studysending emails without compromising on the performance applications such as corporate communications, safetyof email delivery. Several solutions combine to give messages, security awareness, and showcasing manyemployees secure connectivity from a range of mobile public and community events sponsored by the organization. “We anticipate significant productivity gains,devices: the firewall in the Cisco ASA 5500 Adaptive together with the additional benefits of cost To further enhance efficiency, the company is using severalSecurity Appliance and its integrated WebVPN gateway, solutions from the Cisco Collaboration portfolio, including savings, improved public safety, and highertogether with the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client employee satisfaction.” Cisco Unified Communications Manager for IP telephony,and the IPsec Cisco VPN Client. Cisco TelePresence® for video conferencing, Cisco Unity® H.E, Engr. Saleh M. BahamdanThe secure, high-performance infrastructure incorporates for unified messaging, and Cisco Unified Personal Executive President, Sahara, Sahara Petrochemicals and its affiliateswired connectivity together with indoor and outdoor wireless, Communicator (CUPC). Unified messaging savesgiving network users flexible options for accessing services employees’ time by managing all voicemails, emails, andon a wide range of devices, with a consistent experience each faxes in their Microsoft Exchange inbox, while CUPCtime. This capability makes communications simpler and enriches their work experience through presence, and byfunctionally richer for employees and contractors, helping streamlining all communications, including voice, video,them work more efficiently. data, and mobile applications, and allowing calls to be placed from a PC using Click to Call software.Sahara Petrochemicals was one of the first companies in SaudiArabia to consider business video as an important driver of As Sahara Petrochemicals expands into new plants, it plansproductivity, using the Cisco Collaboration architecture as a to continue extending its communications capabilities intemplate for creating compelling experiences throughout the innovative ways. The company is interested in furtherorganization and beyond. Video conferencing and video developing the integration between voice and video, as parttelephony are as important, and as easy to use, as phones, of the drive towards enhanced productivity, and is consideringwhich results in better meetings and business outcomes. Cisco tracking assets over the IP infrastructure using radio-frequency For More InformationVideo Surveillance Manager and IP Cameras were deployed to identification. There is also the potential to migrate to Cisco To find out more about Cisco Borderless Networkmonitor the company’s data center, avoiding the additional Borderless Network services such as MediaNet and TrustSec® architecture, please go herecost of a separate video surveillance network. to further improve video and security management, and the company plans to implement the Cisco Unified Computing Further details of the Cisco Collaboration portfolioManagers in Sahara and its affiliates use business IPTV to keep System in its data center to generate additional efficiencies. are available hereup to date with the latest worldwide business information, anddigital signage products from the Cisco Digital Media Suite for© 2012 Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco and the Cisco logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. To view a list of Cisco trademarks, go to this URL: Third-party trademarksmentioned are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. (1110R)