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Brunel University - Infographic


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University Creates Flawless BYOD
Experience for Staff and Students. Cisco BYOD Smart Solution helps Brunel University provide network access
for 17,000 users across 70 buildings.

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Brunel University - Infographic

  1. 1. Brunel University creates flawlessBring Your Own Device(BYOD) experience forstaff and studentsCisco BYOD Smart Solutionaccelerates deployment ofnetwork access for 17,000staff and students across70 buildings throughout At a glanceUniversity’s London campus Brunel University, based in Uxbridge on the outskirts of London Number of students: 15,000 Number of staff: 2000Challenge • Campuswide strong wired and wireless connectivity • Any device, any time • Simple connectivity • Secure, robust network capable of scalingSolution Cisco BYOD Smart Solution based on Cisco ISE provides: Cohesive integration with existing wired and wireless networks Robust identity system; University can monitor and track all users and devices “The good thing about our lecture halls is we Policies can be determined have free WiFi, so quickly and easily with no every now and then service interruption I bring in my laptop. I can keep up with the slides or do some background research All users can use any device on the films that of their choice, whether for were talking about in work, play, or learning the lesson.” Marco Genic, film and TV student, Brunel University System “knows who you are” and connects users accordinglyResults Then Now Campuswide coverage, Patchy access across 70 buildings Multiple networks One for students and staff, with separate one for guests policies Complicated Single log-in network access 120Mb/Sec, 1Gb/sec max, 5TB per 140GB per day day wireless and growing Number of devices on 5800 active devices network unspecified on network 1070 access points in place Only 340 wireless within 12 weeks (4 months access points ahead of student expectations) Single screen to provide full Complex viewing dashboard of unified network and and tracking client status, view and set policies across wired and wireless Uncertain of devices Clarity and granularity and device numbers with advanced ISE licences on campus “The Cisco ISE solution puts us at the forefront of students’ expectations of what constitutes a modern university. What weve tried to do is to make that experience as seamless as possible, which should give us a clear and competitive advantage.” Simon Furber, network and data centre manager, Brunel University