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The ITaaS explosion: A regional view of the global potential for service providers


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Businesses everywhere are considering IT-as-a-service for the benefits delivered by SDN and NFV. See the opportunities this creates for service providers.

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The ITaaS explosion: A regional view of the global potential for service providers

  1. 1. The ITaaS explosion: A regional view of the global potential for service providers
  2. 2. An ever-expanding number of small, medium and large businesses (SMLB) around the globe are now considering IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) to take advantage of benefits delivered by software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV). There’s never been a better time for your business to capitalize. Customer experience is the number one issue for service providers all around the world. Discover the ITaaS opportunity available to service providers everywhere… Data provided by AMI Partners
  3. 3. From 2014 to 2019, the revenue of SMLBs worldwide will rise from $1.27t to $1.66t Small business Medium business Large business $542.3b $719.3b $253.9b $347.6b $474b $596b 2014 2019
  4. 4. The total IT spend from SMLBs will soar between 2014 and 2019. In that time the proportion of spend attributed to cloud will double. 2014 Cloud spend Cloud spend $1.6T $2.2T 2019 5% 16%
  5. 5. The global market for cloud services will grow from $153bn to $305bn Services include: Infrastructure as a service Voice over IP Hosted websites Desktop as a service Remotely managed IT Online collaboration
  6. 6. North America and the Asia Pacific region will lead the way in increased cloud spending North America $53bn $94bn Western Europe $40bn $67bn Asia Pacific $41bn $101bn Latin America $10bn 2014 2019 $23bn Middle East and Africa $4bn $11bn Central and Eastern Europe $4bn $10bn
  7. 7. SDN and NFV offer a wide range of benefits to enterprise customers. Here’s a breakdown of which benefits are most valued in different regions of the world Ongoing service capacity scale up or down as needed LATIN AMERICA WESTERN EUROPE ASIA PACIFIC NORTH AMERICA MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE Turn services on/off on demand Consumption based billing Simple service ordering and self-provisioning ON OFF
  8. 8. There are three key benefits for service providers offering enterprise customers the enhanced usability of SDN and NFV Deeper deployment across organisations Increased word of mouth More people willing to switch providers
  9. 9. Here’s the proportion of SMLBs in each region that would consider switching to a service provider for the benefits of SDN/NFV Asia Pacific / 68% North America / 47% Latin America / 47% Central and Eastern Europe / 44% Middle East and Africa / 34% Western Europe / 31%
  10. 10. Cloud VPN Increased adoption of ITaaS will also impact the virtual private networks (VPN) market, with SD-WAN enjoying a colossal growth in market share by 2019. Total VPN spend $70bn Total VPN spend $45bn 2019 2014 $7.6bn $0.4bn
  11. 11. By offering a catalogue of virtual managed services to your customers, you can ensure they enjoy the best customer experience, using services on-demand. cloud security services SD-WAN services
  12. 12. Cisco’s dedicated webcast offers a deep dive into what enterprise customers want and your best routes to market. Watch the webcast here