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Mobile World Congress 2011 - Capturing the Cloud Opportunity


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Simon Aspinall, Senior Director for Marketing at Cisco Systems, presented on February 17, 2011, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. He addressed the large opportunity Service Providers have in transforming their network and data center into a Unified Services Delivery architecture for Cloud services, Cisco's role in enabling Service Providers for success in the Cloud, and how Service Providers hold the advantage owning the full end-to-end infrastructure from their data center to the end user for Cloud delivery.

This presentation provides an overview of Cisco’s cloud computing vision, strategy and execution; and specifically for Service Providers: the challenge/opportunity, how Cisco can help, and what differentiates our offerings.

There is a mobile data tidal wave causing the famous industry problem that traffic is growing faster than revenue with enormous pressures from over the top providers.

As some point traffic growth could outstrip the revenue stream causing a financial imbalance.

To address this, we must look to monetize the network for new revenue opportunities, while also optimizing the network to more cost effectively and efficiently deliver services

Day in the Life Example 1 : John, like many of us, has a wide range of media interests…. And more and more he is consuming video for a variety of entertainment, education and work related information. For example, he turns on his TV and decides not to watch his normal broadcast and instead opts for watching the latest Team USA Soccer match from Amazon . He sees his welcome screen and a consolidated view of all of his content options…there are many (content from various places ie: broadcast, online, DVR)…he clicks and starts viewing the episode he downloaded from his PC the night before. solution/technology angle – what technologies make this experience possible:

Day in the Life Mobility : Now as John heads off to the train he stops his in home viewing and decides to go mobile. He takes out his laptop and decides to check out the soccer game he’s saved or enjoy his latest broadcast episode. He remotely logs into his content portal and watches Live Broadcast of his latest 24 Episode and manages to catch the first half hour before coming to his stop. He essentially takes his video experience with him as he is on the go. (he can continue watching later as he is mobile or at home - his content is not longer bound by time or place.)

Day in the Life Mobility : Furthermore, John has great flexibility in he device type he can consume his content. Giving him greater access to the entertainment and information that is important to him, while also providing you the mobile operator another touch point with your consumer (John) to monetize.

Cisco’s strategy is very straight forward and draws upon our depth of experience in the internet and networking. In cloud computing we focus on three types of customers

Provide the essential building blocks, architectures, and integrated systems for CUSTOMERS BUILDING CLOUDS
(these are our core switching and routing products, our network services, and unified computing systems which radically simplifies the building the cloud-based infrastructure)

Work with best-of-breed partners, to provide fully-tested, complete SOLUTIONS FOR CUSTOMERS DEPLOYING CLOUD SERVICES
For these customers we’ve worked closely with EMC, Vmware, BMC, NetApp, Redhat and others to deliver complete solutions which can dramatically shorten the time for a service provider or enterprise simply start to deploy cloud services

Accelerate adoption of cloud computing for CONSUMERS AND BUSINESS USERS to collaborate and securely access cloud services
We strong believe there is a shift happening whereby users want to access services through a variety of different devices not just their desktops. - telepresence, tablets, virtual desktops, all using the network

We believe these pillars work together provides a wa

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