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Cloud Footprint: North America


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Cloud Footprint: North America

  1. 1. Cloud Footprmi; : r'. |ori; i‘r ArHt9r‘IC: Er - 1 M£‘£”E“£N Average revenue per Enterpnsemontn $11,251 Reverue . imprwement per enterprise 35% 1. TAM Cloud Services $82B $18B ‘$5338 to SaaS $318 TAM. Tern‘ , -ddrr, -easel-, » tr; -rice-2 D. ..-S. P ~t‘-orm A as--'w: »: H 13- ‘Mr. tmcturt $11 =5‘$01:s. .ar-- . V1 ,1 Svrvtc-« a Sw-cv~ OPTIMIZATION . . 1 7CyoTotal savngs Profit margin 65% Cost per _ enterprise A permonth $5,403 Source of savings - mnetones usng common piatform -Vtrtualtzation, automation a_nd common pcfcy