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The Evolution of the Content Delivery Network

Cisco’s keynote at the CDN World Summit (September 28 & 29) explains how CDNs are transforming into the enablers of an all IP network for the delivery of advanced video services to multiple screens, across all platforms -home, mobile, and business- anytime, anywhere. It shows how service providers are uniquely positioned to enable such a network, including addressing the need for a virtualized infrastructure, with intelligence extended throughout for greater efficiency, and better quality of experience for users.

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The Evolution of the Content Delivery Network

  1. 1. The Evolution of Content Delivery Networks<br />John Wheeler<br />Director Product Marketing & Business Development, Video & Content Platforms, Cisco<br />September 29, 2010<br />
  2. 2. Topic Covered Today<br />Evolving Content Value Chain<br />Video Service Providers Need an End to End Approach<br />Cloud IP Video System Overview<br />Cisco can help Drive New Services Across Existing Video Silos<br />
  3. 3. The Emerging Consumer LandscapeVideo intensive, multi-platform, personal, and interactive<br />Exponential Growth in Video Traffic<br /><ul><li>Rapid Growth in HD and VoD services
  4. 4. By 2014, IP video traffic will be 4 times larger than 2009
  5. 5. Content owners looking for new outlets with piracy protection</li></ul>Experience Delivery vs. Service Delivery<br /><ul><li>Compelling user experiences on every device
  6. 6. Broadband speeds & streaming technology improving
  7. 7. 6.3B apps in 2.2 years downloaded from Apple App Store</li></li></ul><li>Video Value Chain is EvolvingCE Players, OTT Services Compete for the Consumer <br />IPTV and Cable Video<br />IP Video<br />Head<br />End<br />National Head-End <br />Content Delivery<br />Video <br />Control <br />Plane<br />Ingest/ Encode/ Transcode<br />Advertising Infra-<br />structure<br />CPE<br />CPE<br />Video <br />Access1<br /><ul><li>Limited due to high barriers to entry and service characteristics
  8. 8. Driven by SP Industry Consortia
  9. 9. Vertically integrated with upstream infrastructure; Proprietary HW/SW stack for STB
  10. 10. Intensifying; direct threats from OTT and CE players
  11. 11. Driven by Internet Consortia
  12. 12. Modular; Open Network & Services Interfaces – Enables CDN Federation</li></ul>Competition<br />Standards<br />Architecture<br />SPs as gatekeeper<br />Cross platform experience and personalization are key differentiators<br />Source: Cisco Video GMV, TDG (4Q09), TDG (3Q08), Corp. BD Analysis<br />Notes: 1. Video Access does not include generic Triple-Play infrastructure (CMTS/PON/DSLAMs)<br />
  13. 13. Revenue<br />CapEx + OpEx<br />Video Service Provider ChallengeIncrease Company Value in the new Video Environment<br />Service control and policy management<br />New monetization models beyond subscriptions<br />Increase service velocity<br />ƒ<br />ARPU<br />Profitability =<br />Investment protection for IP NGN infrastructure<br />Converging services silos on intelligent IP core<br />Manage the bandwidth explosion from video<br />Maintain and augment solutions<br />Simplified network architecture<br />
  14. 14. Edge<br />IP Core<br />Aggregation<br />Efficient Content Management and Delivery<br />From the Cloud Throughout the Network<br />VoD<br />VoD<br />SP Services/Content<br />Third-Party Services/ Content<br />Media<br />Data Center<br />Media<br />Data Center<br />Regional<br />Media Data <br />Center <br />Regional<br />Media Data Center<br />Connected Home<br />Business<br />Efficient, intelligent, high capacity IP service routing core<br />Virtualization of the content delivery network<br />Enhanced access network architectures<br />
  15. 15. Next Generation Platform Built on Web Services Protocols<br />Accelerates universal reach and 3rd party innovation<br />CDNs become “virtual video” infrastructures to scale exponentially for large-scale unicast services<br />Leveraging IP network technologies for efficient distribution<br />Video intelligence propagates deep into the network <br />Providing media, device, and network awareness<br />Common Client Architecture<br />Multi-device support – for PCs, gaming consoles, mobile devices, set-tops,etc. <br />Services Across Managed and Unmanaged Networks<br />Common experience no matter where the user connects<br />Architectural Tenets for IP VideoAll Elements Required for New Consumer Experiences<br />
  16. 16. Cloud IP VideoData Centers and CDNs are Converging<br />Media Data Center <br />Content Acquisition, Management, Storage<br /><ul><li>Heavy-lifting for content libraries, unified servers, legacy systems
  17. 17. Scale and virtualization for transcode, content management, metadata normalization, DRM
  18. 18. Provides storage warehouses for HD and SD formats serving TV, PC, and mobile
  19. 19. Power and work flow efficiencies within the next-gen Data Center</li></ul>Content Delivery Network<br />Efficient Delivery for Multi-Screen Video<br /><ul><li>Acquisition, caching, distribution to any last mile network
  20. 20. Streaming and download of all content formats from MPEG to HTTP Adaptive Bit Rate
  21. 21. Platform for distributing content services intelligence for dynamic policy and adaptation</li></ul>Virtualize MPEG and <br />Online Video Services<br />Extend Media Data Center to Network Edge<br />
  22. 22. Cloud IP Video SystemBringing Together Video Services Platform and CDN<br />Content<br />Metadata<br />Usage Data<br />Device Management<br />Subscriber Management<br />Unified Analytics and Reporting<br />Social Networks<br />Video Services Platform<br />Policy, Session & Resource Management<br />Advertisers<br />Legacy MPEG Clients<br />Presentation Server<br />Content Providers<br />Content Mgmt<br />Offer Mgmt<br />Metadata Aggregation<br />Encode Transcode<br />Encrypt<br />Entitle-ments<br />Ad Mgmt<br />IP Video Clients<br />Virtual Video CDN<br />Massive Ingest, Packaging, Storage<br />Efficient, Dynamic Caching<br />Adaptive, Multi-protocol Streaming<br />Network Aware Service Routing<br />Flexible Config, Analytics & Reporting<br />
  23. 23. Cloud IP Video System Requirements<br />Video Services Platform Linkages<br />Metadata Normalization, Trust Models, Domain Licensing,<br />CAS/DRM, Rights Lockers, Services Virtualization<br />Massive Ingest, Packaging, Storage<br />Multi-format / protocol, Dynamic Adaptation, Unified Metadata Propagation, Data Center / Cloud Enabled<br />End to End QoE, Dynamic Topology Configuration, Flexible Cache Models (Hierarchical, Peer based)<br />Efficient, Dynamic Caching<br />All Protocols on 1 Platform, High Performance / per RU, Flexible HW Containers (VM, appliance, router blades)<br />Adaptive, Multi-protocol Streaming<br />Network Aware Service Routing<br />IP Network Aware Request Routing, CDN Interconnection, Flexible Services APIs<br />Flexible Config, Analytics & Reporting<br />Flexible Configurations (dynamic, pre-position), Advanced Analytics, Alarming & Monitoring<br />
  24. 24. Cloud IP Video SystemDrive New Services across All Video Silos<br />Virtual Video CDN<br />Legacy STB<br />(1st Wave)<br />3rd Wave<br />STB / HGW<br />IPTVSTB<br />(2nd Wave)<br />Android, iPad / iPhone …<br />CE<br />Device<br />PC<br />Native VoD Guide<br />Native App<br />IPTV Client<br />Cloud Apps Navigator<br />MRSS / XML Guide Data<br />Cloud Apps Client<br />Cloud Apps Client<br />Syndicated Video<br />Engine<br />Stitched<br />MPEG2-TS<br />MPEG2/H.264<br />over <br />MPEG2-TS<br />QAMSTB<br />QAM or IP STB<br />Multi-service Apps: Live, VoD, TSTV, nDVR, Ad Insert<br />MPEG Streaming Engine<br />Browser / ABR Client<br />Resident ABR Client<br />Browser / ABR Client<br />Native App / Browser<br />Web 2.0 Engine<br />SmoothHD / Apple ABR<br />FMS, WMV, Quicktime, HTTP PDL<br />Browser<br />Browser<br />Native App / Browser<br />HTTP ABR Engine<br />Android, <br />AppleiOS,<br />Windows7<br />HTML5<br />Native Client<br />Common Resource<br />Formats (e.g., EBIF)<br />Apple iOS<br />Android<br />Windows7<br />HTML5/Flash/<br />SIlverlight<br />HTML5<br />Flash<br />Silverlight<br />HTML<br />OCAP<br />HTML5<br />Flash<br />
  25. 25. Getting There from HereImplement a Cloud IP Video Solution<br /><ul><li>No regrets investment decision
  26. 26. Provides advanced consumer experience functionality
  27. 27. Works across SP video silos
  28. 28. Enables as many legacy devices as possible with a sub-set of services along the transition path
  29. 29. Look for common product foundation vs. piecemeal approaches</li></ul>Media Data Center + CDN<br />System Level Migration Approach<br />Phased Set of No Regret Investments<br />Enable New Services at Each Step<br />
  30. 30. Questions?<br />