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Homeland Security Funding 2013: Bringing IT Home


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Homeland security grant programs have been funding technology‐rich projects since their inception, but the process of getting those dollars for your community can seem daunting. Indeed, the distribution of Homeland Security funding is as varied as the programs that support it and the states that participate in its distribution.

Join Grants Office CEO, Michael Paddock, and special guests from Cisco for actionable insight into these Homeland security grant programs, tips for maximizing your share, and a discussion on the technology that has transformed homeland security in a variety of communities.

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Homeland Security Funding 2013: Bringing IT Home

  1. 1. 2013 Homeland Security Funding: Bringing IT Home Listen Hands-freeYou may listen over your computer speakers or headphones There is no dialing-in required Please note:You may ask questions at any time using the Q&A interface This session will be recorded and available for download at Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  2. 2. 2013 Homeland Michael PaddockSecurity Funding: CEOBringing IT Home Grants Office Vince Siragusa Regional Grant Manager CiscoSponsored by Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  3. 3. Cisco Grant Strategy Team (GST)• Team of Regional Grant Managers for direct support• Grant education/training and funding research services• Feedback on applicant eligibility and project competitiveness• Consult on post-funding project implementation• Keep in Mind…  This is a very broad topic  There are Multiple Threats to Consider and Navigate  High Level Responsibilities: 1. Understand Your Issues and Project 2. Understand Necessary Solutions 3. Build an Awareness Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  4. 4. Today We’ll Discuss• Homeland Security Grant Programs • Homeland Security Grant Program • Emergency Management Performance Grants • Port/Transit Security Grants • Assistance to Firefighters Grants • Healthcare Preparedness Grants• Project Development Resources• Fundable Technology Solutions• Project Case Study• Tips for maximizing your share Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  5. 5. Homeland Security Grant Program: State Homeland Security ProgramPass-through, based on: • A state-by-state minimum • DHS’ risk methodology • Anticipated effectiveness (based on the Investment State Local Justification) DHS SAA RecipientLocal applicants apply to theirState Administrative Agencies Pass-through model of grantmakingClick on State AdministrativeAgency (SAA) Contacts Listat
  6. 6. Homeland Security Grant Program: Urban Areas Security Initiative • “High-threat, high density urban areas” • List of eligible areas changes each year • Determined through a DHS risk analysis • Up to 100 areas may qualifySource: Department of Homeland Security • Expect approximately 30 in 2013 Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  7. 7. Homeland Security Grant Program: Operation Stonegarden• Allocated on a risk-based What is the basis of the CBP prioritization “risk-based prioritization”?• CBP Sector-specific border • Threat risk methodology • Vulnerability• County and tribal governments in border • Miles of border states • Border-specific “law – Canada enforcement intelligence” • Feasibility of 2012 Operation – Mexico Orders to designated localities – International water borders Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  8. 8. Nonprofit Security Grant Program• Nonprofits apply through their SAAs• $10 million is available• Grants up to $75,000• Encourages coordination among public and private interests• Allocated to high risk nonprofits Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  9. 9. Emergency Management Performance Grants• Administered by DHS• A long standing pass-through grant program (since 1974)• All-hazards orientation made it a favorite of Congress• Approximately $300 million will be available• State SAAs administer project based funding within each state Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  10. 10. Port/Transit Security Grants• Two similar programs• Port Security Grant Program• Transit Security Grant Program• Expect ~$100 million in each program• Ports and Transit agencies of “national significance” Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  11. 11. Assistance to Fire Firefighters Grant Program• Direct, competitive grants with a large number of awards• Eligibility limited to Fire Departments and Non-Affiliated EMS Organizations• Eligible applicants may submit 1 application in each of the following areas: Operations and Safety - Training - Equipment - Personal Protective Equipment - Wellness and Fitness - Modification to Stations and Facilities Vehicle Acquisition - New, Used, Refurbished vehicles Regional Application - Large-scale projects to enhance regional interoperable communications• Estimated $400 million will be available, with a deadline in Spring 2013
  12. 12. Healthcare Preparedness Grants • Pass-through program administered by the CDC • Combines: – Hospital Preparedness Program – Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program • Provides for BOTH hospitals and city/county public health agencies • Interoperable communications are a priority Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  13. 13. Cisco “Solutions”• Interoperable Communication - Cisco IPICs• Situational Awareness – Video Surveillance or IP Camera• Information Sharing – VX Tactical• Training – Cisco TelePresence
  14. 14. Remote Firefighter Training – Beverly Hills, CaliforniaChallenges Solution• Need to reduce • Utilizing Cisco technologies and funding through the Urban Areas time out of the field Security Initiative, 31 cities in Los Angeles County, including the City of for firefighters Beverly Hills Fire Department are rolling out a Remote Firefighter• Desire to increase Training program. The live trainings will take place over video efficiencies of conferencing technologies. This keeps firefighters in the field and in their training stations, increasing efficiency and safety of the city. They are currently• Need funding to rolling out the first phase and deploying video conferencing at 15 sites, cover proposed with the video infrastructure being hosted at the Beverly Hills Fire project Department.Benefits• Firefighters have easier access to required trainings• Decreased time taken out of the field and in transportation to attend trainings
  15. 15. Project Development Resources• Responder Knowledge Base:• Department of Homeland Security Grants:• Grants Office:• Cisco:• Cisco SLG newsletter. Please subscribe at: 35&KeyCode=168812_4• Upcoming Safety and Security in Schools Discussion. Please register at bin/sreg2/register/ _CODE=1248&PRIORITY_CODE=000077262 Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  16. 16. Responder Knowledge Base Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  17. 17. Tips for Maximizing Your Share• Watch for consolidated DHS funding• Develop a written plan for your project• Contact state representatives proactively• Don’t put all your eggs in one basket• Build collaborative relationships with partners ahead of time• Get executive buy-in to your project• Follow the directions provided by the funder Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  18. 18. Cisco GST Resources• Podcasts  or  Search iTunes for “Grants Intelligence”• .Info websites • Grants Office Funded Newsletter • Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  19. 19. Public Safety Grants Webcast Series – Sponsored by Cisco Next up: Getting the Most out of Your 2013 AFG Application March 12, 2013 2:00 PM EDT Register at: www.publicsafetygrants.infohttp://www.publicsafetygrants.infoReplay: under “Recent Webcasts” Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  20. 20. ResourcesRecommended Next Steps: Contact Cisco for Technology Solutions and how they fit into grants Replay the Webcast series on Public Safety Funding Contact for additional grant information Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice
  21. 21. Contact Grants Office For Grants Development: Dan Casion Manager of Grants Development Services (585) 473-1430 ext. 113 For other inquiries: Michael Paddock CEO (585) 473-1430 ext. 175 Follow us on Twitter @grantsoffice