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Next Generation Cloud: Architectures and Approaches


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join Cisco in reviewing their solution to cloud technology. The presentation will be addressing to use of government services to build secure, compliant clouds enabling governments and SPs to deliver secure cloud solutions and services to agency employees and citizens, sharing valuable resources among agencies, enhancing ease and efficiency of information management, reducing costs by virtualizing capital assets. All while driving technology innovation.

By: Bakshi Vanhook
GSF 2011

Published in: Technology, Business
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Next Generation Cloud: Architectures and Approaches

  1. 1. 2/28/2011Next Generation Cloud DC:Architectures & Approaches Kapil Bakshi, Cisco © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 1 © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 2 Cisco’s Cloud Strategy Addressing Government Challenges Deliver products, solutions, and services to governments to build secure, compliant clouds Enable Governments and SPs to deliver secure cloud solutions and services to agency employees and citizens, share valuable resources among agencies, enhance ease and efficiency of information management, and reduce costs by virtualizing capital assets Drive technology innovation, open standards/interoperability, and ecosystem development around cloud computingPresentation_ID © 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 3 1
  2. 2. 2/28/2011 : Building cloud solutions with best of breed ISVs & Technology PartnersConsolidation (on Vblock) (UC on UCS)Virtualization Automation Secure Cloud Vblocks Multi-tenancy © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 4 Unified Computing • Self Integrating Faster deployment, higher reliability, higher productivity, fewer errors • Embedded Management Simplified setup, increased control, lower costs • Unified Fabric Increase workload agility, lower costs, lower power, higher reliability, simplified setup, higher asset utilization, higher application performance • Virtualized Adapters Higher workload agility, better VM performance, More workloads virtualized, lower cost per VM • Extended Memory Lower cost per VM, higher database consolidation, better performance • Hardware state abstraction – Service Profiles Higher productivity, lower labor costs, fewer errors (no configuration drift) 5Presentation_ID © 2008 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco’s network-centric virtualized data center is best positioned to enable the journey to the networked cloud Vblocks FlexPod Securely sharing servers between multiple users/groups 30 racks reduced down to 3 racks without having to add another Provisioning applications in hours server instead of weeks VMDC Virtual Desktop Provisioning a tenant or application Over 4000 desktops in a single rack! in hours rather than weeks! Savings up to 60+% per PC per year Significant savings in operations © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Enterprise Private Cloud – Technical Decision Maker Cisco Confidential 6 2
  3. 3. 2/28/2011 Accelerating the Virtualization of IT Infrastructure Vblock 2 3000-6000 VMs Large-Scale, Greenfield Virtualization Vblock 1 800-3000 VMs Consolidation, Optimization Initiatives Vblock 0 300-800 VMs Entry-level Offer Medium-Business Test/Dev for SIs, SPs© 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Enterprise Private Cloud – Technical Decision Maker Cisco Confidential 7 Benefits • Low-risk standardized shared infrastructure supporting a wide range of environments • Highest possible DC efficiency Cisco • IT flexibility giving business agility: scale out UCS B-Series or up, but manage resource pools UCS Manager Cisco Nexus Features • Complete DC in a single rack • Performance-matched stack NetApp FAS 10GbE/FCoE • Step-by-step deployment guides Complete Bundle • Solutions guide for multiple environments Shared infrastructure for wide range of • Multiple classes of compute and storage environments and applications supported in a single FlexPod • Centralized management: NetApp OnCommand and Cisco UCS™ Manager© 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 8 VMware® Complete DC in one rack cabinet vSphere® vCenter® Base configuration supports 1,500 users for four popular workload applications simultaneously Cisco® –Virtual Desktop Infrastructure UCS B-Series ® UCS Manager –Microsoft Exchange ® –Microsoft SharePoint ® Cisco Nexus –Microsoft SQL Server family switches –With headroom for multiple applications Cisco 1000V Flexibility to support multiple NetApp® FAS classes of compute and storage in 10 GbE/FCoE a single FlexPod™© 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Proven, Flexible, and Future-Proof Data Center Solution Enterprise Private Cloud – Technical Decision Maker Cisco Confidential 9 9 3
  4. 4. 2/28/2011 VMDC: Cloud Building BlocksO Application Mobility Data CenterR Interconnect Disaster Recovery WAN Edge DC #2C Si Si Business ResiliencyH dcPoDE Core Multi-tenancyS Application DevelopmentT Regulatory Compliance ServicesR Access/Agg Access/Agg VDI Guaranteed DeliveryAT Integrated ComputeI Stacks SAN ERP/CRM Resource on DemandO File Based Desktop Virtualization StorageN NAS IP Storage Compute Infrastructure as a Service SAN Storage © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 10 10 Removes Partner Solution deployment barriers Elements App App Data Combined joint Desktop O/S partner solutions Desktop Virtualization S/W with industry leaders VMWare/Citrix Hypervisor Cisco Validated Storage VDI Broker VMWare/Citrix Designs & Services to accelerate Cisco MDS9000 customer success Family Cisco ASA Cisco Cisco WAAS ACE Unified Unified Unified Fabric Network Services Clients Computing WAN Cisco Data Center Business Advantage Framework Virtualized Data Center © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Enterprise Private Cloud – Technical Decision Maker Cisco Confidential 11 CCDC = Cisco Containerized DC: A Fast, Efficient Way to Achieve the Benefits of a Cisco Data Center Enables you to consolidate, virtualize, and automate networks improving efficiencies, responsiveness and productivity Increased utilization and optimization of data, voice, and video networks saves money on management and hosting Resource efficiencies decrease environmental impact by lowering energy consumption Improves resiliency and reduces redundancy to keep organizations up and running all the time Securely extends the power of the data center to any users across the network and cloud Provides a foundation for organizations to be more flexible and transparent while meeting evolving user expectations 4
  5. 5. 2/28/2011 End-To-End Cloud DC Foundational Architecture Highly-virtualized, Multi-Tenant Cloud Data CentersApplication Virtual Storage IP-NGN VSwitch Compute Access Aggregation Core Peering Software Machine & SAN Backbone App 1 App AppSubscriber “A” App OS OS Application 1 OS GSS WAAS GSLB App ClusterSubscriber “B” App App OS AXG Internet OS Application 1 OS AVS App App 1 App OS AppSubscriber “A” OS OS Application 2 App 2 IP-NGNSubscriber “B” Application 2 Partners App 2 App App App OS Embedded Cloud OS OS Services 10G EthernetInfrastructure ACE 10G FCoEManagement IDS 4G FC Platform 1G Ethernet DDoS App App FW VM to vSwitch CIMP App OS OS SSL vSwitch to HW OS App to HW / VM CIMP Cisco and VMware Nexus 1000v MDS 9000 + UCS, MCS 7800 Nexus 5000 Nexus 7000 Nexus 7000 CRS-1 CRS-1 Third-Party Xen Consolidated (or Generic w/ Nexus 2000 (w/ Cat 6500 7600 ASR 9000 Applications Hyper-V Storage Arrays Rack or Fabric Extender as Services 6500 ASR 1000 (EMC, etc.) Blade Servers) Chassis) 7600 Presentation_ID © 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 13 Cloud Reference Architecture Framework Customer Portal Scheduling Ordering Price Management Dashboard Financial Quality SLA End User Infrastructure Service Delivery Service Management Management Optimization Selection (SDLC/BCP) Quality Cost SLA Compute, Network, Storage Capacity Planning Allocate/Entitlement Performance RTO/RPO Usage Commission/ Maintenance/Avail. HW/SW Management Problem Detection-RCA Facilities Usage Decommission Windows Security and Audits Enablement (On/Off) CapEx/OpEx (Time Unit Hrs) Penalties Governance Operations Fulfillment Assurance Metering and Billing Commitment Service Orchestration Infrastructure Architecture Abstraction (Includes EMS and Mappings / Domain Managers) Service Catalogue Asset Inventory Relationships Human Resources CMDB End-to-End Security Network Compute Storage Technology Architecture Global Data Center Strategy, Architecture & Solutions Practice © 2010 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 14 Cloud DC Adoption For Data Center Consolidation, Advanced Virtualization and Cloud, Migration, and New Build Out Efforts Cloud DC Methodology and Steps Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Discover Map Business Design Data Implementation Operations & Data Center and Capture & Technology Center & Migration Management Optimization Landscape Architecture Architecture Business Organizational Discrete Test modified Program On Going Goals Customer process/tools/ management Structure Requirements office Availability people skills Analysis Data Center Tools/NMS Architecture Application • Use Case Mapping Architecture management SLAs integration On Going Compute office Stage, validate Performance ITIL Processes architecture architecture Apply change AS-IS across management Analysis Tools architecture against the zone network, Monitoring and storage, and Business Chargeback for select clients Case/ROI design administration Architecture compute Implement Review resource Infrastructure infrastructure Service-level Map Applications Translation & Application management Dependency Migration migration Infrastructure Discover Strategies management Application deployment and Infrastructure Application integration Data Center End-to-End ITSM, Architecture & Facilities Architecture Services © 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 16 Rationalization 5
  6. 6. 2/28/2011 Cisco Services: Cloud Enablement “What can cloud “What architecture Cloud “How do we realize “How do we ensure Cloud do for my maximizes Cloud our cloud Cloud cloud evolution Planning Strategy business?” virtualization, Implementation architecture-on- andOptimization ongoing cost and Design Service orchestration Service time, within budget, Service reduction?” Service speed, and and in our chargeback environment?” Assess Strategy IaaS Design capabilities?” Implement Optimize via… Technology and Security Technology and Security Technology, Security, Architectural Reviews Tools, Facilities Management Tools Tools Architecture Security Audits Orchestration Integration Operational Readiness SLA Design Cost Reduction Workload Migration Exercises Business Case Chargeback Design Staging and Validation Process Improvements Chargeback Approach Program and Architecture Program and Architecture Tool Customization Program and Management Offices Management Offices Architecture Day-2 Support Management Offices Accelerate Time Worldwide Expertise Proven Delivery Delivering Unique to Value Worldwide Presence Capability Cisco Insight Presentation_ID © 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 17Compute TCO ($/Qtr/OS instance) $4,000 $3,500 TCO for Physical $3,000 Average TCO $2,500 $2,000 $1,500 $1,000 $500 TCO for Virtual $0 Legacy, all physical Legacy, medium Current state UCS/Cloud, medium UCS/Cloud, high virtualization (60%) virtualization (65%) virtualization (80%) ‘Medium Aggressive’ Unified Computing ‘Highly Aggressive’ Virtualization and Automation VirtualizationDelivery 6-8 weeks 2-3 weeks 15 mins VM 15 minutes 15 minutes Time (on demand ) (manual ) 2-9 days E2E (self-service) (self-service) © 2010 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Enterprise Private Cloud – Technical Decision Maker Cisco Confidential 18 Presentation_ID IT NDCS, RCDN92009 Cisco cost trackingAll rights reserved. Source: Cisco © build-out Systems, Inc. (state-of-art Tier-III DC facility), Dec 2009 Cisco Confidential 18 Delivering a Next Generation Cloud Herb VanHook VP of Strategy, Office of the CTO 6
  7. 7. 2/28/2011BMC Cloud Strategy Services and applications Customers, delivered on demand Value Paths Suppliers, based on service tiers Partners, and Dynamic allocation of Employees Cloud Planning internal and external shared resources based on policy Cloud Lifecycle Support Multi-Sourcing for Management infrastructure, software, Cloud services and IT Operations & Optimization Continuously monitor and optimize resource utilization based on Cloud Governance business requirements Physical Virtual Private Clouds IaaS PaaS SaaS Internal External© Copyright 2/28/2011 BMC Software, Inc 20Cloud Planning - Extensive solutions to help customersmove from Strategy to Reality• Datacenter planning• Resource discovery and audit• Infrastructure Planning (compute, storage, network)• Workload consolidation and analysis• Service Planning• Process assessment & evaluation© Copyright 2/28/2011 BMC Software, Inc 21Dissecting the Cloud Define Request Service Service Service Service Self-Service Architect Catalog Portal Customer / User Status & Change Control Management • On-Premise Private Cloud (Approval, Audit) • Off-Premise Virtual Private Cloud Policy-Driven • Public Clouds Orchestration, Soft Automation & • Hybrid Cloud Models ware ProvisioningPhysical & Virtual Resource Deprovisioning Pools Clo Cloud ud Servi Ser ce Clo vice Cloud ud Servi Ser ce vice Clo Cloud ud Ser vice Clo Cloud ud Servi Service Ser ce Clo vice Cloud ud Servi Ser ce vice© Copyright 2/28/2011 BMC Software, Inc 22 7
  8. 8. 2/28/2011BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management30,000 Foot View Service Self-Service Catalog Portal Enterprise CMDB Integration Cloud Continuous & Predictive Monitoring Administration Portal Continuous Capacity Optimization Policy-Driven Continuous Configuration Management Orchestration, Cloud DB Automation & Policies Provisioning Continuous Compliance SoftwarePhysical & Virtual Continuous Change Governance Resource Pools Service Cost Modeling & Analysis Clo ud Service Showback / Chargeback Ser vice Clo ud Ser vice Clo Cloud ud Ser vice Clo ud Service Ser vice Clo ud Ser vice© Copyright 2/28/2011 BMC Software, Inc 23Cloud Lifecycle Management leverages the BMC Remedybase platform for tenant and user management • Proven Technology • Supports complex multi-tenant environments • Secure, role-based access models • Multi-language support • Unified tenant / organization / user for ITIL processes • Support for hybrid request models (cloud / non-cloud)© Copyright 2/28/2011 BMC Software, Inc 24BMC integration and support of Cisco UCS brings a newlevel of capability to Cloud deployments A powerful combination to build highly agile clouds BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management can support a cloud of physical and virtual resources Pre-integrated solution for provisioning, configuration and control Continuous capacity optimization© Copyright 2/28/2011 BMC Software, Inc 25 8
  9. 9. 2/28/2011BMC has worked closely with Cisco and our jointcustomers to develop secure “Network Containers” Enables a physical network to be provisioned and configured into multiple secure virtual Network A Network B Zone 1 Network A Network B Zone 1 networks Each cloud tenant and cloud Network C Zone 2 Network C Network D Zone 2 workload can have a specific network environment Network E Zone Network D optimized for their security and Network E Zone 3 Network F 3 performance requirements Network F Network G Zone Supports workload isolation Network Container Network H 4 and affinity Network Container Network resource provisioning Network A Zone 1 at cloud service deployment Network B Network A time Network B Zone 1 Zone Network C 2 Network C Network Container Network Container Network Pod© Copyright 2/28/2011 BMC Software, Inc 26BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management enables a broad rangeof Cloud Services to be delivered to users • E.g., 2 CPU’s, 8GB Ram, 100GB Storage, RedHat Linux, Granular, low-level services MySQL, Apache, etc., with load balancer placement, defined by the user firewall ports xxxx opened, etc. “Template-style” services • E.g., Medium-size server with OS pre-installed, with tiered service levels optional software selected, gold-level network service Complex, aggregate • E.g., Provision a complete, multi-tier development services to deliver PaaS / environment for project SaaS models Capacity scaling (“on • E.g., Scale out content management system (add request” or dynamically additional app servers) “on demand”) • E.g., Provision pre-defined infrastructure in third- Hybrid Cloud services party Virtual Private Cloud, then deploy in-house software© Copyright 2/28/2011 BMC Software, Inc 27BMC Cloud Lifecycle ManagementFlexible and Extensible Service Catalog • Sharepoint • Exchange Service • LAMP Stack • WAMP Stack • Sharepoint Small ($500 to deploy, $50 per month) Service Offering • Sharepoint Medium ($750 to deploy, $75 per month) • Sharepoint Large ($1,000 to deploy, $100 per month) Anti-virus software ($20 per month) Compliance scanning ($15 per month) Service Options Application monitoring ($10 per month) Monthly Backup ($50 per month) Extra CPUs© Copyright 2/28/2011 BMC Software, Inc 28 9
  10. 10. 2/28/2011 Unique Service Blueprints provide unmatched flexibility in Cloud Service definition and deployment Service definitions are Appl mapped to Service Web F/E Server Database Blueprints Blueprints describe the Resource Set functional model of the service (the components) Blueprints also describe the “All-in-one” Configuration deployment model of the OR service (how it should be provisioned) Web F/E Appl Server Database Supports complex multi-tier services, PaaS / SaaS Resource Resource Resource Set Set Set models, hybrid models “Tiered” Configuration © Copyright 2/28/2011 BMC Software, Inc 29BMC Differentiators for Clouds Scalability & Flexibility Across heterogeneous infrastructures Large scale, multi-tenant, multi-datacenter Comprehensive Service Catalog and Blueprints Enables flexible management of complex services Dynamic Network Containers Automated configuration of virtual network zones optimized for performance and security requirements Intelligent deployment, provisioning and configuration Layered full-stack and image-based ITIL integration & “in-line” Compliance CMDB/CMS and Change management integration Compliance scanning, hardening, remediation Advanced IT business management Consumption, demand, resource planning,more at Learn service costing and modeling © Copyright 2/28/2011 BMC Software, Inc 30 Learn more at © Copyright 2/28/2011 BMC Software, Inc 31 10